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Group created by Matt Pilgrim

Recognizing our faith in everyday scenarios help us to live always in His Presence. So share a parable!

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  1. Matt Pilgrim
    Jan 13, '12 9:34 am
    Matt Pilgrim
    Mary I do the same thing! It is so easy to do the right thing and then to notice others slacking off. Jesus' very life shows us that we should not abandon our brothers and sisters, but to go among them and show them the truth by living the gospel! Deo Gratis! May the Holy Spirit en-kindle the fire His love in you today
  2. Mary Virginia
    Jan 9, '12 11:15 am
    Mary Virginia
    Matt-That story reminds me of my observation of my Parish church how some rarely come to church and you never see them go to confession, and yet, I worry and wonder if I am doing all that I am supposed to.
    Sometimes I would get discouraged seeing some go for communion that I'm facebook friends with and know what they talked about doing that weekend, then they go to church & receive him in the Eucharist.
    I would think, why do I worry so much about trying to do the right thing? Then I realised I cannot judge someone else, I should just keep doing what I feel is right.
  3. Matt Pilgrim
    Jan 6, '12 6:59 am
    Matt Pilgrim
    A man was hired to for a job. He begin at full-time employment with passion for his work and much enthusiasm. He did well for the first few months but then he noticed that his co-workers did less than half of his workload. He lost his love for his job and by the end of the year his availability dwindled down to 1 hour a week. His boss noticed that he hardly payed attention when he did come into work and his heart was not in his work. Let us not compare ourselves to our fellow brothers and sisters, but pray that we all may find our God given talents and have the perseverance to use them for His greater glory.
  4. Mary Virginia
    Jan 4, '12 7:24 pm
    Mary Virginia
    I love parables, so just joining in tonight I have already enjoyed your parables, getting late so I may share one in AM.
  5. Archangelati777
    Jan 4, '12 5:59 pm
    The earth and our very lives can be likened to a plant. It started at an instant and began to grow and develop immediately first on a small and diminutive scale but eventually blossomed into a complex tangle that is nevertheless kept and cared for by its planter.
    When the chosen day comes, it will be cut down by its caretaker and only the best healthy fruit will be chosen while the rest will be thrown aside and ignored.
  6. Matt Pilgrim
    Jan 4, '12 7:49 am
    Matt Pilgrim
    As a baby we were helpless. We relied on our caretaker to read our mind and give us our daily needs. The noises and gestures we would make were unnecessary. Crying seemed to be the only method of saying that we needed something.

    Is this not a resemblance of praying to our Heavenly Father? He who knows all things, waits for but a prayer from His children and satisfies our every need.

    Inspired from Confessions of St. Augustine Ch. Infancy
  7. Matt Pilgrim
    Jan 3, '12 11:44 am
    Matt Pilgrim
    Living the faith is like working a job. We work harder when we know our boss is watching and we slack off when he's out of sight. This year, lets practice living in His presence and loving our job. Btw God says, "now hiring"
  8. Matt Pilgrim
    Jan 3, '12 9:52 am
    Matt Pilgrim
    Sharing your faith with others is much like sharing a hobby with a friend. They will be interested not by the amount of knowledge that you have on that hobby, but by the passion and love that you have for it. So learn to love your faith and share with all!


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