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CAF Misfits

Group created by Among Strangers

Donít seem to fit in? Canít connect? Feel like a circus freak with 10 items in your cart while standing in the 9 items or less check out line? Come on in Ö

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  1. OnceLostSoul
    Nov 17, '09 1:52 am
    Dear CAF Misfits and other cradle catholics who don't fit in with the post-Vatican II scene,

    You might like to hear some news of a Latin High Mass (Tridentine, not Novus Ordo) being celebrated at St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican by american Archbishop Raymond Burke recently. .

    The link below has YouTube videos showing the Latin High Mass being celebrated by the Archbishop and 70 priests dressed in traditional vestments amidst the beauty and splendor of St Peter's Basilica.


    Also read more about the beauty of Latin Masses at

    Jesus loves you greatly!! There's more than enough room in His Church for virtually all of us (including misfits, traditionalists, average Sunday Catholic Joe, charismatics, etc) to worship God together in loving acceptance of each other ....

    There are many rooms in my Father's house, and I am going to prepare a place for you. I would not tell you this if it were not so (John 14:2)

    In Christ's love,
  2. Charlie Tuna
    Nov 14, '09 3:40 pm
    Charlie Tuna
    Hi All,
    I just joined a group for the first time! Cool.

    Say, I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding visions of Christ. I mean literally seeing an image. Do you think there are such things as a true vision or just simple optical illusions? The reason I ask is I am always intrigued when you see an image on the news of a cheese sandwich, clouds, dent in a car, etc. that look like the image of Christ. It seems kinda cool but not sure if it means anything. Anyway, I just got an iphone app called Jesus Lives that has an ability to somehow burn an image of Christ in your head. I know it is an optical image but it is sooo cool. I really feel great when I use it. But I wonder what your thoughts are with respect to whether this is somehow created by God or if it is just something else. Please let me know your thoughts.
  3. lwest
    Nov 11, '09 5:31 pm
    Renatas: you're not crazy. Your husband's family is. Why would you want to be accepted by those loons, anyway? (ok, that wasn't charitable...but seriously...pray for them. They need it but don't spend a second worrying about their opinion of you!
  4. renatas
    Nov 10, '09 6:08 pm
    I know actually what it feels like to be a misfit. i havent posted in a while. but i have come back. my husband of all people treat me like i am a crazy lunatic. he tells me this to my face. he cant seem to criticize anyone in his family. his crazy mother sits at the table and rocks from side to side and picks at her cuticles. his sister is 46 and married to personality disorder 71 year old who sits like his always judging and makes comments suggesting he is better than everyone else because he is jewish......he cant make small talk because everyone else is "not educated enough for him". i am sick to the gills being a looser in my husband's eyes and his families eyes. i have prayed to no avail to be accepted. my husband's mother has now twice in the last 2 visits called me by his ex's name and we have been married longer than they were. what gives?????
  5. waterguy11
    Nov 10, '09 11:47 am
    Thank you utah rose!
  6. utah rose
    Nov 9, '09 4:50 pm
    utah rose
    Dear Seaspray,
    Please don't feel that way. I left the Church in the 70's because of the very things you are speaking of. I'm not charismatic either. But when I cam back a few years ago there were still people like that, but it took a little time to know them. We also have Spanish Masses at our Church, and it feels like a "split church" sometimes.

    I wish our pastor would learn Latin so we could have the Tridentine Mass said--then everyone would be on the same track, hearing it in Latin and trying to understand the English (or Spanish translation).

    It's too bad you have to make an appointment for confession. Have you asked your priest if he could hold Confessions a half hour before Mass? When I "came back" it was during Holy Week and I encountered the same problem. It took me all week up to Holy Saturday to get a priest to hear my Confession although I'd been away for 25 years!

    Do you live in the West? I do, and I believe that everyone dresses more casually.

    Do you have any church nearby that perhaps is smaller and has English Masses? Sometimes you just have to "shop around" a little. We attend a Tridentine Mass at a nearby parish about once a month, but this is the only Parish in our diocese that has it! The pastor, bless his soul, is Polish, but was determined to learn Latin so he could say this Mass.

