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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. sheilakathy
    Jun 15, '11 12:04 pm

    My dear computer
    how I miss you
    you are so much a part of me
    this is so hard to do

    You battle with the Lord
    for my every attention
    you play unfairly
    causing confusion

    I must recall
    I don't need you to reach Him
    He is the center of my life, not you!
    I need to be released from your unruly whim

    I need to spend more time in prayer
    less time online with you
    He is my Leader, my Saviour, my Love
    He tells me what He wants me to do

    I need to listen more
    I need to obey
    I need to love Him more
    you need to stay away!

    Help me, Lord, to be more with You
    help me not to neglect You too
    help me realize You are always there
    help me to see You in all I do.

  2. dr_john_celes
    Jun 15, '11 5:37 am
    Man, Thou Shalt Not Kill!

    Each human child by God is made
    In His image own, with love, care;
    To take a life is God-forbade,
    No human being shall then dare!

    Each human child is called by name,
    While growing in the womb by God;
    To murder is a sin and shame
    Inviting Maker’s just rod!

    The law of lands may change with time,
    But lives God-made must stay untouched;
    To kill is both a sin and crime,
    And cannot be ignored or hushed!

    The curse of God shall be upon
    The man/ woman who kill the child;
    The pleas of revenge of unborn
    Will bring a punishment, not mild!

    To urge someone to kill is just
    The work of Satan with much plan;
    Such human beings are accursed:
    Let all know this – man or woman!

    So, spare the life within the womb;
    Let every life see world God-made;
    The place of birth can’t turn a tomb;
    Without blooming, no bud may fade!

    ‘Abortion is a mortal sin and heinous crime!’

    Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-16-2010
  3. horgan
    Jun 15, '11 4:01 am
    Good morning friends as you awake to a bright summer's day (I hope) A prayer to get you started Day by Day. Thank you,Lord Jesus Christ,for all the benefits and blessings which you have given to me.For all the pains & insults which you have borne for me.Merciful friend,Brother & Redeemer May I know you more clearly,love you more dearly and follow you more nearly Day by Day fromSt Richard of Chichester 1197 -1253) Enjoy a great day,live it to the full
  4. donsnow
    Jun 15, '11 3:24 am
    Good morning, all,

    God's Holy Will,
    Thank you.

    Thank you for sharing Henry Vaughan's majestic poems with us.

    God loves all of you,
  5. horgan
    Jun 14, '11 8:22 pm
    dear donsnow,God's Holy Will GKCT sheilakathy.......a note of appreciation for all the meaningful contributions. This thread is like a good prayer book,one never tires of all the spiritual and meditative thoughts flowing from it" Thanks Adrian:extr ahappy:
  6. horgan
    Jun 14, '11 8:13 pm
    I have come across the work of Henry Vaughan 1622-1695 and his poem "I saw eterniity the other night" I saw eternity the other night,Like a great ring of pure and endless light,All calm as it was bright. And round beneath it,Time in hours,days,years Driven by the spheres Like a vast shadow moved;in which the world And all her train were hurled The doting lover in his quaintest strain Did here complain;Near him,his lute,his fancy and his flights Wit's sour delights With gloves and knots,the silly snares of pleasure.Yet his dear treasure All scattered lay,while he his eyes did pour upon a flow'r. He is one of the Major metaphysical poets and the poem "Peace" is demonstrative of his search for a personal relationship with God. the poem reads: "My soul,there is a country Far beyond the stars,Where stands a winged sentry All skilful in the wars:There above noise and danger Sweet Peace sits crown'd with smiles. And one,born i n a manager Commands the beauteous files.He is thy gracious friend, And - O my soul,awake! 2.Did in pure love descend to die here for thy sake,If t thou canst get but thither,There grows the flower of peace. The rose that can not wither Thy fortress,and thy ease.Leave then thy foolish ranges;For none can thee secure But one who never changes - Thy God,thy life.thy cure."
  7. Gods Holy Will
    Jun 14, '11 4:06 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    Don - I'm so glad that you loved the hymn!! Thank you for sharing that St. Patrick is your patron saint and his name is your confirmation name! That's great!

    GKCT - I was moved by your wonderful poem! I like how you said that our strong faith will make us holy and lead us to salvation! That encouraged me to stay strong in my faith! Thank you for sharing! Perfect for Trinity Sunday!
  8. donsnow
    Jun 14, '11 8:08 am
    Good morning, all,

    God's Holy Will,
    Thank you for sharing that hymn. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing St. Patricks Breatplate excerpt. It is a powerful poem. And, I always enjoy how he taught the Holy Trinity to the Irish.
    He's my patron saint, by the way, and his name is my Confirmation name.


    Thank for the "Trinity CAF" poem. It's a comfort to read it.

    God loves all of you,
  9. GKCT
    Jun 14, '11 7:59 am
    I posted this before, but thought because of Trinity Sunday coming up I would post it again.


    Our King sits on His royal throne;
    The throne of glory and judgment
    For sinners who destroy their souls,
    And those whose faith is strong.

    Our Savior, Jesus, loves us all
    And all who love will come to Him.
    He is our beacon and our hope
    That leads us to his welcome arms.

    Our guide, the Paraclete, to whom we pray,
    The prayers we say for guidance.
    Giving us his many gifts
    Of love and kindness, strength and patience.

    The Trinity, all in one and one in all,
    Beyond our human understanding;
    Our strong faith will make us holy
    And lead us to salvation.
  10. Gods Holy Will
    Jun 14, '11 1:07 am
    Gods Holy Will
    horgan - Thank you for sharing some of 'St. Patrick's Breastplate'! I looked it up and prayed the whole prayer! It is one of the most powerful prayers I've ever read! Fitting for soldiers of Christ, which is all of us!!! Thank you also for sharing the story of "Patrick's Cross"!


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