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Saint Faustina

Group created by lindamims

Anything to do with Saint Faustina her life her words her beliefs.

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  1. Casilda
    Mar 6, '14 8:18 am
    Any chance of reviving this group, I am currently reading her diary and wanted to discuss some things?
  2. gracesaved0486
    Sep 23, '12 6:09 pm
    I am currently reading St. Faustina's diary and find it very interesting and blessed. Her life and faith just amaze me.
  3. pomegranate
    Sep 2, '11 8:49 pm
    Happy for your spiritual endeavors MissClaire!! Praying for u.

    (Me too, I just learned about the diary. I can't wait to purchase it too!).
  4. MissClaire
    Nov 30, '10 6:07 pm
    Hey everybody! I am in the process of converting and my "cradle Catholic" friend and I were talking about confirmation names and such since that is an option if I want. Turns about I was born on Oct. 5, St. Faustina's day, and I am going to be confirmed/taking my First Communion on May 1-Divine Mercy Sunday. I'm just interested in learning more. I started reading her diary online, but the script was giving me a headache, so I'm going to try to find a hard copy I can borrow.
    Pax and God Bless!
  5. Daniel/David
    Nov 29, '10 4:40 pm
    Just found this group.... what a blessing! Thanks for starting it and for all the wonderful posts!
  6. thevickinator16
    Jun 2, '09 3:49 pm
    There is an offical and authorized bio of St Fasutina available. I bought it yesterday at our local Catholic Bookstore. It is written by the sister of Father Seraphim, who is Vice Postulate of the Divine mercy in the USA. His sister is a nun also. Anyways I thought i'd let you know it's out there and I'll let you know how it ends!
  7. thevickinator16
    May 3, '09 10:40 am
    EAugustin, great news here.

    If you go to this web site you can read it on-line:

    Also we have a thread in the Divine Mercy group called the Celebration of St. Faustina's Diary, where we dicuss passages daily. We are close to the end of the first notebook. We write our thoughts and how we can use her advice and how it relates to us. This Diary has rekindled my faith and St Faustina is a hero to me. Please come and join us. We have several other great threads in this group.

    My story of finding the rewards of mercy are in this group also. The Diary is a fantastic read!

    God Bless!
  8. EAugustin
    May 2, '09 11:52 am
    I have just started to learn about St.Faustina(found her in the church bulletin a couple of weeks ago) and wanted to join the group. I just went and purchased my first "own" rosary last night I prayed for the first time the rosary w/my oldest son's rosary from his first communion (he's 10)

    I truly feel something I can't explain what it is. I keep coming back to the image of the Sacred Jesus and the words Jesus I trust in You. I want to get Saint Faustina's diary today I went to the Catholic supply store but they didn't have it ava. so I will be check amazon. com to see if they have it. Praise be our Lord Jesus Christ.
  9. thevickinator16
    May 2, '09 8:17 am
    Hey everybody!

    I ran into an interesting bit on St. Faustina yesterday. I found a booklet on the Message from the Bleesed Mary which took place here in my town in the mid-90's. I had never heard of these before. I thought Dayton was the pits. These messages were given to Pat Mac Donald, the Batavia Visionary, and took place at a place called Bergamo, Mt. St. John (about 3-4 miles from my house). In tow of the entreies, he mentioed that Sr (before canonization) Faustina was there with the Blessed Mary.

    The first time Sr Faustina is mentioned is May 7, 1994, First Saturday. He says: Sr. Faustina is here. She says that when the message is read, as many people as possible should bow their head or kneel and raise their rosaries forward and Mary will be moving among the people, blessing each person individually.

    The second time she is mentioned is: July 31, 1994. iI reads: There was a really bright light and three angels on each side blowing long trumpets. The trumpets came to a point and there was one angel in the back, bowing. A procession of Saints came through the arch of the trumpets. Sr. Faustina was there to explain who the Saints were.

    There was a desciption of 16 Saints included. A total of 150 saints is mentions and 7 angels total.

    Isn't this just awesome?!

    Just wanted to share.

    God Bless!
  10. lindamims
    Apr 28, '09 4:41 am
    I enclose myself in your most compassionate heart, which is a sea of unfathonable mercy
    Diary 1450


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