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Group created by catwhiskers

For those struggling to overcome overeating and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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  1. AveMariaMag7
    Jan 5, '12 9:26 am
    Thanks Elaine for going past that candy dish at the office.

    I'm supposed to take food with my medications and I was facing this plate with a quarter of "flan" (a rich Mexican pudding) I remembered you and instead of finishing it off, I only ate half of it. Maybe it wasn't a GREAT big accomplishment but an accomplishment after all.

    Fridays I give up chocolate for Right-to-Life maybe I can find another goal on other days for other causes and kill two birds with one stone (weight-loss and ??).
    Our Lord did say we should pray and fast. My prayer life is a little "iffy" Fasting almost nonexistent. Any ideas?

    St. Margaret of Cortona, hear my prayers.
    Thanks James for bringing her up.
  2. James_OPL
    Jan 4, '12 10:38 pm
    Ha,ha...if you lose 40 lbs. In a couple if weeks you'd be rich ! (lol). Yeah, I have the urge to eat quite often. But I just can't let it happen. That's why the blood sugar coming down was such a booster. Plus I have my sister on my back constantly. It's always good to have someone to hold you accountable,(including God) !
  3. catwhiskers
    Jan 4, '12 8:28 pm
    Hey, all. Congratulations, James, on getting your blood sugars down! You give me hope for myself. It's in making the commitment, and asking for help when you need it. I know what it is I need to do, like Elaine said, but then don't do it. It's like I've got a warped sense of what it is that I "deserve." Do I really deserve the peppermint candy that's sitting out at work (in addition to other junk) more than I deserve to feel good by caring for myself by eating decent food and exercising? Which really makes me feel better? I guess it comes down to wanting immediate gratification. I'm now picturing myself as a whiney 6 year old in a 51 year old's body. Some picture! Would I allow my 6 year old (if I had one) to eat like I ate today? Yikes! Bad mother! I and my kid could end up on Dr. Phil!

    I've got my annual physical coming up in a couple weeks with a new MD. What are the chances that I'll lose 40 lbs by then??? I will be glad to have some lab work done. Maybe a reality check will help!
  4. Elaine46
    Jan 4, '12 7:29 pm
    Thanks for the support James and Catwhiskers. This hasn't been a good day. Didn't feel well so I stayed home from work and got into the food. It's so frustrating when you know exactly what you should do - and don't do it. Years ago I lost sixty-three pounds on WW - even went to work for them as a group leader and loved it. Later I lost over fifty pounds through a hospital sponsored program. Both were very effective and not difficult. But eventually using food as a crutch again became attractive. It's my prayer that this group will prove to be one of the tools God uses to reach and help all of us.
  5. James_OPL
    Jan 4, '12 3:07 pm
    Were in your corner Elaine. Keep up with the fight. I've finally been able to walk by the junk food and not look at it. And when I'm tempted, I start praying Hail Marys. Also ask your patron saint for intercession.
  6. James_OPL
    Jan 4, '12 9:43 am
    Hi catwhiskers,
    Yes, I do have the same problem. I got used to eating late at night when I was driving trucks. So when that ended, I was in the habit of eating at 11:30pm - 12:00am. For years now I can't go to sleep without hitting the fridge. It became psychological. I've finally started working on saying no to late night snacks. I tell ya', it's hard !
    But to share with you all, this last week, my blood sugar has come down to normal,( I'm Diabetic ), without having to use insulin. That is a great boost of confidence in this struggle. I'm a little hungry, but that's slowly going away. I'm actually looking forward to my next weigh-in !
  7. catwhiskers
    Jan 4, '12 5:14 am
    Hi all, including Elaine46 and Matt Pilgrim!
    Your post, Elaine, reminded me of something I learned in Weight Watchers, and that's the difference between a snack and a treat. Snacks are healthy additions to one's food plan and can help keep the blood sugar more level throughout the day. Treats can be snacks, are not at all bad, but they need to be occasionally, not daily. I conveniently forget the difference often times, and have treats, "because I deserve it." I do know from experience the snack thing can work.

    Another challenge I have is that I live alone with my cats who do not cook. I find it hard to plan menus and actually cook when I get home. Sometimes I'll cook something up ahead of time, and that helps, but I could do a lot better.

    One more thing which I know I should be doing is eating at the kitchen table rather than in front of the tv. It's such a habit though, and sitting at the table seems soooo quiet. I do believe that if I did that, I'd be doing a lot less mindless eating.

    Do any of you have the same challenges? If so, how do you get yourself to be motivated enough to change?

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  8. Elaine46
    Jan 3, '12 3:00 pm
    Hi Catwhiskers, and all ~ Well, lunch was something of a disaster. I had eaten breakfast, but by lunch time was so hungry I could have eaten the steering wheel while driving to get a bite. So, of course, I promptly ordered an unhealthy lunch and devoured it. I was feeling pretty down on myself by the time I got back to the office; but pulled this site up and just seeing it on the computer screen helped. And I didn't eat any of the candy, etc. that's around the office this afternoon - something I normally would have done to soothe and punish myself at the same time. Have decided I'm going to bring some fruit to the office and eat it mid morning and mid afternoon from now on. Hopefully that will prevent a repeat of today's episode. Thanks for being there everyone. It's so nice to know there are others who understand...
  9. Matt Pilgrim
    Jan 3, '12 10:54 am
    Matt Pilgrim
    Hi catwhiskers, have you ever heard of the saying eat half as much for twice as long? Its what helps me i thought I'd share. If you ever find a good solution to stop eating in between meals PLEASE let me know! lol it seems like there is always food whenever i turn around, and its not salads or fruit either
  10. James_OPL
    Jan 3, '12 10:09 am
    *Just a note : If your interested in a little extra help, St. Margaret of Cortona is the Patron Saint against temptations.



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