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I'm a former Mormon and now a current Catholic

Group created by Holly3278

This is a group for those of us who are former Mormons (of any Mormon sect) who are now current Catholics. Please join this group to discuss ways to witness to Mormons and share your experiences with the Mormons.

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  1. Holly3278
    Feb 28, '10 10:13 am
    Yes, that is the normal time line. Also, the reason why the Catholic Church does not recognize your LDS baptism as valid is because the LDS church has an unorthodox view of the Trinity. They view the Trinity as three gods who are one only in purpose. Us Catholics know that the Trinity is ONE God who are united in purpose. I think you will appreciate the time that it takes for you to become Catholic once it's all done and over with. I know I did.
  2. nolabound
    Feb 27, '10 10:30 pm
    Hi! I'm not Catholic yet... but hope to be after RCIA this next year. It looks like it will be over a year if RCIA starts this fall and then baptism at Easter. I guess that is the normal timeline? Too bad the Catholic church doesn't recognize my LDS baptism. Perhaps if it did, that would speed up the process...
  3. Holly3278
    Feb 22, '10 5:43 pm
    You could check out the following website. It's not affiliated with any religion but it is affiliated with ex-Mormons:
  4. elliemae8
    Feb 21, '10 2:57 pm
    Hi everyone,
    Anybody have any suggestions on how to de-program myself of any residual Mormon thoughts/ideas? I am a convert from Protestantism to Catholic but was raised Mormon and my family (almost all of it) is still Mormon. Are there any groups online in addition to this one? Any books you suggest?
  5. SirKnight2007
    Feb 21, '10 5:37 am
    Hi everyone.

    I am a former Mormon, now a grateful Catholic. After seeing the lies of the Mormon church, I am so grateful I converted to Catholicism. I think the Mormons greatest asset is bringing people in at their most vulnerable moments so they can "win them over".
  6. rich1973
    Feb 19, '10 10:21 pm
    I joined this group not because I am a former Mormon, I have always been Catholic. My girlfriend is Mormon & I love her very much and would eventually like to see her convert. What made those of you who converted do so? Thanks
  7. sablouwho
    Feb 18, '10 10:20 am
    Brigadoon--why did you leave the LDS? And why did you convert to the CC? (If you don't mind my asking!)
  8. Brigadoon
    Feb 18, '10 7:20 am
    I was raised Mormon and left to become a Catholic. It has been many years but much of my family will not acknowledge my conversion and others simply will not talk to me.
  9. Holly3278
    Feb 15, '10 5:39 pm
    Yes, I am back as a practicing Catholic now. My issues with the LDS were mainly that they wouldn't allow African-Americans to join the priesthood until the 1970s and also that I thought they taught that God the Father had marital relations with the Virgin Mary in order to conceive Jesus. I'm still not sure if they actually teach that or not. Those are a couple of reasons that I left them. I also left them because I realized that the Catholic Church is true and not the LDS church.
  10. sablouwho
    Feb 14, '10 8:45 pm
    What happened after your LDS baptism? You are back as a practicing Catholic now, right? So what were your issues with the LDS? Why did you leave them?


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