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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. PathWalker
    Yesterday 1:59 pm
    Treasured Holy Place

    I carry in my soul
    A treasured Holy place
    It is where I find You
    And fall into Your embrace

    Your always there to greet me
    Welcomed with open arms
    My home in which Iím cherished
    Free from fear or harm

    Warmth and love abundant
    Peace surrounding me
    Our being is what matters
    Forever grateful I will be

    A refuge of retreat
    The highlight of my day
    My hope is in Your promise
    For eternity I will stay
  2. PathWalker
    Yesterday 5:57 am
    Welcome back Tony!
  3. tonyg
    Apr 21, '14 6:34 pm
    The Last Word

    I have been silent
    Lost for words
    The Lord knows best
    He has the last word

    Easter Sunday was beautiful
    The family was wonderful
    Thank you dear Jesus
    For joy everlasting

    Today, watching the news
    I was taken to a sick place
    Sickness gone to a new level
    Seeing my Lord...disgraced

    On Easter souls were set free
    A new beginning for mankind
    He is truly risen; alive is He
    But this is truly a radical time

    From darkness souls set free
    Hell became very angry
    Showing my Lord smoking weed
    This has taken a toll on me

    The cross is a battle daily
    Though this is totally absurd
    Christ won the battle of victory
    Jesus will have the last word
  4. PathWalker
    Apr 21, '14 2:18 pm
    Returning to the Known

    Shedding the thorns of busyness
    Into the time of the soul
    Blessed moment of grace
    Releasing of all control

    Rest in the deep of embrace
    Falling into above
    Returning to the known
    Source of all precious love

    Foundation of stone foreseen
    Eternal drawing of peace
    Forever is dawning its message
    Arising while I decrease
  5. PathWalker
    Apr 20, '14 11:11 am
    A blessed Easter to all!!
  6. PathWalker
    Apr 18, '14 8:34 am
    Good Friday

    On this day many years ago
    What caused a man to suffer so?

    The pain he bore so physically
    Was twice as much emotionally

    He walked the path, he bore the load
    As scriptures written had foretold

    He was obedient 'til death
    Was committed 'til dying breath

    As man and God he made the way
    And he calls to us on this day

    He opened the door for us all
    For our sins, he took the fall

    He died for us in God‟s name
    Can we not do the same?

    To die to self and give our will
    And bear our cross and walk uphill

    He will not leave us without care
    He‟s there in silence and in prayer

    He's in our soul and by our side
    With every fall and every stride

    He won the war by letting go
    And in three days, how we‟ll know
  7. PathWalker
    Apr 17, '14 5:35 am
    Holy Week

    Week so Holy, power dwell
    Source of all our hope
    Contemplating mysteries
    Beyond the human scope

    How could a God wash our feet?
    In bread His body share
    Scattered friends, denying Him
    Connection He repairs

    A suffering on display
    Where darkness seemed to win
    Our burdens heaped upon a cross
    The darkness of all sin

    A purpose filled with humbleness
    Through Him, our faith was born
    He walked a path of holiness
    With crown of thorns adorned

    Hung on a cross, He looks to us
    With love deep in His eyes
    He spared no drop and gave it all
    For us He won the prize

    In a tomb confusions flared
    Could this all be true?
    The stone is rolled, we run to Him
    Scriptures He construes

    A spark of awe ignites the flame
    The light burst forth in joy
    Heavenís door opens wide
    Death has He destroyed

    Two knees crumble, breath be gone
    Tears begin to flow
    How wonderful these mysteries
    Pure grace our God bestows
  8. PathWalker
    Apr 17, '14 5:34 am
    Tony, understand. Such a powerful week, words are too weak. God bless
  9. tonyg
    Apr 16, '14 4:55 pm
    PW, All is well, but as we enter Holy Week, I am having a hard time putting two words together. The Lord is all that matters now; let his Will be done! Keep the faith all and Jesus be praised!
  10. PathWalker
    Apr 16, '14 4:11 am
    tonyg, all ok?


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