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OCD/Scrupulosity Group

Group created by AFCatholic

This group is for those who suffer from a religious form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). From the Scrupulous Anonymous website "Older people may be troubled about past sins, others agonize about problems of obedience and purity, and many worry about sin where there is no sin. Their fear and anxiety prevent them from making decisions lest they be wrong ones." This forum is for discussion and encouragement.

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  1. aellis422
    Sep 7, '14 6:05 am
    Anyone have tips for figuring out what is grave matter and If you consented consented to it?
    Aug 23, '14 8:55 am
    Yes, my spiritual director back in the 90s recommended the Divine Mercy devotion to me when it was just starting to "catch on" - at least it was the first I'd heard of it. I found it helpful and I'm sure many other scrupulous have as well. I have the little Divine Mercy booklet as well as a copy of St. Faustina's Diary.
  3. Servant31
    Aug 22, '14 8:31 pm
    Hey. Thought this might be be helpful guys. I think as scrupulous we could focus more on Jesus' eMercy. I realize the temptation to get anal about the technicialties (I do this myself), but lets not lose the forest for the trees here. I mean read this and see how much Jesus WANTS to be merciful, but for me at least, I could trust more.
    Aug 20, '14 11:39 am
    Any Pure-O OCD types here? Obsessive thoughts that torment? Just wondering because some topics trigger me and one of them is suicide. I'm not suicidal, but my OCD has tried to tell me I will have a bad panic attack and then be tempted.

    With the death of Robin Williams I have realized I have to stop reading about it for awhile - may he Rest In Peace - but I can't keep reading all the news articles, it makes me morbid and feeds the woundedness in my brain, y'know? I even decided not to watch any more of his movies with my friends - at first it seemed like a tribute thing. And there were some that I had never seen. But I think I'll wait till the sadness dies down to watch them, and only watch one at a time and with other movies, other actors.

    I just wondered if any of you have to be kind of protective of yourselves in this way. My scrupulosity and OCD seem to feed off that part of me that's kind of like an oversensitive antenna and picks up on stuff and then can't let go of it.
  5. lucia kay
    Aug 16, '14 7:15 pm
    lucia kay
    I am new to the group. I am so glad to be here. I am a recent convert to Catholicism, and I often suffer from scruples. I'm sure being a member of this group will be such a blessing.
  6. B79
    Aug 15, '14 8:26 pm
    Hi everybody. If it's any help, Catholic Answers' own Jimmy Akin (a wealth of knowledge as I'm sure many of you know) recently posted on the website of the National Catholic Register (affiliated w/ EWTN) a short blog titled '6 Tools for the Scrupulous'. Here's a link:

    God bless.
  7. Pieman333272
    Aug 3, '14 10:15 am
    Hey all. I am trying to break free of sins of impurity and have lately (last couple months) become scrupulous. I worry about giving a good Confession and keep feeling I botch them by excluding something that I don't think is mortal at the time and then think is mortal after. I feel stuck and am unsure what to do. If anyone has some advice or just encouragement please PM me.
  8. B79
    May 23, '14 5:46 pm
    Hello friends. Thought I'd say hello as I haven't in awhile. Happy Easter season to everyone -- I pray that you will live in the joy and peace of this season! "Peace be with you" was our Lord's greeting to the apostles when they were hiding in fear that first Easter Sunday evening -- as I heard a good priest say, Jesus could've said something quite different, such as "Why did you abandon me?", but He chose to say, "Peace be with you." That's something to reflect on.

    God bless.
  9. thestudentAD
    May 1, '14 9:25 am
    I don't know if I have posted on this before, but I've had scrupulosity for some time, seven -eight years now.
    Typically, when I'm off my medication it's concentrated ont he end-times, demons, sexual and non sexual crimes. I'm taking my medications and have been for a year or two now. They've helped me out tremendously, according to my Dad.
  10. fencersmother
    Apr 11, '14 10:56 am
    Have any of you been told by your confessor to refrain from the sacrament of reconciliation, except for once a month? It has been "suggested" for me (though I am under no charge regarding it) and while it's only been five days, I feel that same old strong compulsion to go again.

    Now, I KNOW (I hope, pray) that I have committed no mortal sins in five days, and I know that my confessor is sosososo busy so I haven't called, but just the compulsive feeling is about overwhelming.

    I know realize how strong the process of addiction must be to alcoholics and drug addicts, for whom I have had few charitable thoughts in the past. Ahhh, maybe I should confess THAT?


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