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The Sung Rosary Group

Visit the forum of this group.
Group created by Bernward

This group is for anyone who would like to learn more about the Rosary of Humility - the sung version of the rosary - in response to John Paul II's request of 2002 for the rosary to be sung - feel the power of Mary's intercession to strengthen faith and overcome human weakness

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  1. Bernward
    Feb 28, '12 6:47 am
    Hi lastdesk, good to have you with us,
  2. Bernward
    Feb 20, '12 3:40 am
    More good news, I have found a local parish with the latest recording equipment all built in, and a sound engineer willing to help - today I must agree recording dates with the parish priest within their hectic lenten schedule. The added bonus is that they have a taize music group.
    Other news is that the parish priest has asked for a detailed proposal to introduce the sung rosary into weekly scheduled worship !!! So watch this space,

    God bless
  3. Bernward
    Feb 16, '12 2:09 am
    Getting people to respond to the idea of singing the rosary seems to be fraught with difficulties - the sound engineer goes AWOL, the music sheets have gone AWOL, what does this mean ??
    On the positive side, an enthusiastic, out of town, visitor to our sung rosary last saturday is a composer/musician/chorister who has offered to help in our quest, so progress - slow progress, but progress - we will get there
  4. Bernward
    Feb 4, '12 1:20 am
    Why is it that despite all the Marian apparitions, appealing for us to pray the rosary, and the efforts of Blessed John Paul II to get people singing it as well as praying - that there is still so little response within our communities ?

    I am still waiting for the recording engineer to turn up and record our Taize version 1, but what does everyone think about the links to sung rosaries below ?
  5. Bernward
    Jan 22, '12 1:58 pm
    the rosary is being sung in Portsmouth UK every saturday - taize style - for the prayer intentions of the CAF
  6. Bernward
    Jan 20, '12 1:51 am
    Here is a beautiful sung rosary in latin and gregorian chant
  7. Bernward
    Jan 18, '12 3:24 pm
    While we get our 'taize' sung rosary recorded, here's a very nice version to listen to - it is different in structure to ours in that the readings and meditation are much shorter in this recording
  8. Bernward
    Jan 13, '12 4:59 am
    Welcome CatholicFireman, good to have you with us, we may soon be able to start a thread or two.
  9. Bernward
    Jan 11, '12 1:54 am
    I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far. By way of update,
    1. a prominent parishioner and 'young' mum sadly died from cancer over Christmas, and requested a musical celebration of her life at her funeral. A short chaplet of the rosary was sung as she lay overnight in church. The family mourners expressed great thanks.
    2. For those suffering from cancer or aids, the Servite Order of Mary honour St.Peregrine for his intercessions and healing - worth checking out.
    3. The promised recording of the 'Taize' sung rosary is being organised - getting dates agreed. recording equipment and voices to make a decent show ot it - it won't be long.
  10. Bernward
    Dec 29, '11 2:52 am
    Does anyone follow the Dolour Rosary within their Marian devotion ?


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