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Traditional Catholics

Group created by Dominique1234

This group is for all those who wish to follow our Pope's example in Church Tradition and Liturgy. It is for those who are willing to consecrate themselves to God and His Church. It is for those who think that by following Rome, they are following Christ. It is for those who deny satan and all he stands for, including modernism in the Church, which as most of us know, has not helped people return to our wonderful Faith. (Before 1970's = approx. 85% attendance/ Today= approx. 35% attendance)

This group is for those who wish to bring back, as Pope Benedict XVI is doing, our Faith to what it was before.

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  1. aTraditionalist
    Jan 6, '14 5:06 pm
    Hi guys/gals. I'm sure how active this group is, but I'm happy to have found a group of like minded folks. I belong to a FSSP parish and not looking back.
  2. dshix
    Jan 29, '13 9:43 am
    Hi everyone,

    I just joined his group, and wanted to say, "Hi!"

    I go to an FSSP parish and wished to join a group with others who have experienced the beauty of the Latin Mass.

    God Bless!
  3. lordpray4us
    Dec 16, '12 5:34 am
    Hello everyone, I belong the a Latin Mass Community in my local Diocese. I believe every faithful Catholic must open their heart and souls to the Traditional Latin Mass.

    God Bless
  4. Samwyz
    Oct 7, '12 7:16 pm
    Hello, I just joined this group.

    I am open to meeting interested women who are healthy and desire to serve God as a teaching Benedictine sister. My community was disbanded due to ill health and old age, who are being well taken care of by another community of sisters. This would be a new beginning, and a vocation to pioneer a new community. I am teaching in a good Catholic elementary school that wants me to begin a new foundation. I have a house with four bedrooms. If it is God's will, I am open to meeting anyone who may be interested.

    I also beg for your prayers.
  5. Irotama
    Aug 26, '11 10:16 am
    God Bless all of you Traditional Catholics!

    From my limited understanding of Vatican II, it was trying to get the people more involved in the Mass. Unfortunately it seems to have opened the door for the devil to get into the church and destroy Her. The devil will not succeed thanks to many like all of you. As our Lord said "The gates of hell will not prevail against Her."

    I go to Latin Mass when I can. The churches around me do not have the Latin Mass, so I have to drive some distance to attend one. As it is always worth the drive, it is not always possible. Some of the parishes in my area are becoming Protestant not only in the way the people act at Mass and after Mass, but the saying of the Our Father. It saddens me so, so much!

    We have a new Bishop and I pray he will straighten things out here.

    I am not sure just what I can and should do. There are some that agree with me, but there are others that give me the feeling I would go away. I even get that feeling from some priests when I kneel and receive Holy Communion on the tongue, as I am the only one that does it in the parishes around me. Thank God for the parish that has the Latin Mass.

    Sorry for being so wordy. It is just so wonderful to encounter people like yourselves.

    God Bless all of you,
  6. AlainVanille
    Aug 26, '11 9:26 am
    I think it is sad that Feminist movement have perpetrated the Church... what next? Homosexuality??

    I think we have to deal with these issues like seriously...
  7. ajpirc
    Jun 25, '11 12:57 pm
    I love nuns that wear habits. Nuns wearing habits show that they aren't afraid to show people that they're Catholic.
  8. Poor Soul
    Jun 25, '11 11:07 am
    Poor Soul
    Hello everyone, I'm a Catholic revert and look forward to growing in my Catholic faith.

    @Bluenun: The sisters that wear the blue habit I believe are The Marian Sisters of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen.
  9. gatewood1988
    Jun 25, '11 8:56 am
    Hello everyone, I am kind of new to the traditional scene, but I feel that's where I need to be I am a member of the Parish of St. Peter (FSSP) here in Tulsa.
  10. DrLevesque
    Jun 6, '11 11:58 am
    Hello all,

    This group is very good initiative. I completely support the revival of the traditional mass. It is needed and I believe that it will revitalize the Catholic Church.

    God Bless



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