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Catholics in the South

Group created by Parce Domine

Does your local phone book list seventy different churches under thirty separate denominations, twenty more missions and sub-denominations, plus a dozen other religious societies and congregations, but only one Catholic parish? Are you often asked, "If you died right now, do you KNOW you'd go to heaven?"

Do people talk about you in restaurants when you cross yourself for the blessing? Do they roll their eyes or snort when they see a crucifix around your neck?

Do people leave pamphlets on your porch because you have a statue of Mary in your yard, or put tracts on your windshield because you have a rosary hanging from your rear-view mirror?

Do your friends, neighbors, and in-laws pretty much agree that you need converting because you're Catholic, not what they consider "saved" and "born-again?"

Do people of more than three denominations, religions, or organizations come to your house to try to explain what it takes to be a REAL Christian? Have you ever been stared at during an "altar call?" At a wedding?

Or do you live in a part of the South where Catholics aren't the minority, like St. Francisville, Louisiana or Ave Maria, Florida?

Please come in and share your stories and experiences: good, bad, frustrating, humorous, or whatever. If you aren't in or from the South, come on in anyway and have a cup of coffee or glass of sweet iced tea. Join in the conversation and get to know what it's like to be a Catholic in the Bible Belt.

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From Parce Domine
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  1. AngelaJoyce
    Oct 20, '11 10:49 am
    Can someone tell me how to post a picture to my name?
  2. jwder09
    Oct 19, '11 8:49 am
    Runnerbad, I'm not familiar with the Knoxville area. My father lived just outside of Bristol for awhile. That's about all I really know of TN.

    It just dawned on me that monks are often depicted as wearing a full decade rosary around their wastes. As I understand it, so long as the rosary is not worn in a disrepectful way, like with a low cut blouse or other revealing apparel, it can actually be worn. Sadly, I have to believe that it is more often just seen as a fashion accesory.
  3. runnerbad
    Oct 18, '11 8:14 pm
    Good night all peace to you and yours.
  4. runnerbad
    Oct 18, '11 8:11 pm
    I always keep my rosarie in my pocket in a small carry bag. I have also placed one on one side of most every door knob in my home. I don't think this is disrespectful and it always makes me feel good each time I touch one or see one. A small thing but it goes a long way towards my keeping my thoughts.
  5. runnerbad
    Oct 18, '11 7:54 pm
    I ended up in Knoxville,Tn
    Very nice area.
  6. Parce Domine
    Oct 17, '11 6:36 pm
    Parce Domine
    I've heard that more Protestants are using it, as they come to understand that it doesn't worship Mary and that the prayers are Biblical, or at least nothing they would disagree with. One of my Pentecostal friends, (a preacher's daughter) started praying it and said it gave her more peace.
    I was already concerned that it might have to do with gangs, but I'm sorry to hear that might be the case. At least they have them. Who knows how far such a small thing as even shopping for one might lead? When I was growing up, they told us not to wear them.
    I will admit one thing: it's a LOT easier to find rosaries around here now! No more asking, "Where's the Catholic corner" of Christian bookstores or being told condescendingly, "Oh noooooo, we only carry real Christian items here." I can find them now in the mall kiosks where the Middle Eastern men sell three-pound gold chains and four-inch tall crystal-encrusted dollar signs. (This is what had me wondering if it had anything to do with gangs.) I wonder if it's okay to buy several to keep back and have blessed only as needed. Would probably still have to hang them up somewhere because of the medal and crucifix. I'll have to ask.
  7. jwder09
    Oct 17, '11 4:27 pm
    As I passed by a coworkers desk, I noticed she had a rosary displayed on her wall. I took mine from my pocket (sorry, I'm definitely not a jewelry guy; so, I wouldn't wear one as jewelry) in order to inspire conversation. "I'm Baptist; but, my grandmother is Catholic, although we pray together" was her reply. Oddly enough, this wasn't the first time I've heard this. It could mean that Catholicism is establishing roots in the South, or that younger generations are opting more for the local flavor.

    Incedently, I did read that criminal gangs are begining to incorporate rosaries as a part of there group identity. Hopefully, this is not the case in your area.
  8. Parce Domine
    Oct 17, '11 4:08 am
    Parce Domine
    What do you make of this new fad of guys wearing rosaries? Or half the cars sporting them from rear-view mirrors now? That was once a sure-fire sign of a Catholic, but lately I see them on guys that I know are not Catholic. And there hasn't been a sudden explosion in the number of cars in the parking lot at our church (the only parish in this county), so I suspect a lot of the cars with a rosary or crucifix aren't really Catholics' cars at all. What was once a sign of a fellow Catholic around here has become nothing but a status symbol or something. But what IS their status? Is it a symbol of belief or is it merely decoration? Probably some of one and some of the other...
  9. Parce Domine
    Oct 13, '11 12:32 pm
    Parce Domine
    Might be Pats or Chiefs vs. Saints in the 'Bowl. We'll have to trade email addresses if that happens to keep it out of here, or send it to a message board.

    The business suited scarecrow sounds really cute. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of that.

    I realize most Southerners don't LIKE the Church because they're ignorant to what the Church is, and it's ironic that nearly all who claim to be Christians want to be Catholic even though they don't realize it, but I really don't think it's a common southern perception that we are a "cult" (using the word as I assume he meant it). Most Southerners just seem to think we're misguided because we don't believe in Sola Scriptura or Sola Fide. (I think they're confused because both of those theologies are denounced in the Bible.) I'm sure there are several out there who do believe that we're a cult, if for no other reason than a keen desire to keep from learning the truth in the Faith, but I don't think it's the majority of Southerners. Is it? Maybe I'm just naive.
  10. Kent K
    Oct 12, '11 3:53 pm
    Kent K
    I live in the south now, but grew up a K.C. Chiefs fan. Luckily thanks to internet radio I can still follow them!


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