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  1. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 4:21 pm Jun 12, '14
    Good evening, bcra,

    Good to see your post on my profile wall.. I hope all is well with you and yours and I'm doing fine.

    God loves you,
  2. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 3:38 pm Jun 12, '14
    hello Don just wondering how you are hope & pray all is well. God Bless you bca
  3. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 4:25 am Aug 27, '13
    Good morning,

    Thank you for your blessing and prayers. I didn't know I had been offline this long, until this morning.
    I hope you and yours have a good week.
  4. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 4:09 pm Aug 17, '13
    hi Don saying a rosary prayer for you my friend God blesss you
  5. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 11:32 am Nov 13, '12
    Hi, Art,

    Thank you, I enjoyed a quiet Veterans' Day. Thank you for your prayers, too; you and yours are in my prayers.

  6. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 4:14 pm Nov 12, '12
    hi don happy veterans day. iam keeping you in my prayers
  7. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 2:11 pm Sep 8, '12
    Hi, Art,

    Joining my prayers to yours, for our longevity
    You have a great weekend.

  8. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 4:27 pm Sep 7, '12
    your welcome Don Pray the Lord will keep you,alive and healthy for years to come. yourabout 2 months older then I am i pray we both will be around for awaile. God Bless you
  9. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 8:59 pm Sep 6, '12
    Thanks Art, for the birthday greeting and well wishes.
  10. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 12:12 pm Sep 5, '12
    happy birthday Don hope your having a good birthday.


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