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Group created by Adrienne5678

A group where we can all come together and talk about our favorite saints and what we have gained by learning about them.

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  1. Mystic3
    Aug 8, '12 6:52 am
    Bede Griffiths was born in 1906 in England and died in 1993 in India. He made lecture tours through the West and sparked waves of enthusiasm out there. He wrote many books. He was a great inspiration to many Christians today. At him they found the love and the authenticity that they had been looking for. His final words were: "I am so happy. I'm so full of love. This is my commandment, that ye love one another. In this is included the whole gospel."

    Bede Griffiths wanted the adaptation of Christianity to the present day. He taught that the disclosures of all religions complete one another. All the holy books of all religions together give the whole thing. A spiritual person can and should learn from the books of all religions.

    Bede Griffiths was, how many great saints, very uncomfortable for his church. He explained that the Catholic Church must change. She should find new ways to express the Christian message. She should make love, not the sin to the center of her faith.

    Bede Griffiths advocated the abolition of compulsory celibacy for priests, the priesthood of women and to establish inter-religious communities. His ashram in India was visited by people from all religions. He sent his Christian students to other spiritual traditions, so that everyone could find just the personal right way for him to enlightenment.

    ---> Video: Bede Griffiths talks about the love of God (3 min.)
  2. Christine85
    Jul 3, '12 4:45 am
    Great defintion Adrienne I agree with you. I think that a Saint is when someone becomes as Holy as God wills them to be

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  1. embraced
    May 5, '09 7:32 am
    Yes, I beieive so. When I read about him I was so taken in by his love and wisdom concerning the heart of God. I actually ordered a chaplet of St. Martin de Porres, just feel lead to him. How about you, who is your favorite?
  2. Adrienne5678
    May 5, '09 4:01 am
    He's great! He's a good example of how we should act towards each other. Is he your favorite saint?
  3. embraced
    May 4, '09 5:08 pm
    It never ceases to amaze me how their lives touch my heart. I was just reading today about Saint Martin de Porres. What an amazing man!
  4. Adrienne5678
    May 4, '09 4:31 pm
    Hello and Welcome!
    The saints are my heroes because we will never be as perfect as Jesus or Mary, but the saints are people just like us who accepted the call for holiness. They are our role models! We have a growing group! I'm sooo happy!!!
  5. embraced
    May 4, '09 3:50 pm
    Hey Everyone! I love the lives of the Saints thought this group might be a good fit for me.
  6. Adrienne5678
    Apr 30, '09 3:03 pm
    That's wonderful! Your life must be tough, but the harder your life is here, the more merits you will earn in Heaven if you follow God's will.
  7. Buddicca
    Apr 30, '09 4:42 am
    My Mum has a laugh that my patron saint is Saint Frances Of Rome and I have never learnt to drive - she is the patron saint of drivers! I don't know if that there was something subconscious in that choice. I just have a phobia about driving now I am an adult and get very upset and stressed when I attempt to drive. I actually chose her because of her patience with her husband..................... the irony being I have found myself in a situation where I have found myself praying to her alot. I found my husband had an undiagnosed mental illness after we married and infinite patience is required to cope! My husband is even amazed that I some how cope with him. My faith and constant prayer & a quick reassuring 'chat' with St Frances really help!
  8. Adrienne5678
    Apr 27, '09 12:27 pm
    That's fantastic! I'm not too familiar with St. Maximillian Kolbe, but I am with St. Maria Goretti. She was wonderful. To have that kind of maturity and grace at such a young age! St. Maria was truly watching over your daughter, what a blessing! There is a movie called St. Maria Goretti, it's great I love it! Here's a link:

    Thank you for sharing with us! God Bless you!
  9. Buddicca
    Apr 27, '09 6:05 am
    My children studied my huge encyclopedia of saints before deciding on their respective patron saints and I was so suprised by their choices.
    My son ( now 17 ) chose St Maximillian Kolbe and when I asked him why he said he was impressed that he was just a quiet guy who just quietly did what he did -even giving himself up for someone else - which he said is a bit like our Australian concept of mateship - you don't make a scene you just go ahead and do it for the love of your mates ( fellow man ). He is planning to join the army next year and his interest in WW2 history has remained constant & he is now a young man who just quietly goes out of his way to help his mates ( & the community ) & doesn't seek out kudos or accolades.
    My daughter selected St Maria Gorretti whom I have to admit, I wasn't familiar with before her selection. Studying her life was a perfect example of standing fast to your moral ideals & forgiveness. Later in life my daughter then 15 unexpectedly found herself in a very dangerous situation almost idential to the situation that ended St Maria's life & where she had to stand her ground morally and she told me she later thought if a little girl of 12 could do it - so could she! I thank god it ended safely for my daughter and I know every day St Maria was looking over her shoulder at that moment. I know their chosen saints and what they learned about them have impressed upon them moral character that anyone can strive for with faith. We chat about them quite frequently & they're almost members of the family! Not like the distant ideals of sainthood I remember from my childhhood!
  10. Adrienne5678
    Apr 17, '09 7:34 am
    Hello everyone! I just heard that the Catholic Church is thinking about starting the process of canonization for St. Therese of Lisieux's entire family! Is that true??? Have any of you heard something like that?


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