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  1. charlotte grunh
    Mar 14, '10 10:18 am
    charlotte grunh
    I have been hearing on ABC news that the Catholic Church supports the new health care bill that will pay for abortion! If true why, if not true then stop them from making such statements that the Church wants abortion to be covered!!! Charlotte Grunhard
  2. LoyalViews
    Mar 14, '10 8:21 am
    I was always and still am Proud to be PRO-LIFE WITH NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!
  3. Rascalking
    Mar 14, '10 6:42 am
    Instead of calling my self "Pro-life without exception" I always think of my as pro-choice with many exceptions.
  4. mjs1987
    Feb 26, '10 11:34 am
    Voting for a pro-choice candidate validates their support for abortion and perpetuates their actions in support of abortion. Why should a pro-choice candidate ever vote for life? It doesnt win elections to do that. If you want a pro-choice candidate to change you have to vote against them. Otherwise they will never change. For politicians, morality means nothing if they do not win election or score political points against rivals. They also have power to vote for and propose judicial appointments to the federal courts including the supreme court. These justices will normally be pro-choice because pro-choice representatives fear that they wont be elected if they go against the pro-choice agenda. Results prove this. For example, liberal Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats come from areas where the normal party line would never work so the party has to nominate candidates that reflect the population's political views. If you are pro-life, you need to vote for the pro-life candidate or not at all. Remember, abortion in this country dwarfs the killings of both Hitler and Stalin combined. Every 5-6 years we kill more babies than Hitler killed people in the holocaust. If abortion is truly murder, the pro-choice candidates perpetuate the worst slaughter in human history. Thats why voting for pro-choice candidates is wrong: the stakes are too high and simply writing letters to a politician to tell him to vote for pro-life gives him or his staff that read a nice laugh in the morning. If you dont like all of his policies, do not be upset that when he is elected that he does what he proposes since he believes that these policies got him elected or re-elected in the first place. The only way to get a politician to change is to threaten his political career.
  5. kimkenson7
    Feb 26, '10 10:35 am
    Hi, my name is Kim and I have a great love & devotion to the pro-life movement!!! In fact, from January 2000 to September 2001, I worked for Right to Life of Michigan (professionally). That's when my love & devotion began because I really didn't have an opinion on abortion one way or another. I was only Catholic for 2 years (1998). I have a wonderful CATHOLIC & PRO-LIFE primary care physician by the name of Dr. Stephen Bishop, who's been my doctor for 5 years now. He even prays with me. Dr. Bishop also is an OB/GYN (delivers babies). Also, if anyone lives in SE Michigan & are in need of wonderful, compassionate, CATHOLIC & PRO-LIFE physicians both Dr. Bishop & his medical partner, Dr. Jeffrey Berger are top notch. Their practice is called Sacred Heart Medical Centre in Livonia, Michigan.

    Sacred Heart Medical Centre's website is:

    Everyone have a wonderful & blessed weekend! God bless!!!

  6. Holly3278
    Feb 12, '10 5:10 pm
    Gina, see this article for more information about how some forms of contraception are actually abortifacient:
  7. Holly3278
    Feb 11, '10 6:21 am
    I was on birth control because I was in an unchaste relationship as I stated in my previous message.
  8. Gina632
    Feb 11, '10 4:10 am
    Holly3278, I am confused by your statement..Your Por Life, but are on BC then say your going off BC,but doesn't the Bible say NO BC, NO sex before marraige? And if you could supply me with the links that state BC causing miscarrages(abortion) I would very much be grateful.Yes, your right the Church does teach against pre marital realations and I believe BC as well.. Your message is very confusing to me. I hope to can help me understand. It seems you have got it open ended. Thank you for any info on this matter
  9. warpspeedpetey
    Feb 10, '10 7:30 pm
    Life is a civil right. for absolutely everyone. it must be the first right considered, or no other right matters.
  10. Holly3278
    Feb 10, '10 6:08 pm
    I am pro-life to the max! I would never get an abortion and I will be ceasing to use birth control in the very near future as well. I was on birth control because I was in an unchaste relationship but that relationship is going to become chaste very soon or it is going to end. I am against the use of artificial birth control because many of them cause abortions and also because the Church teaches against them.


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