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  1. traillius
    Today 2:04 pm
    just working on some short stories, and also trying to get some freelance gigs.
    Thread: hi
  2. Kamaduck
    Today 1:12 pm
    Originally Posted by empther View Post
    I started a thread called “Atheists coming after me on Amazon” in the Popular Media section. Naturally RPRPsych showed up and tried to push forum members’s buttons by bringing up the little black dress and skating costume business to make it sound like Empress Theresa is a book with sex.

    Here’s that entire section from chapter three. Theresa is in college and has been dating Jack………..

    Etc etc etc

    There’s nothing sexy about that scene.
    Theresa is still only seventeen and still exploring her sexuality, BUT SHE GETS STEVE AND HERSELF OUT OF THE ROOM BEFORE THINGS GO TOO FAR.
    In the next chapter, Theresa is being taken to what she believes will be her certain death. She thinks about her life………..

    So Theresa was a virgin when she married.

    6000 character limit. See next post.
    Originally Posted by empther View Post
    ( my last post reached the 6000 character limit )

    The purpose of the black dress and skating costume scene was to show that Theresa was a perfectly normal girl. She has thoughts of sex, as any seventeen year old will, but she resisted the "opportunity" for some very interesting hank-panky. "She kept her honor" ( undertaker in The Godfather )

    Under the cirscumstances of this scene, Theresa's actions are understandable. Many girls might do something similar without losing their virtue. Have you ever been down at the beach?

    as the book already revealed in chapter one and chapter two,
    HAL gives Theresa superhuman strength. She could knock out a gorilla.
    She was in no danger with Steve and Jack in her room. She could have easily thrown both of them out the window.

    Therefore, she was in no way afraid of what might happen. She was always in full control.

    As Steve says many chapters later, "Don't mess around with Empress Theresa!"
    Unfortunately, the context makes that paragraph even worse. Before, I just assumed she was in a skating competition and had poor taste in dresses. Now I know better.

    This is the first scene you've posted that has personally offended me. I'm 17 and a figure skater- and I've competed multiple times in the same dress, one that just so happens to have a full back, front, loose but full-length sleeves, and a high collar (which, apart from any modesty concerns, are also useful for keeping warm). I can hardly claim to be a shining example of purity, but I can tell you that that whole scene is completely unjustifiable. Is it understandable? Maybe (apart from cutting up a dress on the spot- that's just ridiculous!), but it shows that Theresa has very serious flaws, and little to no respect for Steve and Jack. She's intentionally taunting them, dressing as immodestly as possible, and on top of that, she sees absolutely nothing wrong with her actions.

    Is that seriously what you think of us? That's your model for what a Catholic girl should be?

    Katniss Everdeen, another seventeen-year-old heroine, would never do something like this. She plays up her romance with Peeta because she's trying to save both their lives, but never intentionally tempts him or flaunts her body at him. Does Katniss have flaws? Yeah, absolutely. She also has halfway sensible priorities, which do not involve using her sexuality to taunt men for the fun of it.

    These aren't the actions of a reasonable or moral person. You can call this sort of behavior "exploring her sexuality", but any way you slice it, it's wrong, disrespectful, and unrealistic- again, no girl in her right mind is going to shred her clothes on the spot just to taunt a boy she doesn't care about. Maybe that's harsh criticism, but that's how I feel, and it's how many Catholic girls more faithful than I are going to feel. It's better for you to know about your target audience's reaction from the start.
  3. RPRPsych
    Yesterday 4:41 am
    Originally Posted by bluerose View Post
    Thank you! May God bless you and have a happy Easter!
    Wish you and your family the same.
  4. bluerose
    Apr 14, '14 2:52 pm
    Originally Posted by empther View Post
    I could see it as if I was watching a movie.

    That's what you have to do, I think.
    Oh, of course. Who doesn't? A writer friend of mine had her mystery series optioned by CBS. It never happened, but it certainly gives one reason to dream! In fact, a co-worker at one of my "real world" jobs mentioned that she knew someone who did scouting and casting for film projects set in New Mexico. I'd like to wait until my series is more firmly established before even considering that and all it entails (of course, I mean my mystery series... my YA Catholic series is still in the early stages of being written and published.)
    Thread: Tuscany Prize
  5. RPRPsych
    Apr 13, '14 9:29 pm
    Originally Posted by bluerose View Post

    In 1991, my brother-in-law was ordained to the priesthood in Rome by Pope John Paul II. While I'm sure what he's feeling is thousands of times more overwhelming than what I'm feeling, I was privileged to touch the hand of a modern-day saint when my family attended the Holy Father's weekly rosary service.

    Whether his blessing that day (over 20 years ago) had any direct bearing on my decision to become a writer, I have decided to dedicate my future endeavors to St. John Paul II and credit him with any success I might have.

    Now I just need a St. John Paul II shrine for my writing area and I'll be all set!

    Sounds like a great idea! (And lucky you!)
  6. Kay Cee
    Apr 8, '14 7:32 am
    Kay Cee
    Originally Posted by RPRPsych View Post
    Same here. It's a fine book.
    Thank you so much to both of you!!!
  7. bluerose
    Apr 3, '14 3:53 pm
    Originally Posted by Kay Cee View Post
    Thank you so much for the review. But I am a bit confused. I thought you already read "Nearer the Dawn" and were about to read "Rain from Heaven."

