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Art of Home Making and Creative Crafts

Group created by Kathryn Ann

Everything from creating a lovely Christ-Centered Catholic Home, including cooking, crafts, money saving tips, sewing, knitting, crochet work and social etiquette.

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  1. Irishmom2
    May 25, '12 3:15 am
    Sorry Kathryn Ann, I only know the Old School answer... And that would be when the person that broke it offers to pay for it, smile and say that is not necessary. (All the time hoping they will just take the time to find one on their own and replace it anyway. ) I am also interested in knowing what the New School has to say on that.
    Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend with their family. We don't usually do anything special here. We don't go in for the thought that Memorial day is the official start of summer. It really cheapens the real meaning of the day--honoring and remembering those that died for our country in battle. Our city has no memorial day parade or anything. The flag will be out though.
  2. Kathryn Ann
    May 24, '12 8:46 pm
    Kathryn Ann
    Ettiquette Quiz for the holiday: Sometime to muse about over the three day weekend!

    What does one do when a guest accidentally breaks a precious crystal glass at your table?
    Old School Answer
    New, Updated Answer
  3. Kathryn Ann
    May 24, '12 8:41 pm
    Kathryn Ann
    Hi, elarson3 and Anne72,

    Isn't is often miraculous the way Grandchildren bring us all together?

    Everyone here please have a safe and happy holiday! What are your plans, everyone? Cookout? BBQ, or just plain rest?
  4. elarson3
    May 23, '12 12:51 am
    Dear Anne72,

    My sister is expecting No 12 this June. My parents had 9 and so are very proud and understanding. However, her MIL was initially not so warm to a large family. In time, though my sis has won her inlaws over. She also is a stay at home-schooling mom. Some of her kids have some minor LD so they don't exactly excel at their school work and sis's MIL is a school teacher. I am sure that makes it a bit extra hard for things. However, I think as the MIL saw what a wonderful family they have despite all the imperfections (sis was never a great house keeper), she has become quite proud of her little grand-flock. I think she's also seen the contrast between my sis's family and my sis's sib inlaws somewhat materialistic world views.

    I have a slightly different story. My husband is an only child of the typical 1.8 kid type of extended family. We only have 4 (actually 5 but lost our first), but I am in school. My inlaws started off with the expected better limit-your family counseling, but MIL has warmed up to the blessing of many grandkids. FIL is rather aloof in general. My own mother struggles with me being a working mom (despite her insistence I finish college before marriage). So I think no matter what way you have it, there' s always bound to be conflict between your way and their ways.

    I think in time your families will be appreciative of the wonderful grandchildren you have blessed them with.

    not sure if that helps, but God Bless
  5. Kathryn Ann
    May 20, '12 7:54 pm
    Kathryn Ann
    The picture I just added is of the famous painting "Song of the Angels" by Adolphe Bouguereau.

    As I noted in the album "Home Sweet Home," I saw the original painting at one of the Getty museums in CA., as it was on loan from Forest Lawn. People were in awe of it, not only for the size, but for its sweeping beauty and approachability. It was breathtaking!

    I'm reminded of how The Blessed Virgin Mary was the Ark Bearer of Christ Himself, His first earthly home! In this painting we see such rich, striking symbolism: The Dear Babe's Feet are crossed, and we know with sorrow that those Feet will one day lead Him on a dangerous path, where he will walk, and stumble, and rise again to bear a heavy cross. So heavy is His cross that someone will have to take it the remainder of the way. He will give His life for us on a lonely place called Golgotha.

    We see crimson both at the sleeve of Mary, Mother of God, cradling the Saviour in her arms as He sleeps. We see her heel, which shall bruise the serpent, is also crimson. The Scarlet Thread of Redemption, Christ slain (and later Resurrected) before the foundation of the world is a message alive and beautiful here. But just for the moment, angels sing and play to the Young Child.

    His Mother's eyes are not quite closed. Her eyes were not closed at the foot of the Cross either. Does she sense the coming danger? Or does she finally succumb to the music and rest, the Song of the Angels impossible to yield to just for now?

