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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. horgan
    May 31, '11 4:39 am
    Those Who Are Hard to respect Today Christian friends,I ask you to pray especially for those people for whom we hold scant respect I ask you to pray from them becuase God loves each one of them,just as much as each of us and it is not God's desire that even the wrst rogue should persih. Let us pray For drug addicts,dealers,alcoholics,gamblers,some whom rob and cheat their own families and those who mug innocent passers-by For violent teenage gangs,for rebellious kids who run away from good homes,those who "milk" he social welfare system and respectable business people who cheat the elderly out of their life savings. For prostitutes,pimps and their customers,for paedopphiles,those who exploit children to make porn movies and those who employ illegal migrants in sweat shops. For terrorists in many lands,for underworld bosss,minders and hit men,for rapists,s talkersseducers and those who commit domestic violence. In your mercy gracious God;Hear our prayer
  2. donsnow
    May 31, '11 3:04 am
    Good morning, all,

    Dr. John,
    You're sure on a roll, this morning. smile. Your sonnets are thought provoking and since I smoke, "No Tobacco Day, 201"1 hit home.

    Thanks, sheilakathy.

    I love the sweet innocence of your meeting Jesus poem.

    Thank you, God's Holy Will.

    God loves all of you,
  3. dr_john_celes
    May 31, '11 2:38 am
    ‘NO TOBACCO DAY, 2011’

    The leaf that makes most men to smoke;
    The smoke that’s puffed, poisoning the air;
    What stains the teeth and gums, hair, nails, hair;
    Substance abused from ancient times;
    What kills the young and old addicts;
    The frond that causes cancers galore;
    What is ingested, snuffed and smoked;
    The first cash-crop that steals coffers.
    The dark that clouds the light of lives;
    The joy short-lived that shortens life;
    The poison that aborts the child;
    The evil that bewitches most.
    The habit that one rarely quits.
    The smoke that steals the air from lungs;
    The weed that cuts the thread of life;
    The vice that drives away virtues.

    Copyright by Dr john Celes 31-05-2011
  4. Gods Holy Will
    May 30, '11 11:57 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    don - I like your Memorial Day poem in honor of our veterans and their families. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Tabitha - Thank you so much for sharing your loving poem about Our beloved Lord!

    dr_john_celes - 'Sonnet Amidst' is such a comforting poem for when we are suffering! 'Sonnet: Helmet-wearing Does Save Lives' is an important message! I was in a car accident once and cracked my skull so I know how fragile the skull can be. It's strong but it can't protect against everything. Thank you for sharing both poems!
  5. tabitha19
    May 30, '11 7:48 pm
    I walk, I skip, I run
    to Jesus Christ the Son.
    I see him walking towards me,
    I run through grass and branches of tree.
    As I approach him, I stretch my arms around his waist.
    He tilts my chin up and wipes the dust off my face.
    "I love you." he said, showing me his five wounds.
    "I love you too, my Lord."
    "And you shall see me soon."
    I walked with him down the path, my heart was beating fast,
    I felt like he could see right through me, my future and my past.
    He gave me a kiss and said goodbye, even though I wanted him to stay.
    "I shall be with you always." He said, "Especially when you pray."
  6. sheilakathy
    May 30, '11 6:57 pm
    Thanks All, for your poems. Each of you has a style that I am becoming familiar with now a bit. Pretty cool! sk
  7. sheilakathy
    May 30, '11 6:56 pm
    Yes, gardens of mind sometimes do well and sometimes not, but plants that the previous owners planted, you yes, they have no troubles at all! Agreed. sk
  8. dr_john_celes
    May 30, '11 5:30 pm
    Sonnet: Helmet-wearing Does Save Lives

    A priceless brain resides within the skull,
    From which the neural control reach each part!
    –A living computer that takes each call,
    And keeps all organs working fine, and heart.

    A brain that’s smashed in accidents can’t work,
    Nor can damaged a brain-box serve purpose;
    Surrounding waters take brain off each jerk:
    Protect each part in correct ways, God does.

    When science has shown brain-injuries so rife,
    Can be averted wearing helmets good,
    Why not protect your God-given one life,
    By putting proper cover like a hood?

    Like how a shield protects one from a knife,
    Yes, helmet-wearing saves your limbs and life!

    ‘Helmet-wearing does save lives!’

    Copyright by Dr John Celes 31-05-11
  9. dr_john_celes
    May 30, '11 1:10 pm
    Sonnet – Amidst

    Amidst pitch -black darkness, God shows a light;
    Amidst a Forest thick, He shows a way ;
    Amidst black clouds, He brings a moonlit night ;
    Amidst sorrows, God gives a happy day.

    Amidst the desert, Oasis God shows;
    Amidst the stormy Sea, He brings calm;
    Amidst much strife, He opens newer doors;
    Amidst much hopelessness, a helping palm .

    Amidst tempest, God shows a bright light-house ;
    Amidst the glaciers, much sought-after peak ;
    Amidst our solitude, He gives a spouse;
    Amidst the ravines deep, the lost lamb meek .

    Amidst the chaos, God ushers new hope,
    Amidst the gloom, He gives the church a Pope .

    5-31-2000 by Dr John Celes
  10. donsnow
    May 30, '11 10:50 am
    Memorial Day 2011

    Just a little poem, remembering
    All those veterans who fell;
    Remembering all those families
    Who also served.
    Remembering all those veterans
    Who came home injured.
    Grateful for their sacrifices and
    Grateful for our rights and liberties.
    Thanking God and praying He
    Grants eternal peace to those
    Who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


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