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Catholics in the South

Group created by Parce Domine

Does your local phone book list seventy different churches under thirty separate denominations, twenty more missions and sub-denominations, plus a dozen other religious societies and congregations, but only one Catholic parish? Are you often asked, "If you died right now, do you KNOW you'd go to heaven?"

Do people talk about you in restaurants when you cross yourself for the blessing? Do they roll their eyes or snort when they see a crucifix around your neck?

Do people leave pamphlets on your porch because you have a statue of Mary in your yard, or put tracts on your windshield because you have a rosary hanging from your rear-view mirror?

Do your friends, neighbors, and in-laws pretty much agree that you need converting because you're Catholic, not what they consider "saved" and "born-again?"

Do people of more than three denominations, religions, or organizations come to your house to try to explain what it takes to be a REAL Christian? Have you ever been stared at during an "altar call?" At a wedding?

Or do you live in a part of the South where Catholics aren't the minority, like St. Francisville, Louisiana or Ave Maria, Florida?

Please come in and share your stories and experiences: good, bad, frustrating, humorous, or whatever. If you aren't in or from the South, come on in anyway and have a cup of coffee or glass of sweet iced tea. Join in the conversation and get to know what it's like to be a Catholic in the Bible Belt.

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From Parce Domine
God loves us.
From Parce Domine
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Group Wall Messages 151 to 160 of 1497
  1. jwder09
    Oct 23, '12 2:46 am
    No fund raiser this week; but, t K of C is sponsoring a blood drive. Our Helping Hands Society just wrapped up their annual auction.
  2. Parce Domine
    Oct 19, '12 8:54 am
    Parce Domine
    This is the time of year a lot of parishes have special events and fundraisers. What do y'all do?
  3. prayinghands
    Oct 15, '12 5:37 am
    Good morning everyone.

    The weather is just wonderful, cool and the sun rising in the east. Thanking God for a perfect morning and the start of a new week.

    Oh jwder09, I just love that story. They are true blessings. Hang in there, because you doing what the Lord wants you to do. Love, nurture, shaping them in their spiritual life. Don't worry, those quick and easy meals will turn into a whole spread before long. If it helps, cook different things on the weekend for the up coming week. That will help you to have more time in the evenings. If you need my help just let me know. Prayers are still being said for you and your little ones.

    Yes Parce, we need some very touching stories. I'm ready....
  4. Parce Domine
    Oct 14, '12 2:53 pm
    Parce Domine
    Awww, that sure is a touching story! Thank you for sharing. Sometimes the smallest, simplest things make such an impact. And sometimes it's the ones you least expect...
  5. jwder09
    Oct 11, '12 3:56 pm
    No Catholic sightings; but, I have a touching story.

    Being a single dad, making dinner has become my most pressing chore (just try telling my kids dinner will be late!). Tonight, after saying Grace, my oldest made it a point to thank me for preparing dinner. Trust me, it nothing special (and hardly her favorite); but, it felt good to recgnized. I thank the great Lord for such good kids.
  6. Parce Domine
    Oct 11, '12 7:31 am
    Parce Domine
    So glad the prognosis is good and that you're recovering well. Take your time. That seems to be God's plan. Thanks for the update, and please keep them coming.

    Anyone have Catholic sightings stories to share? I just love those!
  7. prayinghands
    Oct 10, '12 12:16 pm
    Looks like a slow road to a 100% recovery, but gaining strength by the day. I'll be just fine. I have to be; I have a lot of praying and converting to do.

    You know what I found out? When God wants you to slow down there is a very good reason. So, I am doing what he wants me to do. Sometimes we forget why we were born. Sometimes, we try to live to fast and put the most important on the back burner. Maybe, some of us, just don't care. I see this everyday. Such a sad way of life.

    This is my third time God has had to slow me down. But, each time I have become closer to Him. I just pray people would stop, and think for just a few minutes . We were put on this earth for one reason. TO LIVE ACCORDING TO GOD'S WILL.

    All one has to do, is listen as they pray the Our Father. "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."
  8. Parce Domine
    Oct 10, '12 7:50 am
    Parce Domine
    Hey, y'all! How is everyone? Prayinghands, I hope you're continuing to recover well. Kkwollwitz, any new developments with your book? Let us continue to share in the excitement! Jwder, has your book been taken yet?
    Anyone have news to share?
  9. Parce Domine
    Oct 3, '12 10:30 am
    Parce Domine
    Jwder, keep us posted on the book, and prayinghands, please keep us posted on your recovery progress.

    kkollwitz, congratulations! BIG ROAR!!!
  10. prayinghands
    Oct 2, '12 3:30 am
    Good morning all.

    jwder09 , If I were at your place of employment, I would have already snagged your book. Praying someone will grab your book; let us know what happens. By the way , I think I am on the mend. Dr appt today, hopefully to remove the last tube. All of my prayers being distributed by Our Lady. She knows exactly where to place them. Thanks, for all the prayers jwder09. They are being answered.

    Yes, congratulations kkolwitz.


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