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  1. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 4:25 am Aug 27, '13
    Good morning,

    Thank you for your blessing and prayers. I didn't know I had been offline this long, until this morning.
    I hope you and yours have a good week.
  2. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 4:09 pm Aug 17, '13
    hi Don saying a rosary prayer for you my friend God blesss you
  3. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 11:32 am Nov 13, '12
    Hi, Art,

    Thank you, I enjoyed a quiet Veterans' Day. Thank you for your prayers, too; you and yours are in my prayers.

  4. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 4:14 pm Nov 12, '12
    hi don happy veterans day. iam keeping you in my prayers
  5. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 2:11 pm Sep 8, '12
    Hi, Art,

    Joining my prayers to yours, for our longevity
    You have a great weekend.

  6. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 4:27 pm Sep 7, '12
    your welcome Don Pray the Lord will keep you,alive and healthy for years to come. yourabout 2 months older then I am i pray we both will be around for awaile. God Bless you
  7. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 8:59 pm Sep 6, '12
    Thanks Art, for the birthday greeting and well wishes.
  8. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 12:12 pm Sep 5, '12
    happy birthday Don hope your having a good birthday.
  9. donsnow
    donsnow wrote
    at 6:42 pm Jun 19, '12
    Hi, Art,

    Good to see your message. I'm Okay. Glad you and your son had a quiet day together, Sunday.

    Not much news, from this end. Unseasonably warm spring, but occasional unseasonable cold fronts cool it down. I think that's all climate change and natural, nothing to do with people. The sun has more to do with our climate than all the people, imo.

  10. bcra
    bcra wrote
    at 12:41 pm Jun 19, '12
    hello don just a note to say hello and see how you are doing. hopeall is well we had a quiet fathers day. with my son and wife nothing new here havea nice week.


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