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Conversation Between Dee S and James_OPL
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  1. James_OPL
    James_OPL wrote
    at 9:33 am Feb 14, '12
    Awwww, thank you Dee ! And a Happy Valentines Day to You !!! It's Your BIG Hearts that make my heart so BIG !!!
  2. Dee S
    Dee S wrote
    at 8:57 am Feb 14, '12
    Me too...Happy Valentine's Day- thanks for fitting all of us into that big of yours!
  3. James_OPL
    James_OPL wrote
    at 8:12 pm Dec 31, '11
    Happy New Years to you too Dee !!!

  4. Dee S
    Dee S wrote
    at 3:27 pm Dec 31, '11
    Happy New Year James. May Jesus always keep you close to His Sacred Heart.
  5. James_OPL
    James_OPL wrote
    at 3:28 pm Dec 20, '11
    God bless you Dee ! And a Merry Christmas to you too !!!
    Thank you, That is absolutely beautiful !

    And here is a gift for you.

  6. Dee S
    Dee S wrote
    at 1:15 pm Dec 20, '11
    Wishing you a very happy, holy and blessed Christmas James Here's a little gift for you..and will place you and all my CAF friends into the crib with baby Jesus.


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