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Roses of Purity

Group created by True Faith

A group where virgins who trust in God to keep them pure in this impure-world share there thoughts, problems, ideas....
Impurity is winning at the moment - and even worse - it is now considered "acceptable".
t.i.G - Trust in God!!

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  1. True Faith
    Feb 14, '12 9:59 am
    True Faith
    I have a Saint for you to pray to, ChibiViolet: Saint Justina!
    Have you heard of her and St Cyprian?
  2. ChibiViolet
    Feb 13, '12 6:36 pm
    The ability actually can come from demons. This is an excerpt from Colin Donovan's reply on Q&A on EWTN:

    Within the charismatic renewal, there seems to be two phenomenon, "tongues" as traditionally understood, and a kind of "babbling" that is not a discernable human language. A friend of mine had a prayer tongue which she used for years, until a Franciscan bible scholar was visiting her parish and attended a prayer group meeting, after which he informed her that she was speaking in Aramaic. In another, not so happy, example, another friend, while still an Episcopalian, attended a Pentecostal meeting out of curiosity with a foreign missionary of his church who spoke a Chinese dialect. While there the missionary suddenly confronted a woman speaking in tongues, telling the Pentecostal pastor that she was cursing God in a Chinese dialect he knew.
  3. Truegrit
    Feb 13, '12 3:18 pm
    I am not quite sure I follow your thoughts. The true ability of speaking in tongues would be a gift from the holy spirit and fill you with joy. I don't think we, on own, can control the affronts of demons or the attacks of the devil. I really think that you should see and talk to a priest, esp. if you are still tempted and havae urges to fall back. It isn't easy to fight off these negative spirits by yourself. See a priest or spiritual director.
  4. ChibiViolet
    Feb 13, '12 1:31 pm
    I didn't mean to say that I thought that maybe some of you didn't know what it meant to speak in tounges, but I've been told I shouldn't call it that when it comes from demons as that "confuses people with the gift of the Holy Spirit."

    One cannot "learn" to speak in tounges. The ability was given to me by one or more demons, although I had not asked for it. I had been out of Grace for months at the time and I'm almost positive I knew a Satanist back then who was praying against me. I sensed immense evil whenever she was in the room and could feel I was in heavy-duty spiritual battle. Also, when she noticed my cross necklace, I saw a flash of hatred in her eyes and her eyes seemed to sparkle with malevolence as she looked back up at me from the necklace. (She tried to befriend me, but I would not speak to her unless she spoke to me first as I refused to be lured into a trap.)

    The ability had lain dormant for a while (or else it was gone) and then came back. I was unsure if it was of grave matter so I decided to give into the urges as it was very interesting. After a while though, I got strong urges to worship Satan and felt like I was evil and happy about it--not that I could help it. I stopped after that for a little while but have since been doing it in little spurts (I didn't give into the urges to worship Satan by the way.) As of now, I believe this is indeed of grave matter as it involved one or more demons and I can control this.
  5. Truegrit
  6. True Faith
    Feb 13, '12 9:26 am
    True Faith
    I totally agree. The devil hates prayer
  7. Truegrit
    Feb 13, '12 9:19 am
    When I was younger I really wanted the gift of tongues and went to Chrismatic Prayer meetings where speaking in tongues was the "norm."
    Only when I was away from the group was I able to realize that what they really thought was speaking in tongues was a lot of jabber/goof words from cartoons. The gift of tongues is not that common,I think, and I am content with the words of scripture and the prayers of the mass and liturgy. Everyone has a guardian Angel. I have always been told that you should give your guardian Angel a name so that you can call on your angel for help directly. Fight off that which does your spirit no good with the rosary or prayers of your choice. PAX
  8. True Faith
    Feb 13, '12 8:10 am
    True Faith
    Hmmm. About your Guardian Angel - it must be a blessing that Jesus gives us "spiritually tried" people, since I can sense - and maybe hear - my Guardian Dear too.
    Have you learnt to speak in tongues, or does it just "happen"?
    Pray to Saint Gemma Galgani,
    and St Padre Pio. They help, but with me, my "spirit" HATES it.
  9. True Faith
    Feb 13, '12 8:05 am
    True Faith
    Right. I am fighting a spiritual battle as well.... Though not as serious as this one (probably because I am younger?)
    Certainly I shall pray for you!
  10. ChibiViolet
    Feb 13, '12 7:21 am
    Please pray for me as I have serious chastity issues. Physically I am a virgin, but certainly not spiritually. Also I've been speaking in tounges and in my case, it comes from demons; it was nothing I asked for, but I get weird urges to do it and so do. If calling this "speaking in tounges" confuses you than you can call it xenoglossia (a greek word which means speaking in a language you don't understand.) I sensed my gaurdian angel giving me a very weary look one time as I did this...


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