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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. Fanthome14
    Today 2:09 am
    Sweetest Mother
    From your favoured seat behind the most exalted throne,
    Whisper gently to your son
    “He has no wine”.
    And, I will do his bidding –
    Petty piece of pottery!
    Now stained
    Rings of long neglected watermarks
    Of the first flushing out
    Of earthly dregs and grime.

    I’ll fill to the brim
    From Jacob’s well
    Sparking waters that give life.
    Wait breathlessly for his command

    To turn the water into wine.
  2. PathWalker
    Aug 14, '14 6:29 am
    Grace Received

    Let honesty now shine
    We like to cast aside
    To minimize our sin
    To downplay our great pride

    We all are broken souls
    Children of the fall
    Selfishness engrained
    A burden cast on all

    See our great God of love
    Salvation cost Him dear
    Poured out by blood of Son
    A sacrifice severe

    Priceless gift of mercy
    Offered here for free
    Throwing soul at feet
    Sobbing desperately

    Whisper of Your voice
    Embrace deep in Your love
    Welcome in Your dwelling
    Raised now to above

    Cherish now this gift
    Remember when deceived
    Give when we’ve been wronged
    The grace that we’ve received
  3. PathWalker
    Aug 13, '14 10:14 am
    Paradox of the Ministry (2 Cor 7-18)

    We hold unto this treasure
    Earthen vessels all are we
    That all surpassing power
    Not us but from God be

    Afflicted every way
    Struck down but not destroyed
    In dying carry Jesus
    His life may be employed

    Deaths at work within us
    But life is found in You
    The One who raised our Lord
    In hope He’ll raise us too

    Everything’s for You
    So grace will be bestowed
    Abundance for the more
    Thanksgiving overflows

    Self not be discouraged
    As outer wastes away,
    Soul now be enlightened
    Renewed within each day

    Afflictions of the moment
    Are transient we’ll see
    Product of this challenge
    Eternal weigh, glory

    We look to not what’s seen
    Unseen be our view
    The seen is transitory
    Eternal be of You
  4. tonyg
    Aug 12, '14 4:44 pm
    PW, amen. Christians, we need to keep praying for our bothers and sisters that suffer from addictions and depression.
  5. PathWalker
    Aug 12, '14 4:58 am
    Thank you Tony. We pray for his soul. Our lives are a mixture of joy and sorrow, often at the same time. I can't help but feel that Robin experienced this to the extreme. May His soul be wrapped in the true, one and only peace of our Savior.
  6. tonyg
    Aug 11, '14 5:40 pm
    The King of Comedy

    He was a funny man, a very very funny man
    Not a giant man, but he was larger than life
    Oh, he made us laugh, really made us laugh
    Such laughter, it brought tears to our eyes

    Like the voice of endless graceful melodies
    Expressions that brought us to our knees
    Remember the early days of Mork and Mindy
    He was the Robin; sweet king of comedy

    Behind the joys of great fame and fortune
    Realities of this life can spin out of control
    Sometimes the walls around close you in
    Take a toll; attempt rob-in...your very soul

    Amidst the sudden tragedy and disbelief
    The overwhelming sorrow and painful grief
    This is a day that memories are made for
    The day he bows, and we yell out for more

    Like the voice of endless graceful melodies
    Expressions that brought us to our knees
    Remember the early days of Mork and Mindy
    He was the Robin; sweet king of comedy
  7. PathWalker
    Aug 11, '14 6:16 am
    Don, thanks for stopping in, we miss you!
  8. PathWalker
    Aug 10, '14 4:04 am
    Nights Darkest Hour

    He sends us a mission
    Out into the sea
    Apparently not with us
    Perhaps abandoning

    In nights darkest hour
    Overcome in fear
    Waves of doubt toss our view
    Can’t see Him drawing near

    Panic strikes the heart
    Don’t know what to do
    Depending all on me
    Hopeless is the view

    We see Him drawing closer
    Can’t distinguish Him from here
    Panic strikes the heart
    Take courage do not fear

    We command our Lord
    To tell us what to do
    Jesus says to come
    With eyes of loving you

    We move unto our Lord
    Fixed upon His gaze
    Wind distracts our faith
    Sinking in the waves

    Save me is our cry
    Depending all on Him
    He stretches out His hand
    And saves us from our sin

    Praise is all we have
    In heart we all applaud
    Peace now fills the air
    Trust in our Son of God
  9. tonyg
    Aug 8, '14 5:01 pm
    Welcome back Don; the Spirit is flowing from you! Peace
  10. donsnow
    Aug 7, '14 4:50 pm

    November 15, 2003

    The Spirit showed me
    I was at a fork in my path.
    He showed me, if I went
    left, I would make a gaffe.

    The Spirit let me search
    The forks in my path.
    He showed me if I went
    Right, I would find wrath.

    The Spirit showed me,
    I could a straight path resume.
    So, I searched ahead, and a
    Voice told me I'd be consumed.

    The Spirit let me
    Search out going straight up.
    As I rose from the fork, I found
    Light and life. That's my cup.


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