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Group created by Flopfoot

Will write this bit later. Feel free to join and chat in the meantime.

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  1. The Reginator
    Mar 15, '13 8:08 pm
    The Reginator
    As I posted on the group wall a long time ago:

    Quick! Start procrastinating before it's too late!
  2. The Reginator
    Nov 4, '10 7:57 pm
    The Reginator
    I was just thinking. (Ouch!)

    "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
    Well, if you follow my pattern the economy improves:
    "If it's starting to go, just leave it for another day."

    I do that. Then I have to go out and buy a replacement. It could be a new kitchen faucet or a new lawn mower. If I had fixed the problem right away I wouldn't have contributed to local stores in buying replacements.

    Makes sense to me.
  3. The Reginator
    Oct 7, '10 11:10 am
    The Reginator
    This thread has been around for less than a year and I'm already posting on it. Hmm.....

    Maybe I'm not worthy of this group. I get too anxious and start things too soon. This year I may start my Christmas shopping on December 23rd even!
  4. The Reginator
    Jul 28, '10 6:29 pm
    The Reginator
    I finally got a
    Attachment 8397

    I've been putting off posting on this thread.

    I'll change my bad habits tomorrow.
  5. feargalmac
    Jun 19, '10 5:17 pm
    Never do today what can be put off till tomorrow!!!
  6. Flopfoot
    Jan 2, '10 5:11 pm
    I did mine on the 23rd, I think.

Group Wall Messages 11 to 20 of 31
  1. Flopfoot
    Feb 22, '10 8:11 pm
    Lot of procrastination the last couple days. Spent most of it on CAF and reading webcomics. Still haven't started mopping the floor or doing uni assignments, but the real important things - cooking dinner - still get done, even if a little late.
  2. prodigalson12
    Jan 7, '10 4:19 am
    I posted like, around the second person here, will tell you my story here soon!
  3. SunnaB16
    Dec 30, '09 3:17 am
    It`s taken well over a month to decide whether or not to join this group.

    Hello Flopfoot
    Thanks for the Christmas cheers.

    Consider following Pol Pot`s calendar, and you`ll have a fighting chance.
    1976 was year 0, so that gives you 1966 years.
    Pray to Methuselah to get a decent safety margin.
    Don`t make a rushed decision, though; think about it for a few hundred years.
    Good luck.
  4. The Reginator
    Dec 29, '09 7:56 pm
    The Reginator
    How soon do I have to make my New Year's resolutions for the year 2000?
  5. feargalmac
    Nov 15, '09 3:44 am
    Hello let me start by saying ..................................... what the heck I'll finish later
  6. Flopfoot
    Nov 14, '09 7:06 pm
    Sure thing Reg.
    We got a forum now, check it out and feel free to create threads and discuss things.
  7. The Reginator
    Nov 8, '09 9:48 pm
    The Reginator
    Can I join tomorrow?
  8. CSAquinas
    Nov 8, '09 8:15 pm
    I find it easier to procrastinate without due dates. Tell me what day and time a term paper is due, and it's done (for better or for worse). Tell me it's due between September and whenever, it's normally done right before whenever shows up

    Also, 10 members now, right? What will a procrastination forum look like?
  9. prodigalson12
    Nov 8, '09 6:55 pm
    I have a whole bunch that I told about the group about a month ago, they will find time to join eventually, just have some other things to do first. lol
  10. Flopfoot
    Nov 8, '09 5:53 pm
    I hear that we need ten members to create a forum. Right now we only have nine, and we're off the "newest groups" list already. Does anyone know someone who might want to join our group?


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