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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. tonyg
    Yesterday 5:28 pm
    Persecution of Christianity

    Listen to the wailing and screaming
    As it was two thousand years ago
    Innocence is being exterminated
    Evil forces striking a heavy blow

    The blood of martyrs being shed
    People's lives are in utter despair
    This is a crime against humanity
    A time of great distress and fear

    The demons must be quivering
    Of what will soon come to pass
    Blood of martyrs is pouring out
    Culminating soon in God's wrath

    The ancient Coliseum is echoing
    Screams of horror and despair
    Evil again showing its ugly face
    We all have eyes but do we care

    The voice of the Church is silent
    Evil is being allowed to roam free
    History once again repeating itself
    In the persecution of Christianity
  2. tonyg
    Yesterday 4:36 pm
    PW. This one is right up my alley...Love it!
  3. PathWalker
    Yesterday 8:26 am

    Jesus is my carpenter
    Of temple of the soul
    Refuge of retreat
    Building dwelling whole

    Heís with me everyday
    In sunshine and through storms
    His only tool is love
    It comes in many forms

    Often I am selfish
    Insisting I know best
    God of patience waiting
    For help of my request

    We join in deconstruction
    Of walls that I have built
    Careless I can injure
    He forgives me free of guilt

    Saw is used in cutting
    The excess of the world
    Hands craft in the smoothing
    Veneer that has been curled

    Hammer for the stubborn
    To put the plan in place
    Or shaping with a lathe
    With touch of gentle grace
  4. tonyg
    Jul 28, '14 4:56 pm
    A Martyr's Crown

    Claim to be his and you will suffer
    Speak truth; you will be ridiculed
    Live morally; you will be scorned
    A living martyr's crown of thorns

    They will pin abusive tags on you
    Labeled a relic of a bygone day
    Curse and hiss you over and over
    Attacking you as helpless prey

    The arrogant, proud and boastful
    Will make a laughing stock of you
    You will be battered and beaten
    Chastised for all the works you do

    Stand tall warrior faithful and true
    Proclaim always his blessed name
    Salvation born amidst thorny roses
    A martyr's crown seals your claim
  5. PathWalker
    Jul 26, '14 4:31 pm
    Old Church

    Dwelling in this place
    Rest prayers laid at Your feet
    Petitions born of need
    Inspiration of discreet

    Praise of thanks outpoured
    Love shared in the bond
    Sitting in Your presence
    Touching of beyond

    Marriages and funerals
    Oh the miracles performed
    Residue of Spirit
    Leaves the heart transformed

    I sit in quiet stillness
    With soul now listening
    Awareness of the power
    Love still echoing

    Years of prayers outpoured
    Answered by Your grace
    Linger in the knowing
    Blessed within this place
  6. PathWalker
    Jul 26, '14 4:18 am
    Tony, the gift of your faith is clearly treasured and shines through your window clear. God bless!
  7. tonyg
    Jul 25, '14 5:02 pm
    I Love Christianity

    I love my faith
    It sets me free
    I love Christianity

    I love the Mass
    Celebrating the Lamb
    I love the "Great I Am"

    I will never waiver
    Never ever be quiet
    I will not sit idly by

    I love my Savior
    His name is Jesus
    His love is everlasting

    I will never be ashamed
    To proclaim his Holy Name
    He is my Lord and King

    I love my faith
    It sets me free
    I love Christianity
  8. PathWalker
    Jul 25, '14 6:19 am

    Fear and worry, panic strikes
    Embarrassment to be
    Crowds await to cast stones
    Focus placed on me

    Turning to the heavens
    Donít know what to do
    Words of wisdom flow
    Do whatever He tells You

    Fill this jar of clay
    Brimming to the top
    Turning to our hope
    To my knees I drop

    Words of blessing flow
    Grace of God descends
    Treasures of the heavens
    Spirit now transcends

    Amazed that you would store
    Everything you own
    In vessel of the earth
    Grace that You have shown

    In turning of the view
    From worldly to the wise
    Helpless is rescued
    Through Jesus a surprise
  9. PathWalker
    Jul 25, '14 3:42 am
    Tony, beautiful Psalm
  10. tonyg
    Jul 23, '14 5:10 pm
    Holy, Holy, Holy

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you
    Before you were born I consecrated you
    I appointed you a prophet to every nation
    Before the beginning of time....."I AM"

    My Lord in you I take refuge
    Let me never be put to shame
    In thy righteousness deliver me
    Thy wondrous deeds I proclaim

    My praise is continually of thee
    You are forever a fortress for me
    In the womb you sustained me
    Upon the cross you set me free

    My rock of refuge and tranquility
    Strong fortress cover my shame
    Wisdom pours forth from thee
    Thy Holy Name I shall proclaim

    Before you formed me you knew me
    Consecrated my soul to live for thee
    To rejoice forever of your glory
    The "Great I AM" Holy, Holy, Holy!


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