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Poems and Reflections

Group created by PathWalker

A place to share inspired thoughts, reflections and poems.

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  1. horgan
    Jun 10, '11 10:14 pm
    dear donsnow,glad to have back "on air" with your powerful words of wisdom.dr john celes,thanks agin for your giftedness to this post.GKCT you certainly have had a battering with all those storms,hope the worse is over, sheila lady,how are you travelling,your flower pictures stand out. The blessings of Pentecost to all who are members & visitors to this post
  2. horgan
    Jun 10, '11 9:59 pm
    Dear God's Holy Will,sorry to hear that you are going through a spiritual storm.St John of the Cross calls it 'The dark night of the Soul" If it is any help,most of us at some time experience it.Our wonderful Faith pulls us through. I dedicate this reflection to you.........Its amazing and incredible,But it's true as it can be God loves & understands us all And that means YOU and me. His grace is all sufficient for both the young and old For the lonely and timid,For the brash and the bold.His love knows no exceptions,SO NEVER FEEL EXCLUDED.No matter who,or what you are,YOUR name has been included.And no matter what your past has been,Trust God to uderstand,And no matter what your problem is,Just place it in his hand. For,in all our unlovrliness This great God loves us still,He loved us since the world began,And what's more,HE ALWAYS WILL. Chin up.there is a lot of people praying and supporting you. Adrian
  3. Gods Holy Will
    Jun 10, '11 4:30 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    Don - I love your reflection! You are a soldier of Christ!

    GKCT - I'm sorry you had that severe weather! My friend in Pennsylvania told me it was 100 degrees there and she's pregnant so she had a hard time with it. I really like what you said about storms being like life. I needed to hear that today.

    dr_john_celes - Your poem was very moving and accused me in spirit because I have to fight corruption within myself!

    horgan - Now I know where that great saying came from! Thank you for sharing! The second quote was so funny! lol Thank you for telling me to keep up my Pentecost Novena and telling me that I will be blessed because right now I am going through a spiritual storm and although I know God loves me, it seems like He isn't helping me at all and is leaving me in darkness, so I don't know which way to go. Please say a prayer for me! Thank you!
  4. GKCT
    Jun 10, '11 3:37 pm
    Evenin' Don

    Oh, yes, the storms did come through with a vengeance. We didn't think it would hit exactly where I am, but it did. Flooding, winds, torrential rains, limbs down and trees as well. Other parts of CT had it worse though. Some think a tornado came through. Trees in houses, power out all over, not us though. Crews coming in from Ohio and Michigan to help with that. I find it heartwarming that strangers will come to the aid of others in times of trouble.
    It was hot here, mostly high 90s, and humidity you could drink--and it wasn't good.

    Made it to Second Sunday through flooded roads--the center high point was pretty clear. It was put-out-the-garbage night. There were huge garbage cans and garbage scattered all over the roads--what a mess! Went the same way this a.m. to Mass and people cleaned most of it up.

    I had a dog that was afraid of thunder--don't know why, no traumas. We had to give him a tranquilizer beforehand and that seemed to help.

    Storms are like life, the storms of our life will pass by and hopefully we will be better persons.

    And I babble!!
  5. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 3:01 am
    Good morning, all,

    I have a reflection, inspired by a post of horgan's on another thread.

    Back in the '70's, I was tired of the battle of good vs evil. I let it go. After awhile, I recognized that I was catching it from both sides.
    I recognized, that it would not be easy, following Jesus Christ. But, it would be worth all the flak I might take for following him, so I chose up sides and went on with my life. Then, in '83 I returned to the Church.

    God loves all of you,
  6. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:55 am
    Good morning, Dr. John,

    Your poem, The Fight Against Corruption, hits the nail on the head. We each can fight corruption with ourselves.

    God loves you,
  7. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:51 am
    Good morning, horgan,

    Thank you, for sharing your reflection with us.

    God loves you,
  8. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:50 am
    Good morning, God's Holy Will,

    Let me thank you, also, for your encouragement.
    All of you are inspirational, as well as the Holy Spirit.

    God loves you,
  9. donsnow
    Jun 10, '11 2:47 am
    Good morning, Gail,

    Thank you, for your encouragement. I remember, now, there's some poems I wrote in one setting. Some it took days, others months and one or two took years to write.
    Oh, dear, I just turned on the news. The announcer said temperatures in NJ and DC hit 102, yesterday. Was your area caught in that? That's a horrendous temperature, with ya'll's humidity in those parts.
    Even if the storms don't pass you by, they will pass.
    She-She has PTSD from a drive-by shooting and loud noises really spook her. She comes to me when there's a thunderstorm. I pet her and tell her, "It will pass."
    Your writing the storm may pass you by, reminded me of what I tell She-She. It's certainly not alright, nor ok, to her.
    Enough. I'm meandering. Let us hear from you, about your weather.

    God loves you,
  10. horgan
    Jun 10, '11 12:36 am
    God' Holy Will.....the great St Augustine is credited with the saying (in our diocesan hymnal) "That he who sings,prays twice>' Anotyher saying we use in the Parish is "If you have a good voice,use it to praise God;if you have a lousy voice,use it to get even with Him.Best wishes,keep up your Pentecost Novena and you will be richly blessed.rewarded!!:whi stle:


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