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Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother

Group created by FootStool

Do you feel called to compassionate our Mother's Most Sorrowing Heart? Would you like to comfort and share Her grief and pain? Come, walk with us, talk with us, share with us your load of Her sorrow. All who want to grow in love with Jesus... the BEST way that I know is thru the ONLY IMMACULATE AND SORROWFUL heart of His Mother Mary!

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  1. James_OPL
    Today 7:40 am
    Hi Isbar ! That's great news on both accounts !!! All glory to God
    (will say a prayer for your computer)
  2. lsbar
    Yesterday 8:26 pm
    It seems I am a bit late for the coffee party, but will join in now. For some reason I have a hard time finding this forum. Since I started using Google Chrome, things are very different... However, Now I cannot get the buttons to work...again...

    That has been a day of good news. First news of the day was that Meriam is now free and stopped in Rome to see Pope Francis. How great is that???

    Just a few minutes ago I found out that little Carson is well enough to come home, which he did today. YAY! Praise God for His goodness in answering prayers.

    I had other good news as well, but it is still a work in progress. I am praying that Jesus and His Mother will help us through next step.

    Good to see FootStool, Johnthe Baptist and James posting. Yes, where is everyone???

    Blessings, everyone! Praying for you. :-)
  3. James_OPL
    Jul 21, '14 10:09 pm
    I'm as well as can be FS. I'm still dealing with a bad back. But it's nice to have a cuppa with friends !!!
  4. FootStool
    Jul 21, '14 6:37 pm
    God bless us all - have a blessed day everyone
  5. johnthebaptist2
    Jul 14, '14 9:45 am
    O Sorrowful Mother,may we contuie too change our ways,to devoted oue Love too you,for all the suffering you seen your son suffer on Good Friday,may we always pray and meditated on your son Jesus suffering, and ask for your son,s Mercy,for the times we offened him.Keep us always close too Jesus your son,for Jesus well always help us, that truly Love him When we show Love too Jesus,it makes you very Happy.
  6. FootStool
    Jul 14, '14 2:28 am
    thank you Isbar for your thoughtful prayer

    I thank my angel for reminding me to pray and yes, I did pray for Mercy1

    Think of all ... pray for all ... and the individuals/our coffee-pots and cake-bakers etc. who do not post much... any more ... for whatever reason...

    Hope you are doing well dear James the parlor is not so full anymore

    May God's blessing be upon us all ...

    Welcome to our newbies.... oldbies ... bizzybies ... prayerbies... et al!
  7. johnthebaptist2
    Jul 10, '14 8:09 am
    O Blessed Mother, may we pray too you,for those that have fallen away from the Love of Jesus your son,and God his Father. Amen
  8. lsbar
    Jul 9, '14 7:15 pm
    Hello, everyone!

    I have been trying to post for a week or two, but for some reason could not. So...I will try this time. I had to log in with Internet Explorer. Wow! I see I can use the buttons now... It has been very frustrating to not be able to post like I used to.

    Yes, welcome Mercy1! Glad to have you aboard. I will also pray for you and your daughter.

    FootStool, I will pray for you as I do, but more focused prayer for you now. It is almost a full moon. I pray for the members of this forum whenever I see the moon, full or not.

    Thank you, Johnthebaptist, for your heartfelt prayer. Blessings!

  9. johnthebaptist2
    Jul 7, '14 6:34 am
    Blessed Mother, come to the aid of others ,who call upon your Holy Name. Amen
  10. FootStool
    Jul 6, '14 8:44 pm
    Welcome Mercy1!
    Your request for prayer is kinda of tapping me on the shoulder - I am in one of those ruts - just don't feel like doing anything anymore - feeling quite estranged - so now I will *try* real hard to drag myself back to my Sustenance-Source-n-Summit ...


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