    I wish you luck on your journey. Don't be discouraged. When push comes to shove you may have to learn a little Spanish. Remember though, it is the Mass the Eucharist that you are receiving.

    I hope that your parish will try and work with some of your other parishioners who may feel the same way, If you get to know them better, perhaps a group of you could approach the pastor with your concerns.

    God loves you
  7. utah rose
    Nov 9, '09 4:34 pm
    utah rose
    To Waterguy,
    Welcome. I also fell away from the Church for awhile, and now our daughter has fallen away. I too feel guilty for at least not having a good prayer life (our family used to say the daily rosary) but I too had issues, and because of this she didn't have proper religious instruction (although in the 70's it was pretty bad everywhere.

    I will be praying for you too. I try and say a Rosary each day for her, and I know that my deceased parents prayed for me. It's never too late. If you have ever listened to Father Corapi's story on EWTN, that should comfort you as he did everything you could imagine before returning to the Church.

    Pray to Mary, I only hope too that God will forgive me for my indifference also for her religious upbringing. Sometimes we have to wait for the Holy Spirit to pick the right time to approach them.
  8. waterguy11
    Nov 9, '09 8:54 am
    Hello all. I was born and raised a Catholic. Got married in the Catholic church, raised my children in the Catholic faith, fell away from the church and had my issues. I honestly feel i did my family and children a dis-service by not following through with their religious upbringing. I'm going to pray that things turn out ok.
  9. sweetpealover
    Nov 8, '09 9:37 pm
    Hi everyone,

    I hope I can join your group but I am having difficulty I think in posting messages and how this works. I have always been catholic but not a practicing one. No matter what catholic church I go to I never feel like an oddball. I always participate in the service, prayers, hymns, etc and want to feel like a part of the parish but I never do. I always feel like an outcast , not welcome. When I go to mass (not often) I usually go on Sat. eve because it is usually less crowded. But I have a lot of unanswered questions that I prefer to feel are holding me back I have many serious health problems ( recent cancer amputation, COPD, heart, diabetes etc) but sincerely want to improve my faith and hopefully become a parish member and a better Catholic.

    Please let me know if your Group has any qualifications to join your Group. Peace.
  10. donsnow
    Nov 8, '09 11:24 am
    Hi, Todd -

    If you want to see commercialized religion, wait until you visit Jerusalem: 3,000 years of selling different religions.
    Fortuneately, my mother warned me after she and father went to Jerusalem, that it was so commercialized. So, when I went I was not shocked.

    Now, it looks like a few hundred years of selling religion in America and competition between Catholic and non-Catholic Christians has produced some commercialism here.

    As far as the Protestants go, I say:
    "Hey, Jesus Christ is Lord of all. All included both of us. And Catholics worship and praise our Lord Jesus Christ and do what he says to do. Just as much as the Baptists, Pentecostals, etc. Why can't you see that?"

    It saddens me to see Protestant views seeping into Catholic mass presentation. We don't have to worry about numbers, but fidelity, of worshipers.

    Remember in the OT, God told King David to screen his army before going to battle. Send the men with wives and children home; test the remainder when they crossed a river by how they drank the water: if they stooped and drank with their mouth from the water, send them home; if they scooped water with their hand to their mouths, keep them for the battle. David's army was thus reduced from 3,000 to 300. They went to battle following the Lord, and kicked butt.

    Our Catholic church is the true Christian faith and we don't need numbers to perservere and win in the spiritual battle. We need to follow the Lord, not the Protestants.
    Christ won the war at Calvary.
    Everything since then is mop-up. We're on the winning side.
    Don't give up, cling to Christ or to his cross. Do what he says to do. The results are unpleasant in this world, but the retirement in heaven is divine. grin.

    BTW, there's a "Pro-life issues..." forum, where you can learn where to join the fight against abortion. I've been in that fight for decades of years.

    God is love,


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