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The suffering warrior

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Group created by Justin A

This group is for Catholics who have suffered greatly in any way and would like to help others in need. And for those who still suffer and would like a friend in their afflictions.
And we can also offer our past suffering for those in need of it.
Ultimately suffering comes from sin, sin from evil, and evil from Satan, (with a few exceptions).By being a "Suffering warrior" we can help turn this into good for others.

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saint Lydwina
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Our Lady
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With a crown of twelve stars about her head.
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Our Lady of Guadalupe
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  1. wendyquade
    Dec 13, '10 3:07 pm
    Keep our Crucified Lord always before you and suffer all thing for and with Him. There is true joy in suffering if we only open our hearts.
  2. Justin A
    Oct 1, '09 8:58 pm
    Justin A
    Dose any body ells know any good jokes?

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  1. lorraine peters
    Sep 7, '09 4:39 am
    lorraine peters
    Hi Justin,
    In your recent post you mentioned you had become depressed.
    Are you still depressed? If so, do you have access to profess-
    ional help in addition to God and prayer. I am praying for you.
  2. lorraine peters
    Sep 1, '09 5:42 pm
    lorraine peters
    Thank you Justin.
  3. Justin A
    Sep 1, '09 7:57 am
    Justin A
    Lorraine, I'm very sorry about your cat. When I was little we had two cats, one was killed by a dog, and the other we never saw again. I also lost 5 dogs in the course of a year (2008), one from old age, another from cancer, one, another dog killed, two we had to give away, and the last one we couldn't take care of properly so we had to give him away as well. It is really hard to let your pets go. I was going through a hard year last year, as well as my family. But it wasn't until our little rat terrier Jack was killed on thanks giving, and then our other two dogs were gone that I went into depression.
    I'm sure this group will aid me in praying for you.
  4. lorraine peters
    Aug 28, '09 2:18 pm
    lorraine peters
    I am new to this group and therefore I'll give a brief background.
    I left the church in 1965 - I didn't really have a clue about God.
    I returned to the church 4 mos ago at age 61.
    During my absence I chose to join 3 cults, was an alcoholic
    and tried suicide twice.
    All of my immediate family has passed. I never married or
    had children, probably because I was raped at age 4 yrs.
    I received a diagnosis of bipolar after my first suicide
    attempt 7/8 yrs ago. I also self-mutilate.
    But my biggest sorrow right now is that my cat is dying and I
    will put her down as soon as my nephew gets some info
    for me. She's only 4yrs 8mos old. I am totally heartbroken.
  5. Justin A
    Aug 28, '09 8:17 am
    Justin A
    You know, when I started this group, it was to help others who have suffered or still suffer more than the average person. But I've found that this group has helped me a great deal as well. I want to thank every one here and every one who will join for joining this group. Your story's and your prayers have showed me how God continues to bless me and my family, despite the hardships we've been through.
    So again, thank you!!!
    I hope this group can do the same for you.
    God bless every one!
  6. Justin A
    Aug 18, '09 9:47 am
    Justin A
    I'm really sorry about your mom and dad though. I wouldn't know what it is like to have a dad like that. I still have both my parents, undivorced and devoted to their kids. I also have a very close family with 9 siblings, (No that's not a typo (9 kids).
    We may have been through a lot in the past year or so, but my family is still intact. But I think that what you are doing right now is the best thing possible. Keep up the good work. God bless.
  7. Justin A
    Aug 18, '09 9:43 am
    Justin A
    Good for you Lmora! Th e rosary is one of my favorite prayers. And I admire how you are so willing to suffer. God must surely smile on you.
  8. Lmora
    Aug 14, '09 11:30 pm
    To tell you the truth, I think the more we suffer, the closer we get to God.

    The way my mother was treated by my father, she should have become a saint by now. No ,matter how hateful he was to us, she still stuck with him. My father is spewing his hate on me now, too. I do not think he even visits her gravesite.

    I have no choice but to live here with him right now, but hopefully I will be able to move to a place of my own, soon.

    I hope it is soon, because my cross is getting heavier by the day. Must be all those Rosary's I am saying , lately that is making me a martyr, but I do not care. I will never stop praying to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. By the way, my father is not religious and rejected the mass card I got for my mother, because he is no longer Catholic.

  9. Lmora
    Aug 10, '09 4:00 pm
    Has anyone ever heard of The American Catholic Church? (ACCUS) I searched on wikipedia and found it. It is not a good Church. It has no Papal Juristiction and was created Post- Vatican II. Don't these people realize that by attending these Churches and making a mockery out of the Roman Catholic Church, that they are re-crucifying God?

    Lmora :
  10. Lmora
    Aug 3, '09 11:26 pm
    Beautiful pictures! I will check out rhe websites. Thank you! What happened to my cross? I thought it downloaded in the pictures section. Guess it didn't. :



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