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Group created by beth40n2

For people interested in joining the Catholic Church, for anyone with questions about the faith, and for converts to share what they have gone through in their conversion process. Everyone is welcome.

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  1. eschator83
    Apr 5, '14 9:22 am
    It may be helpful to add to the previous comments that many parishes, perhaps even most, will welcome into ongoing RCIA programs baptized Christians, Catholic or other, especially if they have actively been attending Church, as late as early into the new year. This is at the discretion of the RCIA team and pastor; it may depend largely on the number of new candidates.
    If you missed the RCIA startup sat your neighboring parishes ( they probably have varying start-up dates), ask anyway if you can start late.
    Many Diocese have several, separate programs for baptized but not previously confirmed Catholics, but some encourage RCIA for Catholics who have had little catechism.
  2. GraceAnne3
    Mar 27, '14 4:05 pm
    Thanks for sharing the catechism, Beth.
    I agree, the leaders pushing the healthcare act are pushing scandal. When people are forced to go against their morals so the government can implement a national program, then that is scandal. Essentially those promoting this required healthcare plan are forcing others to live in sin. i.e. supporting abortion
    Thread: scandal
  3. GraceAnne3
    Mar 27, '14 3:35 pm
    Originally Posted by beth40n2 View Post
    God parents are needed when you are baptized as a child in case something happens to your parents, the God parents will raise you. For entering the church it is suggested to have one sponsor to help you with your faith, but a couple sounds great!
    My cradle Catholic friend told me God parents do not step in to raise the child in the parent's absence, but instead they are there to come alongside the parents (biological or adoptive) and be a spiritual guide in the child's life. She was clear that a written will regarding the child's care upon the parent's unexpected demise is totally separate. But she did say she's made sure the parent's of her God Children understand that before accepting the responsibility.
    Thread: God Parents?
  4. SecretaryMonday
    Mar 19, '14 9:42 am
    Hugs, athalia.

    I can tell you what I've been told; "I'm proud of you for having the courage to experience your feelings!" Sometimes its easier for me to just suppress stuff because it seems too bad for me to be thinking or feeling, but this is a real issue and it comes with real feelings. Being angry doesn't mean that I'm going to blame people for something they didn't mean to do (I know that I was raised with very loving parents and teachers who were doing their best to give me the truth). You can forgive others, especially when something wasn't really their fault to begin with, but be very patient with yourself if the feelings linger. It can be normal to have some anger about stuff like this.
  5. firead
    Mar 18, '14 9:12 am
    Definitely check with your priest as soon as possible, but you will probably need to baptized with the Triune formula ("Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). I know this was true of one personin my parish who had been baptized as a Oneness Pentecostal.
  6. eschator83
    Jan 8, '14 4:53 pm
    On one hand, each of us has such different interests that its very hard to make a useful universal recommendation for reading--and most often I've heard the suggestion that you ask for guidance from your RCIA team members, who know a bit about you as well as the material you have been discussing in RCIA.
    On the other hand, I think every serious Catholic and inquirer should have:
    -a good concordance--I recommend the New World NAB Dictionary-Concordance
    -lives of the Saints in liturgical Calendar-I think Butler is best but also most expensive, John Delany is very reverential
    -biographies of your patron Saint and one or two others of interest
    -a good book about prayer
    -history of Church--I suggest Eusebius, also Richard O'Brien Lives of the Popes (even though he is absurdly critical of hierarchy)
    We will keep you in our prayers.
    Thread: Reading Lists?
  7. SeekerB1965
    Dec 24, '13 8:45 am
    I share some of the concerns mentioned above. One of my struggles in life, in general, is perfectionism. I try to follow the rules, and I'm pretty hard on myself when I fail.

    The religious solution I have tried, finding a religion (or denomination) that is loose on rules, has not been very satisfying.

    I am the last person on earth to throw stones at anyone. I know what suffering is, and I know the suffering caused by sin, so I have a lot of compassion for those who suffer (and life is suffering). Maybe the answer for me is humility, faith, and prayer for myself and others. But to have any of that, I have to understand what the rules are, and there is some clarity in that in Catholicism (I'm finding so far, at least).

    Although some of the theological and philosophical reasoning is incomprehensible to me.

    I have not enrolled in RCIA, but I'm thinking of doing so.

    Peace and grace,
    Thread: concerns
  8. IneedGod
    Mar 29, '13 9:10 am
    I wanted to congratulate everyone again, houseofsaul, beth40n2' paligan
    All of you!
    I am thankful to have found CAF and to go through this journey with you!
    God bless. :
    Thread: Tomorrow
  9. IneedGod
    Mar 14, '13 11:05 pm
    Holy Saturday is coming up real fast,
    Congratulations to my fellow RCIA of 2012-2013
    Thread: Holy Saturday
  10. dee burk
    Dec 3, '12 7:31 am
    dee burk
    Originally Posted by paligan View Post
    I guess from what Im hearing is that Ive really screwed up, and Ive been judged by my peers, so I figure I will just drop out if class and let God iudge me for my mistake Thanks
    Not judging, in the least. Just sharing what i have been told. Remember... God forgives. There are far worse transgressions in this world that God forgives us for. Don't let a website discourage what you are trying to obtain. That relationship with God.
    Thread: Opps

