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St Philomena

Group created by Monica4316

a group dedicated to learning more about our dear Saint, St Philomena; and sharing prayer requests or stories about her powerful intercession!

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  1. jamanne
    Jul 26, '11 4:30 am
    please st Philomena my old problem is haunting me please pray for me
  2. Runner1
    Jul 26, '11 1:25 am
    I just wanted to let everyone know that I gave birth to our little boy at 36weeks at 2 days and I was offering a novena to St. Philomena at the time...his birth so early was a total shock, but he had no tubes, no special equipment on him! He's 4.3lbs. He's healthy--only small! Thanks be to God, Our Lady, and of course, Saint Philomena!
  3. jamanne
    Jul 24, '11 9:38 am
    thank you St Philomena I've found my praterbook it is very dear to me and I tought it was gone for ever
  4. jamanne
    Jul 24, '11 4:44 am
    Could you please pray I find my prayer book and my wallet was stolen if someone needed them more than me that;s allright but I would love to get my prayer book back ,thabnkyou St Philomena
  5. Karenanna
    Jun 6, '11 6:43 pm
    Dear Friends,
    I was recently given a book entitled: The Cure D’Ars Today St. John Vianney by Father George William Rutler. It is a very good book and Father Rutler is obviously a very talented writer, but one section is flawed.

    The writer correctly points out that St. Philomena’s relics were found in the catacombs in 1802 and that St. John Vianney learned of the devotion from Pauline Jaricot. The author implies that St. John Vianney was hiding his own miracles by claiming that they were St. Philomena’s miracles! That would be dishonest. If he said that they were her miracles, then they were!

    The truth of the matter would be that St. John Vianney did do miracles of his own, and also miracles through the intercession of St. Philomena, and for that matter through the intercession of other saints.

    The author also calls Pauline Jaricot’s healing (through the intercession of St. Philomena) a claimed miracle. It is not a claimed miracle. The church declared it to be a first class miracle!

    There is more in the book about St. Philomena and St. John Vianney that would confuse people about whether or not St. Philomena is for real. People need to be given good information about the devotion to St. Philomena, so that they won’t be confused by well meaning, but misguided authors who cast doubt on her existence.
    Greetings and prayers for all your intentions,
    Mary Ann

    Below are three more testimonies that I have recently added to my free online book about answers to prayer which can be read in full at:
    Part one
    Part two

    A migraine headache

    Lee was heavily involved with the work for a mail-out to her group when the phone rang. The caller asked Lee to please pray for a healing of her migraine headache, which had been going non-stop for a whole two weeks. The doctor had been unable to help. Lee explained that she was very busy, but that would say a prayer to Saint Philomena for the intention. She then walked across the room with the phone in her hand, and prayed aloud before a statue of Saint Philomena, asking the saint to heal the migraine. Saint Philomena did so almost immediately!

    A terrible toothache
    Patty suffered a terrible toothache during the night and was unable to get any sleep at all. By 3 a.m. she was totally exhausted. She wisely realised that no local priest would appreciate a phone call for prayer help at that time of the day. Using her cheap phone card, she telephoned a priest friend of the family, who lived on the other side of the world. He prayed to Saint Philomena and the toothache was healed!

    Healed of high blood pressure
    Carol has been dealing with diabetes for a number of years, coupled with this is high blood pressure. Every time that she has a doctor’s appointment, Carol gets very nervous, when her blood pressure is taken, and that makes it go even higher. She came across a novena for the relief of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and started the novena a week before her appointment. Carol went to the doctor’s appointment and her blood pressure was normal for the first time in a long time. While the nurse was taking her blood pressure, Carol was saying the Saint Gertrude Prayer (for the relief of The Holy Souls in Purgatory.) Carol is having a Mass said for the relief of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and will continue to pray for them by saying the novena, and will continue to have Masses said in their honour.

    More stories for the online book/and any future print edition of the book
    If anyone has a story about an answer to prayer that they or someone that they know received which might be suitable for the book, I would like to hear from you. My email address is as follows:

    [email protected]

    So far there have been two print editions of the book. They are non profit. This work is simply to help souls.

    Now for something else that is dear to my heart

    Help the Holy Souls in Purgatory and read inspiring testimonies of their powerful intercession for their benefactors at:

    If you have a testimony about how the Holy Souls in Purgatory have helped you, after you prayed for them, please also contact me on email and let me know the details.

    Thank you.
  6. Sarahforgiven
    May 14, '11 10:17 pm
    St. Philomena, please pray for my physical & emotional healing
  7. Shoushan
    Mar 30, '11 9:57 pm
    I have a special place in my heart for St. Philomena!
    Please intercede for us, St. Philomena.
  8. philom
    Mar 30, '11 8:28 pm
    St. Philomena - please pray for household/family thank you very much
  9. jamanne
    Mar 29, '11 5:04 am
    please help me through next weekend and to resist all temptation .
  10. JohnMPhilomena
    Mar 24, '11 1:02 pm
    Saraforgiven - I think St Philomena is a great choice as your confirmation patron!

    Runner1 - keep the wonderful news coming! St Philomena and St John Vianney please pray for little Billy!


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