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Catholic Artists & Architects

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Group created by iona_scribe

For all creative Catholics who love the rich artistic traditions of the Church and seek to glorify God through the gifts he has given them.

With the "Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Artists" in mind, let's support each other as we work toward a more constructive partnership between art and the Church, and draw people to the Gospel through beauty and wonder which opens the human soul to a sense of the eternal.

Let's discuss the relationship between philosophy, theology and art/architecture, let's share our work and our struggles, and let's pray for each other.

"Come, O Creator Spirit,
visit our minds,
fill with your grace the
hearts you have created.

Veni Creator Spiritus,
mentes tuorum visita,
imple superna gratia
quae tu creasti pectora."

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  1. lucia kay
    Jul 26, '13 6:54 am
    lucia kay
    Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
    An interesting topic about Iconography just popped up on the main forums. In it there is a link to a radio program about Icons.

    Fr. Joseph Marquis, pastor of Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church in Livonia, Michigan on Al Kresta's program talking about Iconography.

    Thanks for the tip.
  2. iona_scribe
    Jul 10, '10 9:08 am
    Great blog by the way!
  3. Sonic
    May 3, '10 2:03 pm
    Originally Posted by iona_scribe View Post
    This is a really great blog:

    In fact I think one of our group members is a contributor there

    Definitely one of my favorite blogs! I especially love the animation article that was posted recently.
  4. mapimaging
    Mar 21, '10 9:48 am
    Thank you for your comments. I tried to post an image of the icon but I can't make new avatar or upload graphic. Do you know how?
  5. rgorton
    Mar 12, '10 6:09 am
    Catholic Artist United!
    I just made a social network for Catholic artist, you are welcome to join:
    just joined... hope i get approved quick!
  6. iona_scribe
    Feb 19, '10 1:08 pm
    Once during Lent, I made a set of drawings of the stations of the cross and prayed through them as I drew them. It was something that God put on my heart to do as I was working through some issues of forgiveness. It definitely helped God's grace work on me, and I was able to forgive and be set free. It was a major turning point in my life.
  7. littlequestion
    Feb 7, '10 6:19 pm
    I am inspired by the material while I work with it. I learned this method as an oil painter, when my teacher showed me that the period of time spent on the drudgery of stretching, nailing, and priming my own canvasses was time for the intended images to come to the surface in my mind.

    Now I do the same with all media, just messing around with the material until I know what I want to do. Lately it is with papier-mache instead of oil painting (which I gave up for watercolor, anyway)

    I have standard subjects to work with until an idea presents itself. For a long time it was horses, and from time to time I enroll in life-drawing classes, and lately it has been orchids but when I started a series of crucifixes, more religious themes began to suggest themselves.
  8. littlequestion
    Feb 7, '10 6:12 pm
    What beautiful work! I love the tapestry theme. It lends itself well to this kind of subject.
  9. littlequestion
    Feb 7, '10 6:09 pm
    Well, I guess we artists don't have the most active followings, to judge by forum activity... but that's ok, more time to work on our stuff, right ?
  10. iona_scribe
    Dec 12, '09 5:57 pm
    Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
    Thanks Iona_scribe! I'm glad you like my work.

    Insula Sacra came about as a reaction against the new age movement's usurpation of Christian symbolism. I wanted to reclaim the labyrinth symbol for Christ. So, I created one in the symbol of a Celtic cross.
    Nice! I feel very similarly. I've spent the past year or so creating some designs and images that have to do with the celtic and gothic artistic heritage of the Church. I want to bring back imagery that's been usurped and restore the Christian meaning.

    I'm hopefully going to open a shop on sometime next year to sell my designs. I think it's against CAF rules to advertise for myself here, but there will be link on my blog when the time comes

Group Wall Messages 41 to 50 of 53
  1. johnXXIII
    Sep 28, '09 4:17 pm
    Let us pray for the canonization of Blessed Pope John XXIII

    Remember the days of youth now shaded
    Encounters walking with God now faded
    Viewing by the twilight of many years
    This life not closed, though bathed in sorrow's tears.
  2. iona_scribe
    Sep 28, '09 1:52 pm
    Welcome, nlee! Nice to meet you.

    I wish I could give you a door prize for being the 10th member Now we have enough for our own group forum! I'll open it up and everyone can feel free to post topics they'd like to discuss.
  3. nlee
    Sep 28, '09 11:37 am
    Hello! I am an adult convert (6 yrs ago). I create mixed media work with a Catholic theme. Glad to connect with others out there
  4. iona_scribe
    Sep 28, '09 10:52 am
    Welcome ninamint! We're glad you're here. This group seems to grow a little bit each day
  5. ninamint
    Sep 28, '09 1:02 am
    Hi everyone, thought I'd introduce myself, having just joined both the Catholic Answers forum and the Catholic Artists & Architects group. I'm a painter from Australia, currently in hiatus however, due to the demands of parenthood, (unless you consider playdough & crayola to be viable mediums) but interested to see what kind of discussions come up in this group.
    A short bio: studied fine art at uni, practiced painting some after that but mostly just muddled about in questions too big for me - ultimately I abandoned the quest and took up kid wrangling instead. But if God wills I will revisit, when it's safe to get the oils out again that is. I've experimented a little with icon painting, I've painted a few paschal candles for example, and I'm intrigued about how art can enrich (or not!) the liturgy. I think I could learn a lot from other Catholic artists, architects, creative persons - so looking forward to seeing how this group evolves.
  6. iona_scribe
    Sep 25, '09 4:21 pm
    Welcome bgic and markitekt! It's great to have so many architects here

    We're just 2 members away from being able to open a discussion forum for our group. Spread the word!
  7. markitekt
    Sep 25, '09 8:20 am
    I'm a registered architect, and perform in our liturgies as classical guitarist. I am interested in the liturgy and liturgical aspects of architectural design. I look forward to any discussions.
  8. bgic
    Sep 25, '09 7:48 am
    Hello. I am an architect and just found this group. Looking forward to some great discussions!
  9. iona_scribe
    Sep 24, '09 8:45 pm
    Welcome Rtista and JGPeterson! What are your creative interests?
  10. iona_scribe
    Sep 22, '09 4:46 pm
    Yes, please join us BenB! The more the merrier

    That's amazing. Can you recommend and opera or two for someone who loves classical and baroque music but doesn't know where to start with opera?

    "How does faith, form and fidelity to the spirit find a place to come together??"

    I think that's what we're all trying to figure out.

    The best I can think of is that Western civilization was built on philosophies that cared very much about what is good, true, and beautiful, and found ways to set these ideals to form. Nowadays, modern culture is more interested in materialism (the here and now) and relativism, and it shows in the architecture, especially here in California where I live. I'm trying to learn about art history and philosophy in my spare time so that maybe some day I can figure out how to pick up where the great artists left off.

    My favorite awe-inspiring buildings? In the U.S. it's definitely St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. In my very limited
    European travel, I'd say the cathedral in Köln, Germany.


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