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Catholics in the South

Group created by Parce Domine

Does your local phone book list seventy different churches under thirty separate denominations, twenty more missions and sub-denominations, plus a dozen other religious societies and congregations, but only one Catholic parish? Are you often asked, "If you died right now, do you KNOW you'd go to heaven?"

Do people talk about you in restaurants when you cross yourself for the blessing? Do they roll their eyes or snort when they see a crucifix around your neck?

Do people leave pamphlets on your porch because you have a statue of Mary in your yard, or put tracts on your windshield because you have a rosary hanging from your rear-view mirror?

Do your friends, neighbors, and in-laws pretty much agree that you need converting because you're Catholic, not what they consider "saved" and "born-again?"

Do people of more than three denominations, religions, or organizations come to your house to try to explain what it takes to be a REAL Christian? Have you ever been stared at during an "altar call?" At a wedding?

Or do you live in a part of the South where Catholics aren't the minority, like St. Francisville, Louisiana or Ave Maria, Florida?

Please come in and share your stories and experiences: good, bad, frustrating, humorous, or whatever. If you aren't in or from the South, come on in anyway and have a cup of coffee or glass of sweet iced tea. Join in the conversation and get to know what it's like to be a Catholic in the Bible Belt.

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From Parce Domine
God loves us.
From Parce Domine
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Group Wall Messages 1 to 10 of 1489
  1. Parce Domine
    Apr 20, '14 1:32 pm
    Parce Domine
    Have a blessed Easter everyone! I'm off to pray my Divine Mercy Novena prayer for the day. God bless y'all!
  2. Parce Domine
    Apr 18, '14 7:04 am
    Parce Domine
    I hope everyone had a good Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), and that you have a blessed Good Friday.
  3. Parce Domine
    Apr 17, '14 2:02 pm
    Parce Domine
    I've had some trouble signing in here for a while, but I'm back. (The problem was mine, not Catholic Answers'.)
  4. esieffe
    Apr 6, '14 8:44 pm
    I grieve for thee, O Mary most sorrowful, in the affliction of thy tender heart at the prophecy of the holy and aged Simeon. Dear Mother, by thy heart so afflicted, obtain for me the virtue of humility and the gift of the holy fear of God.
  5. Parce Domine
    Mar 30, '14 6:19 am
    Parce Domine
    Let's all remember one another today at Mass. God bless!
  6. Parce Domine
    Mar 19, '14 7:00 pm
    Parce Domine
    How's everybody's Lent going? Are we seeing the spiritual growth we hoped for?
  7. Parce Domine
    Mar 13, '14 7:31 am
    Parce Domine
    It's still so quiet in the group.
    I heard about that terrible accident at the music fest in Austin, TX, at South by Southwest. It's sad that things like that happen, but it made me think of y'all. If something happened to one of us, would anyone at the scene know to call a priest? Do you wear a tag or medal that says, "Call a priest," have a priest listed in your emergency info on your phone or in your wallet, or have some other way to let people know?
    I wear a four-way crucifix that says it on the back, and I have "Call a priest" with the number right under my blood type on a card in my wallet. My phone has my parish listed different ways to make it easy for someone to call my priest from it. Chances are that few or none of the emergency workers will be Catholic, so I want them to know what to do. I just have to hope and pray that one of them will.
  8. Parce Domine
    Mar 5, '14 2:39 pm
    Parce Domine
    Ash Wednesday is today, and I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all. Did you wear your ashes anywhere? Get strange looks? Anyone point out that you have a smudge or something on your forehead? Best of all, though, there's always the possibility that someone will ask what it's for and what it means. Then they are willing to listen, and we get to tell them.
    Now I've noticed that more and more Protestants are beginning to observe Lent. I don't know just how much they believe, but at least they're acknowledging that it's worth their time. It's a start, and maybe we can use that to help them come home.
  9. Parce Domine
    Feb 20, '14 4:52 pm
    Parce Domine
    Severe weather across the South again. Please remember to pray for those affected. Storm prayers are in a thread right here in our group, so print them out and use them as often as you feel it is necessary. God bless y'all and keep you and your loved ones safe.
  10. prayinghands
    Feb 14, '14 7:55 pm
    Happy Valentine's Day, to all of my Catholic Friends in the South.

    Yes Parce, the weather in the South has really been different this winter.

    Sorry for not checking in lately. I've had a few health issues. Full recovery, thanks be to God. Without the Blessed Mother interceding, The flu may have gotten the best of me.

    Hope everyone is well, and most of all warm.


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