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CAG Prayer Requests

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Group created by Convert in 99

A place for all members of Catholic Answers Groups to pray for one another's needs and intentions.

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  1. tedsmemory
    Sep 17, '12 9:05 am
    Pls pray for me to fall pregnant soon My husband and I have been trying for 2 years and are getting worried its never going to happen for us.

    Thank you
    God bless
  2. queenstarfish71
    Aug 22, '12 4:58 am
    Tomorrow is pre-trial for my sons custody case! He would love to have this settled tomorrow! If not they have to all go to a child psychologists and it is very expensive. My has been the primary care giver for his son Hunter for over 3 years doing everything they he and emily (Hunters mother) agreed to in their visitation agreement. She had done nothing! Leaving Hunter with her mother (Paula) or grandmother (which her mother wants Hunter for her own) and this woman is a problem . Always undermining my son etc! She lies etc. (once told my son that because she pays Emily half of Hunters expenses she gets to make the decisions. she is always attacking me in public about stuff that is so trivial!! Hunter has repeatedly told me, Jeremy, Emily and Paula (the other grandmother) that he wants to live with is daddy!! Please pray that everyones heart is open and they see that the best place for hunter is with his dad! or that their appointment with the doctor is set so that Jeremy is given time to get the money together (which is about two weeks before he gets the full amount). thank you all!
    Thread: My Son Jeremy
  3. windey99
    Jul 6, '12 8:57 pm
    My grandson was born on July 3rd 2012 and has been diagnosed with PPHN

    He has not been able to breathe by himself as of today - July 6th and has now been transferred to Children's Hospital in critical condition.

    Please pray for Baby Cody and his family..
  4. MarriageHarmony
    Apr 12, '12 11:17 am
    Today I prayed for your family. I hope all is well for you. I too believe in the power of prayer. A beam of God's light is headed toward you now.
    Thread: Troubled Family
  5. MarriageHarmony
    Apr 12, '12 11:13 am
    Today 12:08 pm
    I need prayers for my marriage please. My husband and I were married in the Catholic Church almost 10 years ago. We have two young children. We are having problems and have been in couples therapy for about a year, which I believe has made great improvements in our issues (which are small on the greater scheme of life). There are no affairs, no abuse, no addictions, etc. Just daily conflict which he cannot tolerate. Whenever we get in a fight, no matter how small, he says he wants to separate. He says things to the effect of... he needs space to find himself, etc. or to clear his head and decide. Decide what? It scares me very much. Is this a mid-life crisis or has he been wanting a divorce and trying to figure out how to get away. He says we are just not compatible, which I believe to be very untrue. I will do anything to save my marriage. He says he loves me but he's not sure he's "in love" with me. This breaks my heart into a million pieces. I am trying to hard to keep our marriage together and now the more I do/try the further he distances himself. So I have decided to give him some breathing room (which also scares me) and just pray and pray (and cry). I am at the mercy of God's will here but I just know in my heart that keeping my family together is the right thing and that there is love between my husband and I which he is having trouble seeing for whatever reason. We made a vow before God which is meaningful to me, but now my husband is saying he doesn't even know if he believes in God.
    PLEASE everyone, pray for our marriage, and our love to be renewed.
  6. odhiambo
    Mar 8, '12 2:11 pm
    Our Father,
    who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name;
    thy kingdom come;
    thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread;
    and forgive us our trespasses
    as we forgive those who trespass against us;
    and lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    Thread: Help my family
  7. Monique512
    Feb 1, '12 10:06 am
    Hello Everyone,

    I am thankful for this opportunity to request to be on a prayer group. I am almost 36 years old and have problems having a successful pregnancy. In the past 3 years I have had 4 miscarriages and now I am 9 weeks pregnant. I have been doing everything I can to make this work, I have been going to acupuncture appoints for 7 months and have been praying to Mary everyday. So, what I am asking is to please keep me and my baby in your prayers that I will reach my 9months and deliver a healthy baby ( have a successful pregnancy).
    I thank you all for your prayers.

    Love and peace,

  8. queenstarfish71
    Sep 21, '11 10:36 am
    Please pray for my son Jeremy! He started a business and is really trying hard. It has taken him some time to fine "where he wants to be" and working for him self is it!! Its a great little business....and he has truly been knocking on all the doors he can in addition to getting leads from the franchise that he bought into. Its a great company!! they have trained him well and this company has been around for a while....its a good service product!! could please pray that some doors start to open for him!!! That he is lead to the right people that need him and his service. ...He surely needs a break!!
    Thread: son
  9. queenstarfish71
    Aug 27, '11 11:22 am
    Just a little note (hope Iam doing this right) My son arrive home safe and sound and way ahead of schedule grandson is overjoyed to see his daddy!! thank you for all the prayers.
    Thread: please pray
  10. queenstarfish71
    Aug 21, '11 10:20 am
    I have had the same problem in the past and this is what I did! I said my prayers that morning before I left for which case I left a little early so that I could arrive before anybody else.. I went around and bless the whole office with holy water and blessed salt I had my priest bless me a candle which I lit and I asked God to bless our office. . I did this for several days........Some people eventually found new jobs and left....leaving the rest of us in peace and we are friends to this day. Hope this helps!! I will also pray for you!! God Bless you!

