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Group created by JPUSC

For singers, composers and instrumentalists.

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Placido Domingo with Pope Benedict XVI.

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  1. Hovannes
    Jan 7, '12 9:50 pm
    Acker Bilk, Bert Kaempfert, and Hugo Winterhalter?
  2. Hovannes
  3. Hovannes
  4. walterpais
    Nov 4, '11 4:02 pm
    Yes, I do.

    I have written Masses and Hymns. Conducted a polyphonic choir for seven years.

    You can find my music here: Catholic Church Music
  5. donsnow
    Oct 29, '11 10:27 am
    Originally Posted by walterpais View Post
    Thank you. God is wonderful, and has his own ways, to bring his children closer to one another. May this Community of believers in Christ, be one, and may all the believers in God, be always united in their goals.

    Now a days, just as once it happened in Heaven, the angels had a disagreement, and some went down to their special place and ever since have been bugging other created beings, and most of all, us HUMANS because we can think.

    Just as he deceived Eve, he is now telling us all fairy tales, and taking us away from our belief in God. He knows it, but we should pray, and show that we too know. He will bring justice and peace, and reward those who believe in him, and as Mary said in her Magnificat, throw the mighty from their thrones.

    Wish you peace and happiness.

    Good afternoon, Walter,

    I am pleased to meet you on the internet.

    You are so right about the Devil's way and our victory over him in Christ triumphant and in Our Lady of Victory. I think that prayer is the key, and I don't pray enough. But, I do pray everyday, throughout the day.

    God loves you,
  6. donsnow
    Jul 14, '11 6:33 am
    Hi, Hovannes,

    I'd say find a choir director or Cantor and go for singing lessons. Or maybe get in a community college's music program.

    God loves you,
  7. donsnow
    Apr 29, '11 3:09 am
    Originally Posted by Hovannes View Post
    Hi Don,
    I'd love to learn to sing Chant, but my voice reminds people of the critter on the old television show "Alf"

    Hi, Hovannes,

    I have learned to sing Gregorian chant, but have not been in choir for a long time. Your voice sounding like Alf's voice is not as bad as what my voice has come to sound like because of my smoking.

    I guess I can always sing here at home, from some of these old Hymnals.
    You keep on with that Saxaphone, until you can make it sound like you want it to sound.

    God loves you,
    Thread: Hello there!
  8. donsnow
    Apr 14, '11 12:14 pm
    Originally Posted by the_singer View Post
    Guess I should say hi . I am new to this as well

    Hi, the_singer,

    Welcome to the musicians thread.

    I come by here every day, to see what's happening.

    Do you sing privately (entertainer) or in a church or city choir? What part do you sing?

    In '83, age 40, my voice finally changed from tenor to baritone. I guess I was a late bloomer.

    Where abouts do you reside?

    My profile has the information on me, if you want to know.

    God loves you,
    Thread: Hello!!
  9. TheMc
    Mar 12, '11 9:32 pm
    Originally Posted by Musician View Post
    What a blessing to play for an orthodox priest! He likes incense, sequences in Latin, and all the rest. It's a lot of fun!
    I also love assisting at the Bishop's Mass on Sunday at the Cathedral. Lots of incense and extra pontifical ceremony with the miter and crosier and such that really adds life to the liturgy.
  10. TheMc
    Mar 12, '11 9:30 pm
    Originally Posted by seraph View Post
    Is there an mp3 of the Santus and/or the Agnus Dei online somewhere (or sheet music even)?

    I want to learn the tenor part so I can sing it

    Anybody happen to know of some sources that I don't?
    Is this what you are thinking?

Group Wall Messages 1 to 10 of 54
  1. adawgj
    Dec 31, '13 3:39 pm
    Happy new year to you too Don! I think we might be the only ones on here
  2. donsnow
    Dec 30, '13 2:09 pm
    Happy New Year to each and every one of you, lurkers, too.

    Hello adawgi
  3. adawgj
    Dec 24, '13 8:06 am
  4. donsnow
    Dec 23, '13 11:58 am
    Greetings, all,

    May you and yours enjoy a blessed and Merry Christmas.

    God loves all of you, lurkers, too,
  5. CruceSignati
    Dec 13, '12 3:01 pm
    Are there any musicians out there who have worked on the Latin Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod? If so, what part of Mass did you use it for?
  6. donsnow
    Apr 22, '12 3:58 pm
    Good afternoon, ceoitas,

    My apologies for the delay in answering you, this is the first time I've been by since you posted.
    Welcome to Catholic Answers!

    What kind of music are you in to?

    I've done vocal in Church choirs, trumpet a lot in High School and in private, except one Easter Vigil, and have written a few pieces. Nothing published. Sing baritone, finally (I sang second tenor from High School on, and my voice finally changed when I was forty. I guess I'm a late bloomer, grin.

    God loves you,
  7. ceoltas
    Apr 19, '12 6:34 am
    Hello! Greetings from Ireland. I am new to this forum. A happy Easter Season to you all.
  8. donsnow
    Dec 31, '11 6:26 pm
    May all of you and yours enjoy a blessed, safe and healthy New Year.

    God loves all of you, lurkers, too,
  9. donsnow
    Dec 24, '11 4:30 pm
    May each of you enjoy a blessed, peaceful and safe Christmas.
  10. walterpais
    Oct 27, '11 7:14 pm
    I am a retired Church Musician and have uploaded the music composed and arranged by me on my website. You may find some stuff you are looking for there, and you are welcome to download any score or audio file from my website.


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