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8240Meet and talk,talk talk
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4342Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother
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CLEAN jokes (because we need to laugh)
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The Militia of the Immaculata
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Let's empty Purgatory
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CAF Prayer Warriors Support Group
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Poems and Reflections
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Petitions Before the Blessed Sacrament
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Mar 21, '10
This group is opened to anyone who has a love for this very special saint who has become a true PRO-LIFE saint of our time!!!
19 9 7
May 31, '10
A traditional Catholic group dedicated to spreading love and devotion towards the Blessed Virgin Mary. Anyone can join, as long as he wants to be a TRUE devotee of the Blessed Virgin. Those who...
1 11 0
Mar 2, '10
A group for diabetics and families of diabetics. We will discuss strategies for dealing with diabetes, food restrictions, Lenten fasts and Friday abstinence, taking needles, and offering it all up. ...
16 8 1
Jun 14, '10
I am starting an organization, based out of the Diocese of Oakland to help Catholic Marines, both in combat and suffering at home/post-war. Surely, there must be some of you that have a child,...
3 2 0
Mar 21, '10
This is for all nigerian catholics home and abroad, and all who love Nigeria .A place where we can discuss various issues concerning and affecting our country,and catholic practices we don't quite...
6 9 0
Jun 11, '10
"The Brotherhood of the Iron Will."
1 4 0
Jun 1, '10
A forum for those people who live up in New England. Welcome and enjoy!
4 2 0
May 28, '10
JEJUS CHRIST: please help us to achive our goal.
5 5 0
Jun 11, '10
Identified by a simple crusader cross of 12th century design, Servientes Xpisti administers one-on-one aid to those souls in need and who tend to be the mentally ill or have a substance abuse...
1 1 0
Jun 23, '09
A situation is given without enough information to solve the problem. You need to ask yes or no questions to get the information needed.
24 340 0
May 2, '10
We are a group who will be fasting together each Wednesday and Friday during the month of Our Lady, 2010. We'll be uniting our sacrifices for a common intention (to be posted by group leader each...
13 74 0
May 1, '10
Looking for woodworkers willing to donate time to help spread Eucharistic Adoration around the globe. This includes building wooden Monstrances and Tabernacles. We donate all of what we make for...
3 3 0
Mar 9, '10
Dedicated to the best known slapstick comedy act of the early to mid–20th century. Moe, Larry, and Curly. Later came Shemp, Joe Besser and 'Curly' Joe DeRita. Tell us your favorite stooge, short,...
4 10 0
Apr 29, '10
hello my fellow catholics am new and i just want to say hi, and may the holy mary mother of God pray for us now and the hour of our death AMEN
1 1 0
Aug 5, '09
i started making chotki prayer beads about 5 months ago.i love making just not sure where to list and sell them?all replys are welcome.nettiel
7 7 14
Mar 10, '10
This group is opened to anyone who is a "die hard" fan of the original "Incredible Hulk" starring Bill Bixby, Jack Colvin and Lou Ferrigno as the "Hulk".
2 3 3
Mar 13, '10
Anyone is welcomed to this group who loves the paintings of Thomas Kinkade or would like to know more about this "Painter of Light".
5 4 7
Mar 6, '10
Terri's Day is celebrated annually on March 31. Pay tribute to Terri Schindler-Schiavo and her family here. This is a place to share your pro-life thoughts and what you think should be done and what...
7 5 7
Feb 12, '10
Anyone can join this group whether or not you have been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD or Winter Depression (Winter Blues) symptoms begin to appear in September through...
6 10 6
Jul 26, '09
All he taught, and his works. every thing to do with him.
21 34 17
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