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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. horgan
    Jun 13, '11 10:17 pm
    Both the USA & Australia have big populations of Irish descent,especially during the 1800s& early 1900s We have so many St Patrick schools & Churches!! Coming up to Trinity Sunday a little more of the influence of Patrick.On Easter Sunday c 433,after winning the Irish clan chieftans over to Christianity,St Patrick is said to have plucked a shamrock and explained,by its triple leaf and single stem,The Blessed Trinity,This trefoil,called "Patrick's Cross" became the symbol both of the saint & Ireland itself. Thought you might enjoy this little piece of trivia.:shamrock2 :
  2. horgan
    Jun 13, '11 10:09 pm
    God's Holy Will,donsnow sheilakathy,dr-john and friends,thanks for your compelling contributions;the Holy Spirit was busy over Pentecost. Next on the agenda is Trinity Sunday.I have just finished reading St Patrick's Breastplate (Lorica) written @ 433 AD [i] bind to myself to-day The strong virtue of the Invocation of the Trinity: I believe The Trinity in the Unity The Creator of the Universe. I bind myself today the virtue of the Incarnation of Christ with His Baptism The virtueof His Crucifixion with His burial The virtue of His Resurrection with His Ascension The virtue of His coming on the judgement Day.Christ with me,Christ before me; Chriist behind me,Christ within me; Christ beneath me,Christ above me;Christ at my right,Christ at my left.Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me; Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks to me; Christ in every eye that sees me;Christ in every ear that hears me"
  3. Gods Holy Will
    Jun 13, '11 5:53 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    I pray that you all had a wonderful day! Thank you all for sharing your poems and reflections! Here is a hymn that I read today. I liked it so I wanted to share it with you!

    Lord God, we give You thanks for all Your saints
    Who sought the trackless footprints of Your feet,
    Who took into their own a hand unseen
    And heard a voice whose silence was complete.

    In every word and deed they spoke of Christ,
    And in their life gave glory to His Name;
    Their love was unconsumed, a burning bush
    Of which the Holy Spirit was the flame.

    Blest Trinity; may Yours be endless praise
    For all who lived so humbly in Your sight;
    Your holy ones who walked dark ways in faith
    Now share the joy of Your unfailing light.
  4. donsnow
    Jun 13, '11 12:04 pm
    Good morning, all,

    Your poems touch my heart because they are good and true. Thank you for sharing them.

    Dr. John,
    Your poems are also good and true and touch my heart. Thank you for sharing, also.

    We are finding out what government without God is like. Nevertheless, God led the early church, in the cruel Roman Empire. He can lead us, burdened by this present Demagogue and his bureaucrats.

    God loves all of you,
  5. horgan
    Jun 13, '11 2:45 am
    Dear God's Holy Will,greetings! The poem The New Collossus ,written by Emma Lazarus,refers to the Statue of Liberty which guards New York HarbourIt is the ist sight that immigrants arriving in the USA see. The words :Give me your tired,poor huddled masses etc I believe are actually carved at the base of the statue. Reading it again.I suppose that it could also refer to Mary Mother of the Church Have a fantastic day
  6. dr_john_celes
    Jun 13, '11 2:43 am
    For God’s Sake, Stop the Killings Please…

    You kill now more babies unborn
    Than that are ever fully born!
    You sow the seeds onto good soil;
    But sprouted from growing, you foil!

    When accidents can kill;
    When diseases do kill;
    When communists too kill;
    Why kill unborn, not ill?

    The world has food more than enough!
    The water here, no one can quaff;
    When babies land in trash, you laugh!
    Can creatures at the Maker scoff?

    Just for the sake of some more votes,
    You give the killers, grand white-coats!
    Why use the tax-payers’ good notes
    To murder unborn and not goats?

    Respect the life that God gave you!
    Respect the womb where life begins;
    Respect the tomb where bodies rest;
    Respect all offspring that God gives!

    ‘Abort Abortion bill!
    The unborn, never kill!’

    Copyright by Dr John Celes 30-10-10
  7. dr_john_celes
    Jun 12, '11 6:23 pm
    Why Man (Woman), Why?

    When ruthless crocodiles take care
    Of their young ones with love,
    By giving them a free lift,
    Within their mouths to lake,
    Why do some human beings
    Kill their unborn offspring
    That grows within the womb?

    When birds can feed their young ones
    By regurgitating
    Food, brought across some miles,
    Appeasing their hunger,
    Why shouldn’t all human beings
    Stop giving lame excuses
    And rear all children God-given?

    When beasts bring forth their progeny
    With duty, love and harmony,
    And rear them all with care untold,
    Why do some human beings
    Make their hearts and minds so cold,
    And murder unborn babies,
    Waiting to be born into
    The world, Almighty-made?

    When beasts know that ‘heterosex’
    Is one natural, God-made,
    To procreate, participate
    In Maker’s plan, pre-set,
    Why do a few men prefer same sex,
    A perversion that
    Can’t ever procreate?

    Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-7-2010
  8. sheilakathy
    Jun 12, '11 6:12 pm

    Thank You, Lord, finally
    You spoke to me through someone,
    didn't let me suffer longer,
    rescued me from my tears.

    So many times there were no answers
    so many times I assumed no one cared
    finally someone showed me that You do
    one had compassion on my sorry soul.

    The teaching has begun
    the learning is in my heart
    there is a long way to go
    Your Way I will finally know.

  9. Gods Holy Will
    Jun 12, '11 12:20 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    Wishing a Blessed and Joyous Pentecost to All!

    sheilakathy - Your poems show how you are close to the Lord! Amen! He is our best friend!

    horgan - Thank you for that beautiful quote! The first person to come to mind was Blessed Mother Teresa, but you are right that each of us is called to show God's love in the world by loving each other, not just the known great saints! Wonderful quote for Pentecost!

    dr_john_celes - I like your poem! It's all about what God does for us, "and yet" our response is not always good. The only remedy is to try our very best and turn to the Lord with love and repentance when we fall! Thank you for sharing!
  10. sheilakathy
    Jun 12, '11 10:05 am
    My Tears You Accepted, Lord

    My tears You did accept
    You knew totally why I wept
    You heard my confession
    even though I suffer rejection.

    Only You know why
    I felt so shy
    only You know why
    they think I lie.

    There are those who know the truth
    though those who shouldn't, remain aloof
    there are those who want to befriend
    though others wish my interest would end.

    You know I won't leave
    you know what I have up my sleeve
    namely it is You who hides there
    You know life is so unfair!

    You walk with me, holding my hand
    You lead me through this awful land
    You are testing all our souls
    only You know each of our goals.

    I will wait as best I can
    though patience was not in my plan
    You know how all this will end
    please, Your patience, could You lend?



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