Group Wall Messages 21 to 30 of 84
  1. lifesmom
    Jun 29, '09 7:59 am
    God bless you. You are in my prayers.
  2. Convert in 99
    Jun 27, '09 6:32 pm
    Convert in 99
    Spiritualunity. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine what you must go through. You are in my prayers.
  3. spiritualunity
    Jun 26, '09 10:15 pm
    ask for your prayers for my salvation when I die. I am listing most of my illnesses,I want to share with you the gifts God has given me. I have many more gifts,such as suffering with my family, I live way below poverty,etc.

    I was asked again to post my health problems because this person could not believe I am still alive. So this is for the glory to God and His many gifts of suffering He has given me......
    CHF, COPD,Asthma, edemia, anemic with bleeding in intestines. 3 huge growths in tummy and growing,they range from about 6" to 15" each., I have Gerd, deterioration of nervous system,which means I am suffering from horrible nerve damage in whole body,but in the spine and legs hurt the most and the doctor said I will continue deterioration the rest of my life. I have immune own immune system attacks itself thinking it is a virus. (Not so smart is it!LOL), I have spurs in my right foot and neck, POTS, causes bad circulations,therefore I have 30%blood circulation in my body,use to be just tummy down to toes, fybromyligia, insomnia, sleep apnea, sinustitis,poor hearing in right ear. oversensitivity to sound,light and movement. siatica,arthritis in knees and shoulder and hip and neck. blurred vision from pots. liver and kidneys show the beginning of problems...forget the terms. Heart is gettnig worse pumping on right side. Left side weak valve. I can no longer have any operations doctors told me. I pushed it once,but never again for an operation 2 yrs ago. I can walk on good days but can not walk on bad days more then 20 ft.,tremors, anxiety the doctors tell me is caused by POTS, non pots specialist think it is just plain old anxiety. It is very annoying not having a pots specialist where I live because I am so misunderstood by doctors,even if they read up on it. Each case is different.I am severe. By blood pressure can drop into comma level, but because I am use to this from pots I stay alert. a few months ago a nurse sat with me in my room and I did not know why and he said when he was done,that my blood pressure was below 40 and I should not of been aware and there I was talking fine.
    also high blood pressure when not having pots attacks. Loss of sensation in feet and legs. They tested me and it was suppose to hurt but I did not feel it. I feel like when you walk on your feet when they are sleep,that is what I always feel. I get horrible boute of vertigo. Incontinous is getting worse. I see things in global shape when pots is acting up because of inflamation of eyes. I also have inflamation of entire body. Sometimes I get so bad I have to go to ER and gets water out because medicine won't digest through tummy walls or blood veins because being blocked by inflamation so then I have to have interveinous then.Because of pots I gained ALOT of weight. I have lost and gained 150lbs 4 times in 4 yrs..I have thyroid problems too,but the weight gain is caused by pots.between pots and chf I have had around 18 heart failures in 4 yrs. My POTS causes me terrilby painful intestinal spasms and neck,hands and feet spasms.Now I have constant fluid around my lungs...which is CHF and POTS. so you could rightly say i am in constant heart failure. I have oversensitive skin and break out with rashes. I have to use handmade soaps.
    I an sure there are more illnesses. But I think that gives you an idea.
    I hope I did not bore you.
  4. Convert in 99
    Jun 21, '09 6:17 pm
    Convert in 99
    Blossom, yes, I miss you too. I've been on the forums more than groups lately. Hope all is well with you.
  5. blossom02
    Jun 20, '09 1:43 pm
    Convert I'm glad your aunts funeral went nicely. How are you doing? I'm doing well. I miss seeing you in here. I've been busy and not in alot either. With the new grandbaby and summer chores and the extra cuhurch work(our parish is having a centennial celebration) I've been away more.
  6. Convert in 99
    Jun 11, '09 6:33 am
    Convert in 99
    I wasn't able to go to the funeral. But it went nicely according to the family. Thanks so much for all your prayers for my aunt How are you all doing?
  7. blossom02
    Jun 10, '09 8:08 pm
    how are you nancy?
  8. blossom02
    Jun 10, '09 8:08 pm
    Praying all goes well for our dear freind convert.
  9. Convert in 99
    Jun 7, '09 6:08 pm
    Convert in 99
    Thank you so very much Nancy
  10. nancy dalrymple
    Jun 7, '09 3:42 pm
    nancy dalrymple
    Dear Jesus, please keep all the family of Convert 99 safe to the funeral and back home again and please give Convert comfort and peace knowing the soul of his Aunt is in your hands. That you know the deepest thought of our hearts mind and that Convert is not alone in the grief of this loved one. In Jesus name, Rest in Peace, AMEN! Love of Christ Nancy


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