    But I'm afraid you're going to find "Dawn" more violent than "Rain." That's because there's a demon involved, and demons aren't gentle. I did try to tone it down (and in fact it is extremely less violent than what a demon would actually do), but . . . well . . . I found myself in the awkward position of having to have violence without wanting to have violence. I tried to keep it from being over the top, but I also had to keep it realistic.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it!
    I read the excerpt on amazon for "Nearer the Dawn" and it drew me in quicker than "Rain from Heaven". That's what I'm basing my impression on.

    I don't care for gratuitous violence, but if it has a place in the story, I can read it. Your stories have drawn me in thus far and the violence definitely had a place. I do like to warn readers because I know several who have problems with graphic depictions of violence (they barely made it through Therese Heckenkamp's "Frozen Footprints" which isn't nearly as realistic as your writing is!)

    Nevertheless, I find your work hard to put down! I want to start "Nearer the Dawn" tomorrow, but I have a long work day and I don't know if I'll be able to start it then stop it for an extended time!
    Thread: My Novel
  8. bluerose
    Dec 15, '13 5:43 pm
    Glad you joined the CWG page on facebook! It's so much easier to keep up with each other and offer encouragement!

    And... I'm glad to know you better! The similarities are almost eerie! Good luck with your writing endeavors and pray for mine!
  9. empther
    Nov 30, '13 7:09 pm

    I glanced at the opening chapters of Chasing Liberty.
    The situations are alien to anything most people experience. For example, Liberty and friends enter a bomb shelter. I think young adults would find it hard to relate to that. I think they will be lost by page five.
    Why not have Liberty and her friends walk through town and show us what the place looks like? Maybe have them do some unimportant activities just to show what kind of lifestyle they have and what kind of personalities they have?
    Also, what country is this? How does this society run?

    In Empress Theresa, Theresa's life at age ten is described in the first chapter. In chapter two she is in high school. In chapter three she's at Boston College. The action doesn't begin until chapter four, and it isn't until chapter seven that we get a hint about what she is going to do in the story.
  10. empther
    Jul 26, '13 7:34 am
    I checked the Amazon listing.

    Four scathing one star reviews. Reviewers complain about scene vividly describing rape of a child.

    Really, now!
    We know there are horrors going on in the world. We don't need descriptions of them that might excite the nut cases.

    Apparently the book is no longer available for purchase. My compliments to Amazon's judgement.

    Book ranks #9,093.836 on Amazon bestseller list.

    On the Amazon listing,
    author claims the following:
    Unfortunately Amazon has allowed defamatory lies about my work in the reviews by people who have never read my book, but who were bullying another user on Google Plus when I intervened. Amazon, despite breaking the law in doing so, has kept the defamatory and illegal reviews.
    If that's true, just resubmit the book as a new KINDLE book under another title. Shouldn't take more than one day.

    For a thriller book that even an eight year can be allowed to read,
    see Empress Theresa.

Group Wall Messages 31 to 40 of 45
  1. lola1948
    Oct 25, '11 4:53 pm
  2. lola1948
    Oct 25, '11 4:53 pm
    Hello, ya'll! As a transplanted Texan, I still keep some of the culture within my heart....I am not a research buff, but I am interested in writing and have written a book I'm wondering if you all think has merit - Brave New Girls - each chapter includes scripture verses from the Catholic Bible and suggested reading and is in a workbook format. I thought that it would have been nice to have that when I taught CCD years ago....I'm sure there are similar items on the horizon, but mine is Catholic....what do you all think?
  3. Marc Aupiais
    Oct 23, '11 6:23 am
    Marc Aupiais
    Xavier search : http://vaticansearch.scripturelink.n...inksearch.html

    here is a stained glass image of him baptizing ("Stained glass church window in Béthanie, Hong Kong of St Francis Xavier baptizing a Chinese."), not immersion, hope helps:
  4. Marc Aupiais
    Oct 23, '11 6:18 am
    Marc Aupiais
    All of you are the type we want, and hopefully we'll soon be big enough for a forum. Will look on Xavier.

    p.s. with my novels, I finally made a web site, soon to be an app on apple, blackberry, Google. Do any of you have author websites, any advice?
  5. janaimojones
    Oct 22, '11 9:00 pm
    Hi, I've been researching St. Francis Xavier, his letters and other things written about him, especially his missionary work in the region of Goa. He baptized so many people, as many as 1,000 in one day. So many that he needed to have his arm supported from fatigue. Does anyone have any knowledge of what form of the rite of Baptism he performed while working in that area--partial immersion in a river perhaps, or pouring, or both? I've been looking for accurate information, and would appreciate any input!
  6. LyndaJoy
    Oct 22, '11 6:01 am
    Hi Group! I'm excited to find this group here. I've been dancing around the 'writing thing' for a long time, trying to balance time for writing with all the other things in my life ie: family, work, other interests, etc. I've written articles for our church bulletin, and have submitted to magazines.....was published years ago in Our Sunday Visitor. Right now I havea blog where I write intermittently, and am trying to keep more current.
  7. Marc Aupiais
    Oct 22, '11 4:10 am
    Marc Aupiais
  8. Suzanne_A
    Oct 20, '11 5:08 am
    I write different forms of poetry but i mostly like to invent my own sorta.Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt
    But i like to have fun
  9. Incomplete
    Oct 19, '11 12:59 pm
    I hope this group grows, Suzanne. Do you write poetry of any particular kind or for a certain audience? And Mandy, I don't have any ideas but I do like how you think. You said you'd like to be a writer. What's keeping you from it?
  10. mandypandy
    Oct 19, '11 8:26 am
    I would LIKE to be a writer.
    Following maybe JP||'s Theology of the Body?
    But directed at young men and women?
    Any ideas?
    (: Thanks!


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