Group Wall Messages 171 to 180 of 313
  1. beth40n2
    Apr 24, '12 7:00 pm
    Thank you all, for all of your encouragement. If I was not catholic you would make me want to
  2. Song Sparrow
    Apr 24, '12 12:21 pm
    Song Sparrow
    Thank you maltmom, beth40n2, BLP, raymurr for your advice and encouragement, and testimony. Sorry if I missed anyone!
  3. maltmom
    Apr 23, '12 7:22 pm
    raymurr, I understand what you are saying. By the time I was ready to tell everyone I was able to defend my faith. I was able to remind them of things we were taught and then tell them the truth. My best friend has been very supportive the past couple of weeks. It wasn't all warm and fuzzy Saturday when for the 1st time in her life she realized that we believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It amazes me how as protestants we didn't have any problems believing in the Trinity, that Jesus turned water into wine and that on the 3rd day He rose again from the dead...but boy throw in the real presence and it hits the fan.
  4. raymurr
    Apr 23, '12 7:04 pm
    @maltmom: Thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to see if I can find it for our Kindle.

    @beth: I agree about studying on your own. I did a lot of stuying and reading on my own. It's amazing to see how much we were drilled with about the Catholic Church that simply wasn't true. I was shocked the first time I went to a Mass (Mid-night Mass 2010) when they didn't worship Mary. It made it easier to find our what wasn't true when I allowed myself to accept the reality that Protestantism simply removed and/or twisted the teachings of the original Church. I placed myself in a position of only having bits and pieces of true Christianity. It feels amazing to have a completed and growing faith!
  5. maltmom
    Apr 23, '12 5:45 pm
    Thank you Beth and I agree with you about private study. There's so much to learn. At one point I actually was in information overload. I was doing too much, too fast.

    @raymurr I think you'll really enjoy Jesus...the Jewish Roots to the Eucharist. Even thought I already believed in the real presence by the time I read it, I still had a number of WOW moments.
  6. beth40n2
    Apr 23, '12 5:31 pm
    I think Scott Hahns' "Rome sweet Home" was the first one I read. I took a class on early church history at a Catholic church and then decided to join. But that church was an hour from home. I did a lot of studying on my own also. I then contacted the priest in the church I joined. He had me read the Cathecism from cover to cover and call him once a week with question and we would visit about what I learned. When he thought I was ready he brought me into the church Christmas morning 2004.

    I personally think everyone needs to study on their own, either before, during or after RCIA. The amount of time in a classroom is not enough to learn the faith. The classes are designed to go over all the basics, and that each person will understand the 7 sacraments. But for a protestant trying to get past alll the nontruths we were taught for so many years, it does take time.

    Welcome everyone.
  7. raymurr
    Apr 23, '12 5:17 pm
    @maltmom: Born Fundalmentalist... Born Again Catholic was the first book I read as well. I was so skeptical given my background and pursuits and that book helped me tremendously!
  8. raymurr
    Apr 23, '12 5:14 pm
    Greetings everyone. I just completed RCIA a couple of weeks ago and am loving the Catholic life. I grew up a devout fundamentalist and began the process of conversion while pursuing full-time ministry as a non-denomenational pastor. Funnily enough I never really knew what real Christian peace and joy was until I received Holy Communion for the first time. It was as if my entire life God was leading me to this moment!
  9. maltmom
    Apr 23, '12 4:26 pm
    BLP, I studied for a over a year as well. Gotta love my nook, there aren't any Catholic bookstores here. As a matter of fact the 2 local Christian bookstores won't carry anything Catholic unless it's anti-Catholic. I didn't tell anyone that I was considering joining the church. I didn't want my few Catholic friends to pull me in that direction and I didn't want my Baptist friends to tell me I was going over to the dark side. Once I spoke to my priest and realized I was being confirmed so quickly I started telling everyone. I have a friend, who lives 5 hours away, that teaches RCIA. When I told him and he started questioning me, he said that I knew more than those in his class.

    I agree with BLP Scott Hahn is good. The 1st book I read was Born Fundamentalist....Born Again Catholic. I actually liked it better than the Scott Hahn books. Then I read Jesus....the Jewish roots of the Eucharist.
  10. BLP
    Apr 23, '12 4:01 pm
    To maltmom and Song Sparrow, I studied on my own secretly for about a year before I joined an RCIA class. I looked at every Catholic website I could find and read every Catholic book I could get my hands on, I eventually got up my nerve and ventured into our local Catholic bookstore. I was petrified. About a year later I joined a RCIA class. By the time I joined it, I was about 98% sure I was going to become Catholic. It is VERY possible to learn about the Catholic church without a class. I'm proof of that. As a matter of fact, when I started in the RCIA class, I felt like it was so watered down. I knew so much more than was being taught. I had dug so deep into the Catholic faith, I think I could have taught the class. LOL! I now have bookshelves full of Catholic books. I highly recommend Scott Hahn books for an easy to understand explanation of the faith. Good luck with your studies Song Sparrow.


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