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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. PathWalker
    Apr 10, '14 12:59 am
    Nice Tony, deep inside the source of grace
    I have a similiar thought/feeling walking up a main street of a city the other day and seeing some homeless young men

    On The Streets

    Young men on the streets
    Begging their way
    No shame in their actions
    Their wounds on display

    Of love that was broken
    Compassion not shared
    Their souls were not nurtured
    As nobody cared

    They all have a story
    They want you to hear
    If someone will listen
    If you will come near

    They all are survivors
    In world that is fallen
    Black is the darkness
    Can’t see who is calling

    A simple few moments
    Of meeting a need
    A glimpse of Your light
    The starving You feed

    Please show me the way
    With a genuine heart
    To connect with this soul
    And your love to impart

    Let judgment not enter
    Acceptance he see
    For we know in our hearts
    I could easily be he

    For You love this child
    He’s precious to you
    Let him lift up his eyes
    By changing his view

    I cannot change him
    His wounds not I mend
    With a glimpse of Your light
    A message can send

    A piece of the path
    May salvation he see
    Blessed as your servant
    Connecting are we
  2. tonyg
    Apr 9, '14 4:43 pm
    Allow Mending

    So many live broken
    Looking for answers
    Seeking out truth
    Searching for faith

    They run and hide
    Where do they go
    Looking for answers
    The process is slow

    Is there ever relief
    The pain ever cease
    Do trials ever end
    Why even believe

    The answer is this
    Found within a place
    Deep inside the soul
    Is a source of grace

    Never run or hide
    Receive the blessing
    Looking for answers
    Broken...allow mending
  3. tonyg
    Apr 9, '14 3:41 pm
    PW. Thanks for sharing the gift of God's grace
  4. PathWalker
    Apr 9, '14 1:14 am
    Prayer of Gods Will

    May God’s will be my prayer
    A prison key releasing fear
    Let all my trust rest in you
    For you my God, hold my soul near

    Pure foolishness for me to brag
    In my accomplishments
    Or to seek as treasure own
    The world’s false compliments

    Let me follow in Your Word
    With strength to do what’s right
    When I fall and sin is mine
    Turn to Your forgiving light

    For you are love and love I know
    For me is what is best
    Struggles, strife or challenges
    Comfort, joy or rest

    In fragile balance my life lays
    The realization all is grace
    Whatever is Your will to be
    My grateful heart embrace
  5. tonyg
    Apr 8, '14 4:34 pm
    As from the beginning
    To this very sinful age
    Man continues falling
    Nothing has changed

    Though, there is hope
    In prophetic voices
    Proclaiming good news
    As heaven rejoices

    The Lord gives a sign
    The virgin conceived
    She shall bear a son

    All will be made new
    In the Father's plan
    His heart was broken
    For the Son of Man

    His Son, as ransom
    Sent for you and me
    His Son; Redeemer
    Crucified, upon a tree
  6. PathWalker
    Apr 5, '14 9:35 pm

    Set out upon a journey
    To reconnect with soul
    Out into the wilderness
    One step begins the stroll

    Alone with You in solitude
    The soul begins to breathe
    In awe of Your creation
    Pride at last concedes

    Lost within Your majesty
    Ascend the mountain great
    Humbled by Your beauty
    Silence cleans the slate

    Adrift upon the ocean
    Ascending to the sky
    Thoughts rise in the gentle breeze
    Praises lifted high

    In color that surrounds me
    Joy begins to flow
    Life unique unfolding
    Toward the light it grows

    Small becomes the things of me
    A greater kingdom be
    A speck of Your creation
    Overwhelms all that I see
  7. tonyg
    Apr 4, '14 4:11 pm
    Eternal Destiny

    Created a master intellect
    The most powerful of all
    Revolted against the One
    Cast down into a fire-fall

    Anger, hate, jealousy, rage
    Eternal vendetta ensuing
    Light of darkness and death
    His venom forever brewing

    Upon his belly crawling
    The ultimate fall from grace
    Heaven's plan unfolding
    Eden is the chosen place

    Where all things began
    The apple; the forbidden tree
    His focus; the fall of man
    His opponent - Eternal Destiny
  8. tonyg
    Apr 4, '14 3:28 pm
    PW. So true...the Divine connection!
  9. PathWalker
    Apr 3, '14 9:49 pm
    Connection is Divine

    Retreating to the desert
    In the midst of city streets
    To connect in disconnection
    The place where my God meets

    Past the fake of painted masks
    Is seen the lonely soul
    Thirsting to be valued
    Struggling for control

    Wandering in jungle
    Darkness in the way
    Programmed in ways of world
    Living for today

    Lost in dissolution
    Answer out of reach
    Despair in isolation
    Reflection from the streets

    Refocus on the bond to be
    One not of this world
    Joining in community
    That heaven has unfurled

    Come gather round the table
    Share in bread and wine
    Kingdom found in word above
    Connection is divine
  10. tonyg
    Apr 2, '14 3:54 pm
    PW. Yes; I need a little time to tell the story. I will say, however, it is perfect for Lent. God bless everyone! Tony


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