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CAF Misfits

Group created by Among Strangers

Donít seem to fit in? Canít connect? Feel like a circus freak with 10 items in your cart while standing in the 9 items or less check out line? Come on in Ö

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  1. NikitaRhea
    Jan 31, '11 4:29 am
    So the 20s-Group that I joined from my parish had it first offical CORE meeting and well I must say it is under God's hands but I actually volunteered for a leadership position, which I am shy and very rarely do I take a leader spot for anything. I am nervous, but know that with prayers and especially Jesus and Mary, and St. Joseph and literally all the Saints I think I will do fine, just nervous....>.>

    Many Blesings and prayers,
  2. livnlern
    Jan 30, '11 11:14 am
    Hello to everyone,
    Donsnow, I live in Texas also. Am really enjoying the nice days we've had lately. I go outside as much as possible when it's nice like this since it's so changeable at this time of year. It really pays to watch the weather report! Have a good Sunday.
  3. Prairie Rose
    Jan 30, '11 10:14 am
    Prairie Rose
    Good morning - so far all we've had is the colder temps - currently it is in the single digits. Possible snow later tonight (Sunday) but hopefully light accumulations.

    Nikita, I'm glad your group night was fun - sounds like a great thing. I keep trying to encourage people to do more than just attend regular Sunday Mass, but many in our Parish think that is all they need to do....sigh....
    Last year I had to nearly beg & plead to get a Bible study group going. We met about 6 times and then it fizzled. No one would commit to meeting regularly But I'm not gonna give up - just need to find the right activity.

    Happy Sabbath to y'all

  4. GKCT
    Jan 30, '11 8:42 am
    Don, Mary V, Prairie Rose,
    Heard you all were going to get some real bad weather your way. Be safe and warm. Good days ahead to curl up with a Good Book--of course, that's any day!
    We'll get what you got by Tues. Shoveling is great free exercise, but I am sore all over.
  5. NikitaRhea
    Jan 30, '11 4:10 am
    Happy Sunday,

    Don, I must say it is nice for once to not feel like a misfit. This group of 20-something men and women seem to be great bunch and I feel like the Holy Spirit is really working through us to further our love of Christ and the Church.

    Many Blessings and prayers,
  6. donsnow
    Jan 30, '11 3:47 am
    Hi, Nikita,

    That's wonderful.
    And, it's good the other young people are on the same page you are.

    God loves you,
  7. NikitaRhea
    Jan 29, '11 2:49 pm
    To Donsnow: The 20s-Something Group was a great turnout, and they are very humble and holy.

    To Prairie Rose: It is a group that consists of making friends, but further and deepening our prayer life and studying what God has called us to do. So we have Holy Hour before the meeting, and then we change up what the meeting will have, either Bible Study, a Guest Speaker, a Member Speaker, Catechist Lecture, or just something social, and then afterwards maybe all of us go to a good pub or maybe even bowling (heck that is a pretty good idea to me ).

    To GKCT: Actually Fr. Michael told us the other place that had a group like this actually those who reached past what you could consider in the 20-something would form the 30-something and etc. Which is pretty cool.
  8. donsnow
    Jan 29, '11 3:12 am
    Hi, Prairie Rose,

    Good to see your post.

    Well, we're having typical Texas winter weather: Fan on during the day because of temperature in the 70'sF and heater on in the morning because temperature in the 40'sF.

    Later next week we'll have subfreezing nights and freezing weather during the day.

    I have my own private theory as to why Texas weather is so fickle. It's based on Geography.
    When you look at a map, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican mountains are to our south; the edges of the Great American Desert is to our west; the Great Plains start about 40 miles north of DFW and roll north into our and Canada's bread baskets; and the Ohio Valley is just east of us. These are all major continental terrain features. Each of these major features have their indigent weather systems. Texas, at the crux of all these weather systems, is subject to each one, when the wind blows their respective weather types our way.
    That's my theory.

    Now, in the past an usual Texas winter would have three or four cold spells. A mild winter would have less than three cold spells. A hard winter would have five and more cold spells. This recent decade, we've had hard winters every year, Global Warming notwithstanding.
    This winter we've been so blessed in that we've had dry cold spells.

    One Texas weather system is what locals call a "blue norther". In which, on a mild day in the 70'sF during the winter, the temperature will start to drop and will fall at a rate of eight degrees per hour. By evening, it's below freezing. During a blue norther, people in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries caught in the open would freeze to death.
    Now, with the weather satellites and radar, the forecasters can detect a blue norther on its way down from Canada, before it gets here and not so many people freeze to death. Nowadays, it's homeless people out on the streets that freeze to death.

    God loves you,
  9. Prairie Rose
    Jan 28, '11 8:50 pm
    Prairie Rose
    Hi friends -

    GKCT - I can sympathize with you on being tired of the snow - we've had plenty and even though it was nice today and melted some of it - there's still too much. Well, just think of all that shoveling as good exercise - and the best part is - it's free!
    Consider how much money some people spend at gyms to get a workout!! Ok, so it's a poor joke - LOL

    Hi Don - I hope you're not getting too cold in TX. How cold does it usually get there?? Today was mid 40's but the weekend is supposed to be alot colder.

    Nikita, Thank You for your prayers - I hope you enjoy your group night - sounds like a fun thing. Is the focus of the group on prayer and faith sharing or is it more general fellowship?? Anyway, just getting together should be a great evening!!

    My Priest asked me today if I would be interested in helping to teach our Confirmation Class, starting this next August. I maybe said yes too quickly - lol - but I think I can do it.
    Our prev. Confirmation teacher retired, but she's willing to give me a couple "lessons" on what the course requires, Thank Goodness!!
  10. GKCT
    Jan 28, '11 3:11 pm
    It sounds so exciting. I'm glad your pastor is pro active. You should have some great discussions. And you will meet some wonderful friends.
    Oh, to be 20-something again! or 30-something! or 40-something.


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