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Bible Inquiries and Answers

Group created by CGutierrez103

This is a group for those who have questions and those who can answer those questions about the bible and all of its wonderfule mysteries.

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  1. Aussieman88
    Mar 2, '12 3:30 am
    Well in answer to you question there are a lot of issues in Enoch 7.1 to 7.6.
    Firstly The 200 Angels who came down to earth each took one woman for his wife. They taught them about what we call divination, magic and witchcraft. The women bore children who were half angel half human and they actually grew up to be Giants. As in super large compared to humans. 3000 cubits in height. They ate all the food that Man could produce for them untill men could no longer sustain them.
    Then the Giants began to eat Humans as well. Then it says they sinned against birds, animals, reptiles and fish. Then they began to eat each other and drink each other's blood. Given that it was not considered unclean to eat fish. I don't believe this only means that they ate those things. I believe they engaged in genetic engineering to produce strange beasts like the minator, centaur, and all the monsters from the ancient greek stories. The ancient greek gods all fit the picture of being these fallen angels. The ancient mayans had a god who was a white guy with wings. It's obviously one of these angels as they were not white people.
    This lot of fallen angels explain all the evidence in the world today for ancient giants, ancient aliens and the ancient technology that we are still unable to reproduce today. All the egyptian gods sound as if they were might have been angels too.
    Lastly 7.6 says then the earth complained about the lawless ones. From what it says later it sounds as if the level of prayers reached the required limit for the watchers to present it before the lord God. Or perhaps it actually means the earth complained I don't know.

    The book of Enoch is not accepted by the catholic church. It is not recognised as being inspired by the Holy Spirit which it doesn't claim to be. Some of it was written by angels themselves. It states quite clearly that this book is not for everyone. In addition some satanic cults use the book of enoch as a basis for their own evil purposes.

    From reading the bible it is evidently clear that Enoch never died and walks with God. Moses quotes it and obviously knew it's contents as did several other old testament Jews who mention enoch.

    I hope this answered your question. I consider this book to be an amazing piece of HISTORY. Does your copy have the book of noah as well? Did you know Noah was born glowing with the light of God shining from his eyes? Interesting stuff.....
  2. Aussieman88
    Feb 20, '12 3:43 am
    Could Adam have been 13 billion years old before he ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge???????? Then he lived 930 years in his mortal body? This is still within the thousand year day of the Lord.
  3. iamcornelius
    Feb 19, '12 5:29 pm
    Does anyone know if there is a Bible printed like a regular book? I mean without the tiny little columns all those reference points and so on? It just drives me nuts the way Bibles are printed and makes it a real trial trying to read it. Please let me know, I've looked through bookstores and never found one. Thanks.
  4. Michael42
    Feb 16, '12 4:24 pm
    Can you see A for alpha and w for omega in the ocean too? it is ok to look down on creation?
  5. Michael42
    Feb 16, '12 4:00 pm
    Firstly, Enoch specifically told us to look at the luminaries and their orbits and their consistency, yes to studying astronomy. We can't go into space without it!!

    I have something of a miracle to share. I asked the LORD our God for an answer to the Goat and Ram riddle of Daniel 8. The LORD our God responded. It really is miraculous:

    Can you seethe ram near Russia? See the "long horns" which are the coast line? They Egyptian ram picture is dated 3000BC. The same strange sticking out horns, the detail on the shoulder, the tuft... He is near a canal between Russia and Alaska, just as it says.

    There is more. Go down to New Zealand. Can you see the goat? New Zealand is the broken horn. That would make Japan the four horns with its four islands.

    The Egyptians believed that the ram god looked after the Sun after it had set. Here on the date line, that fits! He was also god of the waters. He is made of oceanic mountains. Again, it fits.

    For Daniel to see the vision God must have lifted him almost into space!

    I'm still reeling. But why would the LORD our God show me? So many others have asked the question.

    He certainly does work in mysterious ways.

    God bless
  6. jojo96
    Feb 16, '12 11:32 am
    The cock crowed only once. Jesus said "Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times". The moment Peter denied Jesus the thrid time, the cock crowed.
  7. Gorgias
    Feb 16, '12 8:32 am
    Pat: there's some question as to whether the timelines of the Synoptics (Matthew, Mark, Luke) sync with that of John, and some have offered interpretations that help us understand the two accounts in light of one another.

    However, "three days" needs to be looked at in an ancient Semitic sense. Today, we consider a "day" to start at midnight; in the context of the NT, a "day" started at sunset.

    So, Jesus died on Friday before sunset (the first day), was in the tomb Saturday (the second day -- which began at sunset on Friday), and rose "on the third day" (which was Sunday, which began at sunset on Saturday).

    Hope that helps!

  8. patclair
    Feb 16, '12 8:13 am
    Two things: Questions spawned by a conversation with a religious cynic

    Was Jesus crucified on Good Friday? I was talking with someone who was taking the number 3 literally, and of course taken literally with modern meaning, it is not three days from Friday to Sunday.and

    How many times did the cok actually crow beforePerter denied Jesus?
  9. faith4christ
    Feb 16, '12 5:07 am
    Interesting, Ok How about, Who are the Enemies of Rasin in Isiah 9:11 and what to this date is Rasin?
    GOD bless you all
  10. CGutierrez103
    Feb 15, '12 8:28 pm
    I hope that lots join this thread. I have questions that I do not know where to go to for answers. First i would like someone to explain ENOCH 7:1-6. this is new to me. another thing that I want to know is... since fallen angels are the ones that taught humans the "signs of the sun" does that mean that learning astronomy and other related topics go against GOD's will. Thanks!


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