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Group created by beth40n2

For people interested in joining the Catholic Church, for anyone with questions about the faith, and for converts to share what they have gone through in their conversion process. Everyone is welcome.

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  1. dilleachta
    Aug 31, '14 6:51 pm
    Hello everyone,

    As the title eludes, I am finding that the parish with which I recently started RCIA classes is unable to meet the needs I have as an inquirer. I feel such a strong sense of home and good from this parish. They are, admittedly, busy beyond what a lay-person would consider reasonable. I am conflicted. This is a critical point of my spiritual life but I am not finding sufficient assistance. Should I go to another church for RCIA? Should I interpret this as a sign to be patient? Any insight would be much appreciated
  2. Song Sparrow
    Jul 16, '14 12:35 pm
    Song Sparrow
    Hi. Once more, I am thinking about joining RCIA this year. I could probably use prayers from anyone who likes to pray for people like me. Could be partly laziness that's been keeping me from taking this step in previous years. I've lately come to this realization. And fear. and?
  3. eschator83
    May 6, '14 5:44 pm
    Timothy Drake's book, There We Stood, Here We Stand, consists of eleven personal stories of conversions by Lutherans to Catholicism, including Tim's own story. These are emotional, deeply-moving stories of people seeking Communion and Truth of God. Strongly recommended.
  4. Kimley
    May 2, '14 8:48 am
    I have been a Pentecostal Christian all my life; my husband and I coverted this vigil. There are so many prayers, devotions, books on prayers and!! Of course, from my background, prayer was spontaneous from the heart. Where should I begin as a new Catholic?
    Thread: Prayer Life
  5. eschator83
    Apr 5, '14 9:22 am
    It may be helpful to add to the previous comments that many parishes, perhaps even most, will welcome into ongoing RCIA programs baptized Christians, Catholic or other, especially if they have actively been attending Church, as late as early into the new year. This is at the discretion of the RCIA team and pastor; it may depend largely on the number of new candidates.
    If you missed the RCIA startup sat your neighboring parishes ( they probably have varying start-up dates), ask anyway if you can start late.
    Many Diocese have several, separate programs for baptized but not previously confirmed Catholics, but some encourage RCIA for Catholics who have had little catechism.
  6. GraceAnne3
    Mar 27, '14 4:05 pm
    Thanks for sharing the catechism, Beth.
    I agree, the leaders pushing the healthcare act are pushing scandal. When people are forced to go against their morals so the government can implement a national program, then that is scandal. Essentially those promoting this required healthcare plan are forcing others to live in sin. i.e. supporting abortion
    Thread: scandal
  7. GraceAnne3
    Mar 27, '14 3:35 pm
    Originally Posted by beth40n2 View Post
    God parents are needed when you are baptized as a child in case something happens to your parents, the God parents will raise you. For entering the church it is suggested to have one sponsor to help you with your faith, but a couple sounds great!
    My cradle Catholic friend told me God parents do not step in to raise the child in the parent's absence, but instead they are there to come alongside the parents (biological or adoptive) and be a spiritual guide in the child's life. She was clear that a written will regarding the child's care upon the parent's unexpected demise is totally separate. But she did say she's made sure the parent's of her God Children understand that before accepting the responsibility.
    Thread: God Parents?
  8. SecretaryMonday
    Mar 19, '14 9:42 am
    Hugs, athalia.

    I can tell you what I've been told; "I'm proud of you for having the courage to experience your feelings!" Sometimes its easier for me to just suppress stuff because it seems too bad for me to be thinking or feeling, but this is a real issue and it comes with real feelings. Being angry doesn't mean that I'm going to blame people for something they didn't mean to do (I know that I was raised with very loving parents and teachers who were doing their best to give me the truth). You can forgive others, especially when something wasn't really their fault to begin with, but be very patient with yourself if the feelings linger. It can be normal to have some anger about stuff like this.
  9. firead
    Mar 18, '14 9:12 am
    Definitely check with your priest as soon as possible, but you will probably need to baptized with the Triune formula ("Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). I know this was true of one personin my parish who had been baptized as a Oneness Pentecostal.
  10. eschator83
    Jan 8, '14 4:53 pm
    On one hand, each of us has such different interests that its very hard to make a useful universal recommendation for reading--and most often I've heard the suggestion that you ask for guidance from your RCIA team members, who know a bit about you as well as the material you have been discussing in RCIA.
    On the other hand, I think every serious Catholic and inquirer should have:
    -a good concordance--I recommend the New World NAB Dictionary-Concordance
    -lives of the Saints in liturgical Calendar-I think Butler is best but also most expensive, John Delany is very reverential
    -biographies of your patron Saint and one or two others of interest
    -a good book about prayer
    -history of Church--I suggest Eusebius, also Richard O'Brien Lives of the Popes (even though he is absurdly critical of hierarchy)
    We will keep you in our prayers.
    Thread: Reading Lists?

Group Wall Messages 1 to 10 of 318
  1. eschator83
    May 22, '14 7:06 am
    eschator83 I enjoyed looking at this site, which I hoped might provide helpful devotional texts. I was very interested in their announcement of a online formation program, but tried quite a number of the the contents sections and always got an error message--unreachable. I wonder if others had same problem (misery loves company?x?) and if anyone was successful in getting into this program. I've bookmarked it, will go back and try again soon.
    Thank you Beth for interesting reference.
  2. beth40n2
    May 18, '14 5:18 pm
    Kimley, you may want to check out the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. is website to connect with a group in your areas. I came from a Pentecostal background also.
  3. Kimley
    May 2, '14 8:28 am
    My husband and I were born, raised, and live in the south. No friends or family Catholics. Can you believe it? We came into the Catholic church Easter vigil this year!! We are from a Pentecostal background.
  4. dsully
    Apr 29, '14 6:51 pm
    I did it! I was confirmed at the vigil this year! Praise God!
  5. eschator83
    Apr 23, '14 10:40 am
    Welcome, prayer, and best wishes for the 2014 Tiber River Swim Club.
  6. eschator83
    Apr 8, '14 10:33 am
    Tk, you've been expressing a lot of concern in other posts--We still pray for you. But its OK to stay with the team another year, and help others look for answers, logic, and inspiration. Be assured of our prayers.
  7. eschator83
    Oct 3, '13 7:16 am
    TK421, we will keep you and all inquirers in our prayers.
  8. TK421
    Sep 23, '13 2:36 pm
    Here goes. I'm off to my meet & greet for kicking off RCIA.

  9. houseofsaul
    Apr 29, '13 11:17 pm
    1st Congrats to all that were confirmed on Easter Vigil.

    Just an FYI update: I did not join the Church this year. I started a new job and could not be guaranteed to have the 2 mandatory days off for the Rite of Acceptance and another mandatory something...

    I have never felt like I was a part of the parish or felt excited to go to the RCIA classes, even tho I have continued to attend when I can.

    There is a different parish which is also part of a different diocese which is a short drive from me which I plan to visit.
  10. beth40n2
    Mar 28, '13 6:33 pm
    Congratulations to everyone who is joining the church this year at the Easter Vigil on Saturday!


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