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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. tonyg
    Jul 19, '14 4:21 pm
    Destination Most High

    Saying their goodbyes to loved ones
    Soon they would be flying high
    Above the earth of rockets and guns
    Destination...Most High

    Every day we share is a blessing
    We climb aboard for the ride
    The journey starts alone at one end
    Ends alone on the other side

    Well above the mountain tops high
    And the valley streams below
    One can hear their voices outcry
    From aboard the great unknown

    People long for peace upon earth
    While explosions are lighting the sky
    From the very moment of our birth
    Till we reach destination...Most High
  2. PathWalker
    Jul 16, '14 7:21 am
    Set Aside

    Embrace, acknowledge and set aside
    The feelings of the now
    Dwell within the emptiness
    Pray Spirit will allow

    Put aside the things of me
    Be one within the bond
    Treasure of the heavens
    Embrace here the beyond

    Acknowledge love abundant
    Filled within the soul
    Overflowing blessed light
    Every care consoled

    Set the gaze upon You
    One focus let me be
    Return the feelings set aside
    Through Your love let me see
  3. PathWalker
    Jul 13, '14 11:11 am
    In Light of You

    Garden that Im tending
    An exercise of heart
    Priorities Im setting
    This day right from the start

    Meetings need arranging
    Money, job and groceries
    Home that needs some fixing
    Dealing with anxieties

    Let me stop the swirl
    You bless me with free will
    Let me give to You
    My choice in moment still

    First meeting of this day
    With my God of all
    Amazing that youd be
    Hoping for my call

    Let my soul be fed
    With Spirit and by Word
    Heart be moved by grace
    In silence Youll be heard

    Through daily let me practice
    The molding of my soul
    Patient, humble, loving
    And You to make it whole

    And for all my treasures
    You are all I need
    You offer them to me
    All others I concede

    So let me take my list
    Everything to do
    Let me hold it up
    Viewed in light of You
  4. PathWalker
    Jul 12, '14 10:24 am
    A Gentle Touch

    Your light shines on the shoulder
    Bursting through the gray
    Awaken Spirit blessing
    Your message here this day

    Reminder in the touching
    Of gentleness beyond
    Your presence dwells within
    My soul, of which Your fond

    Let lightness be my Spirit
    A gentle way to be
    My Shepard guides this lamb
    In way of touching me

    A movement of the heart
    A wisp of silent breeze
    A choice is blessed before
    An opportunity to seize

    So let me live aware
    Your Spirit here to bring
    Your gentle way of being
    Be our offering
  5. PathWalker
    Jul 10, '14 7:15 am
    Had a little battle the other day as I planned to go to church at lunch time to pray in the presence of our Lord. Then thoughts became consumed with all of the errands that I "needed" to do and could get done. Anyway, these words came to me as I approached the altar. (and He says the same to you )

    Rest bit

    So happy you are here
    Come into my embrace
    Fall into my love
    Thrilled youre in this place

    A place beyond all time
    Offer what youd like
    Id love to have it all
    Worries, sin and strife

    Let me bear the load
    Give rest to weary soul
    I share with you my treasure
    The needy I extol

    Feel no guilt or judgment
    Your sin binds you no more
    Dance in joy of freedom
    Your soul I do adore

    For I will call you blessed
    A delight you are to me
    Rejoicing in our being
    My child you are to be

    Tell me all your needs
    I want to give you more
    I have a path for you
    Just wait for whats in store!
  6. PathWalker
    Jul 7, '14 8:53 am
    Gone Fishing

    Waking up before the dawn
    Of journey to catch fish
    Walking down the rocky path
    With rod, a hook and wish

    Arriving to the river
    With light upon the flow
    Silence in the rising
    A gentle Spirit blows

    Anticipating trophies
    Of treasures that Id catch
    Our Lord had different plans
    Of blessings to unlatch

    Waiting in the stillness
    The heart captured in light
    The beauty of creation
    Soaks in a new insight

    The peace of our connection
    Turns thoughts to ways above
    A snapshot of the moment
    Touches soul in love

    No fish at all were hooked that day
    A bigger catch You had for me
    A touching of Your grace
    Etched within my memory

    So let me go out fishing
    In awareness of Your light
    Catching glimpses in my soul
    Wisdom shared through Your insight
  7. PathWalker
    Jul 7, '14 8:53 am
    Like all the America poems, we are blessed to live in a country that allows us to worship our beloved God. We must pray for her heart to return to Him.
  8. tonyg
    Jul 6, '14 4:41 pm
    Welcome to America

    Welcome to America, come on in
    Cross the border without a fence
    Bring us your women and children
    Welcome to America, come on in

    Blessed is this jewel of emigrants
    Pieces of dreams on the earth
    They came seeking out freedom
    They keep coming and believing

    Welcome to America, come on in
    Just leave your birth home behind
    Once you do you will taste honey
    The goodness, wonder; sweetness

    Walk upon the land of martyrs past
    The heroes of freedom ever present
    The heart and soul of a Great Nation
    Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters

    Blessed is this jewel of emigrants
    Graced are those that come here
    Welcome all to this blessed land
    America!!! If only you knew Her!
  9. Elizza
    Jul 5, '14 11:06 am
    Thank you PathWalker and tonyg.
  10. tonyg
    Jul 4, '14 4:11 pm
    God Bless this great Nation! The United States of America! Thanks Elizza


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