    How can we all womb love in a world full of danger and distress?

    Can we follow Her example of courage?

    Her sorrow may come, but Her Joy in Jesus Himself shall never fail.

    And so, let us rest for a moment in the knowledge that God the Father has the world in His Hands, and that He has prepared for us "Joy unspeakable and full of Glory." Christ's Glory, And we are Christ's! Christ in us, the hope of Glory.

    Is this not the true meaning of "home?" The heart is home, and from the heart comes love, safety, hope. These precious gifts will assure our children the foundation they will need as they go out into the world.
    Love and prayers,
    Kathryn Ann
  6. Kathryn Ann
    May 20, '12 6:59 pm
    Kathryn Ann
    Hi Irishmom2 and all our members! We are here!

    Sorry, I guess it has been busy for all of us. I love the idea of rose bushes gracing a lawn or yard. Actually, we have had lots of rain and muggy weather here, so I've been inside a bit, but I hope others are just busy and happy with family as well. I am going to try to post a new photo or two! Blessings, Kathryn
  7. Irishmom2
    May 20, '12 12:31 pm
    Hello all! Where is everyone?
    Guess you are all busy with your families or life in general. Hope all is well with everyone and that we hear from some of you. Otherwise, I will have to bore you telling you about my gardening or house keeping skills. (or lack of! )

    I have a couple of rose bushes that I inherited when we bought our home. They are so crazy beautiful growing up on to the deck on the second story! I do nothing to them ever and they are gorgeous. However, not so with other bushes I am afraid. I have a collection of metal tags from roses I have killed. They were all planted in a garden that I call "Where roses go to die."
    Hope that you are out enjoying this lovely weather and that's why no one is here!
  8. Kathryn Ann
    May 13, '12 6:47 pm
    Kathryn Ann
    Ideas here are, as always, excellent today:

    from MySoph: how to balance exercise with family needs! I need to walk more, definitely, now that my surgery is over and I'm on the mend.

    IrishMom2, I love the idea of changing comforters to chane the feel of the decor! Yes, weekends can be a time to choose between work and total relaxation. How do others feel about this? If people work all week, is there a need to have a real respite? But then, what about all those "to do" lists?

    Thewanderer asked about what we all did for Mother's Day. Since I'd celebrated (out of town) with my daughter and grand-daughter, brother and sister in law last weekend, it was very quiet around here today, but that's OK. We delivered several baby gifts to a local hospital and some food and supplies to the local Catholic Worker House! That was uplifting indeed. God is great!
  9. MySoph
    May 11, '12 6:13 pm
    Regarding exercise, I usuallyy put it first. I have two border collies that need to be walked. When I do that regularly, we all feel good. However, there are times when other things are more important like my elderly father's needs or the lawn is getting long and the only time I can mow it is during my walk time. I really try to get in that exercise, but sometimes it just can't happen. As long as I'm pretty good about getting those walks in, I don't fret when I don't.
  10. Irishmom2
    May 11, '12 5:24 am
    I am trying to get all of the clutter organized, but it isn't exactly spring cleaning, it is an ongoing project. I do like to change the curtains in the kitchen a few times a year, and will be doing that soon, and perhaps changing the comforter and curtains in my bedroom to be more spring-like. I hope to get it done before this weekend. I try to get the laundry and other things done before the weekend so we don't spend the weekend doing house chores and things. Sometimes, my husband views his weekends as work sessions, and my children would rather just do something relaxing or fun with him.

    As for Mother's day, I am going to see what they have planned for me, usually breakfast out before the crowds. It is the one day a year that I can do absolutely nothing or spend the day in the garden and not feel guilty.

    How does everyone else balance the need to run a household and the need for some personal interests? It is something I have a hard time doing. I know I should exercise more, (walking) but there is always something that needs to be done. In my younger years, I did landscape paintings in acrylic...I won't admit how many years it's been since I did that. It is something that bothers me, as I really feel I am not using a talent that God gave me. And yet, there is so much to do, I feel guilty taking time for myself. Anyone else?


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