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OCD/Scrupulosity Group

Group created by AFCatholic

This group is for those who suffer from a religious form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). From the Scrupulous Anonymous website "Older people may be troubled about past sins, others agonize about problems of obedience and purity, and many worry about sin where there is no sin. Their fear and anxiety prevent them from making decisions lest they be wrong ones." This forum is for discussion and encouragement.

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  1. B79
    May 23, '14 5:46 pm
    Hello friends. Thought I'd say hello as I haven't in awhile. Happy Easter season to everyone -- I pray that you will live in the joy and peace of this season! "Peace be with you" was our Lord's greeting to the apostles when they were hiding in fear that first Easter Sunday evening -- as I heard a good priest say, Jesus could've said something quite different, such as "Why did you abandon me?", but He chose to say, "Peace be with you." That's something to reflect on.

    God bless.
  2. thestudentAD
    May 1, '14 9:25 am
    I don't know if I have posted on this before, but I've had scrupulosity for some time, seven -eight years now.
    Typically, when I'm off my medication it's concentrated ont he end-times, demons, sexual and non sexual crimes. I'm taking my medications and have been for a year or two now. They've helped me out tremendously, according to my Dad.
  3. fencersmother
    Apr 11, '14 10:56 am
    Have any of you been told by your confessor to refrain from the sacrament of reconciliation, except for once a month? It has been "suggested" for me (though I am under no charge regarding it) and while it's only been five days, I feel that same old strong compulsion to go again.

    Now, I KNOW (I hope, pray) that I have committed no mortal sins in five days, and I know that my confessor is sosososo busy so I haven't called, but just the compulsive feeling is about overwhelming.

    I know realize how strong the process of addiction must be to alcoholics and drug addicts, for whom I have had few charitable thoughts in the past. Ahhh, maybe I should confess THAT?
  4. BoistonEA
    Mar 30, '14 2:42 pm
    I'm feeling so much better I know I will never be totally free of depression but at the moment I'm at peace. This Lent has helped a lot have managed to do a little more than last, but I'm praying and praying and God is there I know helping me.
  5. eschator83
    Mar 30, '14 10:38 am
    Welcome back, I think staying depressed without praying about it and/or seeking help from friends and Church is probably a venial sin, but I pray you will get out of it. I believe our kids face a lot more temptation than we did, especially TV and other media. The USA should be ashamed, and afraid, of what we are letting happen to our society. It is long past overdue to impose restrictions on public sexuality, and violence too. Our weakest just keep getting worse.
  6. BoistonEA
    Mar 15, '14 4:07 pm
    It's been a while since I was on here. I haven't a great lot to say except is it a sin to be depressed. I do cope with life but every time I think I'm doing well the devil won't leave me alone and puts thoughts into my mind. I wanted to go to Confession today but I just couldn't. I feel as if II've messed up a lot I'm getting on a bit now and I just want to put the past behind me. I blame myself for the way my children live their lives even though I know we are all responsible for our own lives and God does help me every day.
    Dec 16, '13 5:04 am
    I realize this could be posted in the main forums, but I am going to post it here. Later today I am turning in my final portfolio for a fiction writing class and I felt conflicted over something the entire semester. In people's stories they have things that might be innapropriate and I have felt conflicted over whether to comment on this or to keep it more of a strict literature perspective without morality. Specifically if you could give me advice on language. I added like one sentence saying something like Prefer it without swearing or doesn't need to use God out of context (referring to taking God's name in vain). Should I leave the sentence in about language (especially if there is swearing?) Should I only comment on using God's name?
  8. Genevieve II
    Dec 13, '13 12:34 am
    Genevieve II
    Johnnyt3000, I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering from this. The feeling/thought that you can't be forgiven is more of a psychological rather than a spiritual problem. Many priests have told you that you've been forgiven. You know this intellectually. However, the OCD that underlies our scrupulosity makes us buy into our feelings/thoughts. You are not your feelings. The best that you can do is to make room for the anxiety associated with these feelings. Obtaining continual reassurance that you were forgiven just perpetuates the condition. You might just remind yourself that you have ocd and these thoughts/feelings will crop up from time to time. Then, don't give them power. Go ahead with your day and pay them no attention. Try engaging in a pleasurable activity if they just keep wearing you down. Hope this helps. God's Blessings to All!
  9. johnnyt3000
    Dec 9, '13 7:47 pm
    Have any of you ever struggled with the worry of the unpardonable sin? I currently do right now. I have constantly been worrying about this for a couple days now, what happened was back about 3 months ago when I started coming back to the church (change of heart), there were some bad habits I had to break, during that time I was extremely scrupulous, but in some unfortunate moments I was careless as well, I would commit a sin just because I know I could go to confession about it (which is another sin, the sin of presumption), and I understand that this is a sin against the Holy Ghost, and I constantly worry because I've read that the sins against the Holy Spirit have to do with when Jesus spoke of the unpardonable sin(blasphemy against the Holy Spirit) in Matthew 12:31, I have talked to a priest about this, and he assured me it's only unforgivable BECAUSE the person does NOT repent, therefore I repented (confessed the presumption) and so I have been forgiven (because I have the firm resolution to never do it again), I also get the same answer from every priest on every catholic website that I have been to, the problem is, I can't get rid of the feeling/thought that I can't be forgiven!! But I do not, and never ever want to despair, I have not despaired, I always still go to confession regularly, I'm constantly praying to Jesus to have mercy on me, and I ask him to please take away the insecurity that i'm dealing with, what are some other things that can help my situation?
  10. fencersmother
    Oct 8, '13 7:05 am
    I recently had a meeting with our parish's new "Spiritual Director" who is a psychologist, who told me I needed counseling when I told her I was worried about the differences between mortal and venial sin. when I told her I had scrupulous tendencies, she poo-pooed me, saying that if I just went to her office, she could counsel me, and don't worry, she was sure I just couldn't sin. While she may have been correct in some respects, she certainly did not properly handle my fears, and I'm not sure she was a Christian. Later, she was removed from this role at our parish and has not returned.

    It's a tough world out there for those of us with scrupulosity or those tendencies.


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