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At The Feet Of Jesus

Group created by happilycatholic

This is a group where you can lay your needs At The Feet Of Jesus and you will receive prayers. You don't have to state your need, just post a blank post and I will pray for you. The Lord knows our needs even before we do. :)

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  1. James_OPL
    Mar 18, '10 12:18 pm

    Thank you all for your prayers. You all were in my rosary prayer intentions today. God bless you and again, thank you.....

  2. flyfisher
    Mar 17, '10 4:34 pm
    Faith Hope and pray
  3. daughterstm
    Mar 17, '10 11:45 am
    May the prayers of the members for others be returned to them 100 fold. I ask this through
    Christ, Our Lord. Amen.
  4. daughterstm
    Mar 17, '10 11:42 am
    I lay At The Feet of Jesus, all concerns of the faithful and those concerns they do not know of yet. Prepare them and make us all more charitable for those in need. Jesus, we need you. Jesus, we love you. Graciously hear us O Jesus.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, a most pious and powerful servant of God.
  5. James_OPL
    Mar 17, '10 11:10 am
    Lord Jesus, I love you. I need a Hug.

  6. James_OPL
    Mar 16, '10 7:40 pm
    Hello Clammyside,
    Praying for you.....

  7. James_OPL
    Mar 16, '10 7:38 pm
    My dear friend daughterstm and our new friend Sonny89, your in my personal intentions, Rosary and Divine Mercy prayers.
    Most Blessed Mother Mary, Wrap our friends in your mantle and guide and protect them. Lead them ever closer to your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

  8. clammyside
    Mar 16, '10 7:00 pm
    Sonny and daughterstm, my prayers for you. I ask for prayers for me and my family. God bless you all.
  9. Sonny89
    Mar 16, '10 4:32 pm
    Thanks in advance for your prayers to this
    blank post
    I will need them!!
    Peace & Goodness
  10. mikeghiorso
    Mar 16, '10 10:44 am
    Our prayers for you, daughterstm, continue.

    It's all gift, Lord...
    the life you issue us....
    the life we share with one another.
    It all flows from you.

    Get me up.

    It's all gift, Lord ....
    the breath you instill in us...
    the spirit we offer to one another.
    It all flows from you.

    Get me there.

    It's all gift, Lord ....
    the time you grant us...
    the time we spend with one another.
    It all flows from you.

    Get me now.

    It's all gift, Lord ...
    your love for us ...
    our love for each other.
    It all flows from you
    and to you.


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