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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 3:01 am
    Good morning, all,

    I have a reflection, inspired by a post of horgan's on another thread.

    Back in the '70's, I was tired of the battle of good vs evil. I let it go. After awhile, I recognized that I was catching it from both sides.
    I recognized, that it would not be easy, following Jesus Christ. But, it would be worth all the flak I might take for following him, so I chose up sides and went on with my life. Then, in '83 I returned to the Church.

    God loves all of you,
  2. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:55 am
    Good morning, Dr. John,

    Your poem, The Fight Against Corruption, hits the nail on the head. We each can fight corruption with ourselves.

    God loves you,
  3. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:51 am
    Good morning, horgan,

    Thank you, for sharing your reflection with us.

    God loves you,
  4. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:50 am
    Good morning, God's Holy Will,

    Let me thank you, also, for your encouragement.
    All of you are inspirational, as well as the Holy Spirit.

    God loves you,
  5. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:47 am
    Good morning, Gail,

    Thank you, for your encouragement. I remember, now, there's some poems I wrote in one setting. Some it took days, others months and one or two took years to write.
    Oh, dear, I just turned on the news. The announcer said temperatures in NJ and DC hit 102, yesterday. Was your area caught in that? That's a horrendous temperature, with ya'll's humidity in those parts.
    Even if the storms don't pass you by, they will pass.
    She-She has PTSD from a drive-by shooting and loud noises really spook her. She comes to me when there's a thunderstorm. I pet her and tell her, "It will pass."
    Your writing the storm may pass you by, reminded me of what I tell She-She. It's certainly not alright, nor ok, to her.
    Enough. I'm meandering. Let us hear from you, about your weather.

    God loves you,
  6. horgan
    Jun 10, '11 12:36 am
    God' Holy Will.....the great St Augustine is credited with the saying (in our diocesan hymnal) "That he who sings,prays twice>' Anotyher saying we use in the Parish is "If you have a good voice,use it to praise God;if you have a lousy voice,use it to get even with Him.Best wishes,keep up your Pentecost Novena and you will be richly blessed.rewarded!!:whi stle:
  7. dr_john_celes
    Jun 9, '11 10:29 pm
    The Fight Against Corruption

    The country cannot bear it anymore;
    The vice has gained in-roads to every sphere;
    Corruption rules the roost in daily life;
    The weed has grown much better than good plants!

    The common man’s the most affected one;
    Corruption stays in forms, guises galore;
    Taxes are worse and thanks to corruption;
    No one is happy with the pay he gets!

    Cheating has turned to be the way of life;
    Stealing is not a crime for corrupted;
    Corruption is the prime cause for price-rise;
    The big cheats thrive despite the stricter laws.

    Progress has been stifled by corruption;
    The hand is used to get bribes all life-time;
    The tongue speaks lies with ease and variety;
    The time has come to root out corruption.

    But who will fight this social evil great?
    The few who try are not perfect at all;
    The honest ones who try don’t make headway;
    The beast is live and loitering afree!

    The shark no longer stays in deeper seas;
    The ice-berg’s tip can’t be made out these days;
    The roots are stronger, gone too far and wide;
    The habit’s now second nature of man!

    No nation can go on in this fashion;
    The good that’s done is undone by this bad!
    A popular uprising is the answer;
    But good leaders are not an easy find!

    Fasting is not the way of doing things;
    Violence only begets violence with time;
    A lot of patience is needed to fight;
    Unite must souls, hearts, minds to curb menace.

    Real progress comes if corruption’s less;
    Most people are fed up with how things are;
    A renaissance must soon stem this vice fast;
    Just righteousness can win over evils!

    ’Tis time to fight corruption in all ways;
    Perseverance will tilt the balance soon;
    A lot of sacrifice is essential;
    The victory is a priceless gift to man!

    Fondly dedicated to ‘Anna Hazare’, Indian freedom-fighter
    Copyright by Dr John Celes 10-06-11
  8. Gods Holy Will
    Jun 9, '11 9:02 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    horgan - Thank you so much for sharing your powerful reflection!!! Amen!!! I am enjoying the things our group is sharing in preparation for Pentecost!
  9. horgan
    Jun 9, '11 7:14 pm
    Dear Donsnow,God's Holy Will,sheilalady GKCT and group,The coming feast of Pentecost is very much a topic on this post and I would like to throw my hat ino the ring with this reflection: Pentecost Sunday. Come Holy Spirit breathe down on our troubled world.Shake the tired foundations of our crumbling institutions.Break the rukes that keep you out of all our sacred places And from the dust & rubble,gather up the seedlings of a new creation. 2 Come Holy Spirit,inflame once more the dying embers of our weariness.Shake us out of our complacency.Whisper our name once more and scatter your gifts of grace with wild abandon. 3.Breal open the prisons of our inner being And let your raging justice be our sign of liberty. 4 Come Holy Spirit and lead us to places we would rather not go.Expand the horizons of our limited imaginations.Awaken in our souls dangerous dreams for a new tomorrow.And rekindle in our hearts the fire of prophetic enthusiasm. 5.Come Holy Spirit,whose justice outwits international conspiracy.Whose light outshines spiritual bigotry.Whose peace can overcome the destructive potential of warfare.Whose promise invigorates our every effot to create a new Heaven and a new Earth Now and forever Amen,
  10. GKCT
    Jun 9, '11 3:07 pm
    Hi Texas Don,

    Writer's block, not a terminal illness. I get it often. And many times it is God that gives me the inspiration, sometimes at 2 a.m. Doesn't He ever sleep??? Doesn't He know I need lots and lots of beauty sleep? lol
    So I get up and start writing, otherwise it is gone by morning.
    I wrote a poem on the Trinity--isn't very good, not happy with it--without His help. It took me 3 months!
    Having some vicious storms here now (6pm). But have a Second Sunday meeting at church. Maybe they'll pass by 7.


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