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Protestant who want answers

Group created by Woody87

Just couldnt find a group for me. I am a protestant and have a lot of questions. I am rather blunt, but try to be loving at the same time. It would be awesome if this group could answer my questions, and help others with protestants with theirs.

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  1. Woody87
  2. Woody87
  3. Woody87
    Sep 20, '12 1:08 pm
    What is the churches view on young earth creationism
  4. Woody87
    Sep 20, '12 12:36 pm
    Reading a post and wondering what orthodoxy is? The people describing it made it sound like it was the ultimate form of religiosity. It is a thread in the non-catholic forum called is othrodoxy better to deal with something I can't remember.
  5. Woody87
    Sep 19, '12 12:22 pm
    Was just answering another forum about what I would do if my church united with the catholic one and it got me thinking about something I feel very strongly about. Which is that when speaking with non-christians at least we should not state what denomination we are unless we are asked directly. What do you guys feel about this? I think it vital for presenting a united front. Surely we can attest that all christians who can truely be called such; believe in those ideas which are catholic or I might say universal to us all. To sum up I consider myself catholic in the sense that I believe those things which pertain to salvation. I think at least until we are asked or we know that a person is a christian what is the point in stating what division of christianity you belong to?
  6. Woody87
    Sep 19, '12 11:41 am
    Do you guys have any questions for me. I feel sad being the only one who asks questions. It doesn't feel like we are having a discusion but more of an interrogation. I could ask questions till the end of time on catholicism so there is no lack of questions on this end.
  7. Woody87
    Sep 16, '12 3:59 pm
    Welcome Dori1 We are glad to have you join the group. Your verboseness is vary much appreciated. I have a huge problem with brevity so I can relate. I also read a lot of church councils and encyclicals ( and/or bulls not exactly sure what the difference is) so am used to it.
  8. Woody87
    Sep 16, '12 3:40 pm
    Hey I just thought that I would let you guys know that I did one of those ask an apologist forums about this. Here is the link.
    The best one I saw referred to the fact that the latin Co-redemptrix Co as a prefix means with and trix woman so a good understanding of the word clears up the problems I had with it.
  9. Dori1
    Sep 15, '12 1:43 pm
    Hi Woody! I just joined the forum and I'd like to reply to your recent questions.
    1. I am an ex-protestant who is now a Catholic. I spent 30 years as a Protestant. As I grew in my faith and maturity, I studied the scripture more and more intently. Over the years I had attended a number of different Churches in different denominations. One thing I noticed was that there were literally hundreds of denominations and, given Jesus' prayer for unity, this didn't make sense to me. There was a lack of unified authority over what certain passages of scripture meant and what is correct doctrine. As a result, I began to wonder what the earliest Christians believed. So, I started to study the teachings and works of the early Church Fathers. and the works of early historians, such as Josephus. The more I studied, the more I realized that the earliest Christians, including the Apostles, were practicing Catholics! The scriptures, studied in context, all point to the Catholic Church as the Church that Christ founded upon Peter, the first Pope. This Church can trace it's origin back to Christ himself, not to a split from another Church or a political movement. It is the only Church that can and does speak with authority, granted by God Himself, regarding matters of doctrine and faith. It is the only Church that provides the fullness of the faith. Of course, the Protestant faith I had for all those years was real. Most protestant Churches teach truth and hold some measure of understanding of the faith. But only the Catholic Church holds the fullness of the faith and the keys to the Kingdom. This is the answer to the reason I am now Catholic, who was, for so many years, a protestant.

    2. The gifts of the Spirit do exist in the Catholic Church. The Church teaches the correct scriptural view of the charismatic gifts in that not everyone is given every one of them and not one gift is present in every person. There is, in fact, a very vibrant charismatic movement alive within the church today.

    3. As to the Blessed Mother (called so because, as the Mother of Jesus, she was the Mother of God and thus the Mother of all of His followers) being the "co-redemptrix," I can only answer with my understanding of the concepts as I have understood them. I do not know that the Pope has spoken infallibly on this as of this time. As I understand it, Mary was selected by God and specially prepared to be the Mother of the Christ. She had to be protected from all sin, including original sin because, as the ark of the New Covenant, she could not have any stain of impurity. She also had free will and had to offer her assent to the difficult and painful path that would be hers if she accepted God's assignment. She understood, better than any of us today could, the incredible risk and arduous path she would have to follow. In spite of this, she chose, willingly, to obey the Lord and to become the Mother of the Savior of Mankind. In so doing, she took on, however small, a role that led ultimately to the redemption of all Mankind. This is not a divine role. There is nothing of the divine in Mary. She is revered, but not worshipped by the Church. She herself stated, when speaking to Elizabeth, that she was blessed by God and that she would be called blessed above all women always (paraphrased, obviously). She was, in effect, the first Christian, the first to be redeemed, though in her case, she was redeemed from sin before she was ever touched by it. This is rather like being saved from falling in to a pit rather than being saved from the pit after one falls in to it. Yes, God could have chosen any person and prepared that person to be the mother of Jesus. But, He didn't choose anyone other than Mary. He prepared her to be holy, set apart and pure as the vessel in which the Lord was formed, and he used her, her DNA, her humanity to form that part of our fully divine Lord which was fully man. She gave her fiat to His will, and ultimately accepted her Son as her Lord. She is not co-equal with Jesus, but she did have a part in the story of Redemption, without which, the story would have ended before it began. As a result, there are some who may call her "co-redemptrix." While it isn't a title that I am particularly devoted to, I do understand how a reasonable person could come to see her so. I do revere our Blessed Mother and regularly ask her intercession in union with my own prayers and know that she stands before Christ pouring out the fragrant bowls that are the prayers of the faithful along with all the saints of history. (See the book of the Revelation). Further, I know and believe fully that her intercession with Christ carries special strength due both to her role in the story of Redemption, and to the simple fact that she was his mother, and raised Him and He loves His mother.

    I don't know if this somewhat verbose post has answered any of your questions in a helpful way. I have only responded with my own journey and how I came to understand some of the mysteries that had previously kept me out of the Church and that I now embrace and fully adhere to. Since I have entered the Church, my husband has joined as well. We have had our marriage blessed by the Church and now enjoy the full benefits of a Sacramental Marriage Vocation. Our relationship has grown even more than it had previously (we have always been blessed in our union). My faith continues to grow and I continue to study and learn with even greater love of the Lord than I ever experienced. The Spirit has definitely entered our lives and made His home in our hearts. My decision was clearly the right one and, though I resisted His leading for a while, my studies led me here where God intends His Children to be.

    My hope is that your journey leads you to where the Lord intends you to be and that you find the kind of true faith and peace with which He has blessed us.

  10. Woody87
    Sep 14, '12 10:22 am
    Are people having trouble posting? Are you tired of answering my questions? I think I can close the group if no one is interested anymore? I will see if anyone posts or sends me a message about staying or going. Thank you so far for helping me and maybe others.


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