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sci fi lovers unite with catholicism!!!!!

Group created by benderkid10

this group is for any young catholics who love to read, watch, or write about fantasy or science fiction related stuff. but you also have to love one more thing: .... JESUS!!!!!!! <3

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    Sep 16, '12 7:58 pm
    They are really unique, aren't they? A sense of wonder, and they're clean, and Christian in outlook. Even though they aren't "hard" science fiction, they are enjoyable enough that I'm completely willing to suspend disbelief.

    Another book I'm curious if anyone has read, because I just recently read it - an old classic, James Blish's A Case of Conscience. It has a main character who is a Jesuit priest. From what the introduction to the book said, Blish was agnostic, and the Catholicism in the book was pre-Vatican II since it was published in the 1950s. I found it engaging to read, and the ending ambiguous. It might have one meaning to a believer and another meaning to a non-believer. Which only makes it more interesting, IMO.

    There are just so few Catholic science fiction works - I hope to change that with my own writing Wish me luck!

    I found the Catholic sci-fi blog I was thinking no longer existed but I think I just mistyped the name - anyhow, it's still around, and it's pretty cool:

  2. tabycat
    Sep 16, '12 2:58 pm
    From the first time I read Zenna Henderson's People stories I liked her writing.
    Sep 8, '12 12:58 pm
    And another discovery! A science fiction message board:
    Jul 20, '12 12:22 pm
    New author discovery - Zenna Henderson - writer in the 50s-70s. Apparently she was Mormon. There is a sort of Mormon "vibe" if you will to the stories in her books, but more importantly it is a Christian vibe and there's a sense of hopefulness as opposed to some of the nihilistic-ness of some sci-fi written from a secular point of view. I'd be interested in what others think.
  5. tabycat
    May 31, '12 8:49 pm
    Onr little hint about the book: Isreal is a 'power player' back on earth.
    May 27, '12 1:16 pm
    I like Poul Anderson - haven't read that particular book though. I will have to take a look at it. I have a friend who is into alternate histories and sci-fi and it definitely sounds like something she might enjoy as well.
  7. tabycat
    May 27, '12 1:03 pm
    Anybody read Poal Anderson's HIGH CRUSADE? Main plot is a 14th century English village takes over a alain starship and what happens to them between then and when they are 'found' in the future time. It's an older book.
  8. DavidtheGnome
    May 21, '12 9:36 pm
    I am reading "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M Miller and can't recommend it takes place after a nuclear war were the Catholic church has become one of the few guardians of knowledge. Can't wait for the end!
  9. tabycat
    May 21, '12 8:25 pm
    What if one of the Wise Men was an alien ane he/she went and told their home planet about the Birth? And/or he/she was a witness to Jesus's life and went to their group and carried the message of Christ to intersteller space? What would their Catholicism look like? As for being older I'm coming up to being 65 and Andre Norton was writting up until the last year of her life (she died at age 93).
  10. 3DOCTORS
    Apr 28, '12 4:18 pm
    Has anyone read The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester? I just discovered this sci-fi classic recently and am enjoying it a lot! I think it should be made into a movie. It has retro appeal that could be really cool in the right filmmaker's hands.


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