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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. PathWalker
    Sep 25, '14 3:47 am
    Sacred Window

    In a moments blessing
    Grace that You bestow
    Won by blood of passion
    Sacred Your window

    Through view of Your creation
    Sacred of the now
    Delicate in growing
    Colors You allow

    Painted in a dawning light
    To grand of majesty
    Stillness of reflection
    Is glimpsed Your mystery

    Breath taken by beauty
    Soul is nourished deep
    A moving in the scene
    Through narrow passage seep

    Nurtured in a garden
    A vineyard that You tend
    Perspective of new heights
    A covering You send

    Waves of grace eternal
    Of never ending love
    Song of soul in sending
    A vision from above

    Selfless love is witnessed
    In light that’s passing through
    Brotherhood in bonding
    We’re His creation too
  2. tonyg
    Sep 20, '14 4:26 pm
    Words of peace reign here. Jesus be praised forever, Amen! PW and all keep the word flowing.
  3. PathWalker
    Sep 18, '14 5:40 am

    Grateful is the song
    In our heart this day
    Soul is lifted high
    Walking in Your way

    Blessings all surround
    Poured out, overflowed
    Grace that You bestow
    Love of You explodes

    Joy is in our step
    Hope is in our prayer
    Love consuming flows
    Gift of You to share

    Light is cast on all
    Darkness is dispelled
    Drawing close to You
    Is my soul compelled

    Song is in my heart
    An empty soul is raised
    With voice of angels strong
    Our great God we praise!
  4. PathWalker
    Sep 9, '14 3:52 am
    Treasure Known

    Put away the paper
    Cast away the pen
    Drift away your thoughts
    Come into my den

    Look to path of light
    Calming is the flow
    There is something dear
    That I want you to know

    A time for rest of soul
    The worldly dispose of
    A dwelling of our being
    A showering in love

    Sit upon the grass
    Head on bark of tree
    Close eyes in warming light
    Soak in the love of me

    Rest in now of silence
    Focus of one thing
    I cherish you so dearly
    Know the love I bring

    Letting go of worries
    Drifting into me
    In emptiness of being
    My treasure you will see
  5. hopefulperson
    Sep 7, '14 12:02 am
    Lord, you give me a love like no other. One that does not turn away at being bothered. Let me never forget u and trade u for another. Love so pure Love so sure
  6. PathWalker
    Aug 28, '14 3:52 am
    Blood Drawn

    My child of a year
    Pray, fever please now break
    To doctor do we bring
    His blood he must now take

    My beloved screams in fear
    His innocence heart pleads
    Doctor orders to hold still
    A savior now he needs

    His gaze now turns to me
    Protector from all harm
    My heart breaks in compassion
    As I pin down little arms

    He does not understand
    With tears of desperate cries
    I pray with all my soul
    He sees compassion in my eyes

    Procedure now complete
    He falls into my arms
    We cling with loves embrace
    Two hearts now seeking calm

    A drop of symbol shared
    Of Son nailed to a cross
    His blood was drawn for all
    As His Father watched

    When my blood is drawn
    Don't understand Your ways
    Let this memory arise
    And see compassion in Your eyes
  7. PathWalker
    Aug 26, '14 4:18 pm
    Nice Elizza, thought provoking
  8. Elizza
    Aug 26, '14 11:57 am
    Mercy on the Lost Soul

    What's your conviction?
    Do you believe?
    The truth is firm
    but you trust the worm
    and it's you whom you deceive.

    Who are your friends?
    Who leads you true?
    Their apple is trite
    but you take a bite
    and the guilt is hard to chew.

    Where is your soul?
    Who gives you peace?
    You follow the wrong
    cause you think you belong
    but the pain will never cease.

    Look up foolish one!
    Surrender your pride.
    His Mercy awaits
    while evil dictates
    but the Truth will be justified.
  9. PathWalker
    Aug 26, '14 3:37 am
    Stretching Hands

    Lord of stretching hands
    In passion You endured
    Surrendering to God
    Precious blood outpoured

    In Peters desperate cry
    In sinking in the waves
    Rescued lack of faith
    The need that all souls crave

    In healing wounded souls
    In stretching withered hands
    We reach out in hope
    In filling of You plans

    May I stretch my hands
    In servants humble way
    In reaching out to You
    To those who’ve lost their way

    Blessed in holiness
    In touching of Your grace
    Eternal hands are stretching
    Joy in Your embrace
  10. PathWalker
    Aug 26, '14 3:36 am
    Tony: Praise to our God, our foundation and Wall!


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