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sci fi lovers unite with catholicism!!!!!

Group created by benderkid10

this group is for any young catholics who love to read, watch, or write about fantasy or science fiction related stuff. but you also have to love one more thing: .... JESUS!!!!!!! <3

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Group Wall Messages 31 to 40 of 48
    Oct 20, '10 8:19 pm
    Anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year?
    Sep 30, '10 9:48 pm
    Way to go Prof K! Keep on writing!

    I got back to working on mine last night after a long busy spell and it felt good.
  3. Prof K
    Sep 2, '10 9:36 am
    Prof K
    I now have a rough draft of a Catholic sci-fi novel and would be happy to trade some proof reading with any other writers in the group, or will accept volunteers. I have authored academic books, but this is my first attempt at a novel. Shoot me an e-mail if interested. [email protected]. I hope to submit for consideration in a few months.
    Aug 7, '10 7:40 pm
    Since I'm writing a Catholic sci-fi novel, and since for some years I was reading more in the mystery genre and non-fiction and misc., now and then I get a notion I'd better read some more current sci-fi to make sure I'm not accidentally getting ideas that are unoriginal or something.

    Anyhow, the other day I picked up a copy of Whitley Strieber's The Grays at the thrift shop and read it in 2 days. I looked him up on the web and it says he's Catholic! He wrote the book Communion which supposedly describes a first-hand alien abduction experience. I think I'll have to read that just for the heck of it.

    The Grays seemed to be a thriller -- sort of Tom Clancy meets Close Encounters? -- predictable in places, but a fun page turner. Strieber's into the 2012 thing too, from what I gathered looking up other titles by him.
  5. Davidsui
    Jun 24, '10 7:20 am
    I absolutely love SIFI! I have just bought my copy of Avitar, and I love it!
    Jun 21, '10 3:44 pm
    Hi -- been a member of the Forums awhile but just now got to exploring groups. I'm a bit "geriatric" myself at 48 but that means I can remember the Gemini and Apollo missions first hand, whereas some of you whippersnappers can't! Hee hee. But seriously I like Star Wars (it brought back some of the Gemini/Apollo feeling of wonder), Trek, and various others. I also like Harry Potter and Twilight Saga -- read with discernment they have some good values in them, and I don't have any kids so I don't have to worry about the parental-control issues. Recently also read C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy and am going to read the Narnia and Lord of the Rings series and see the LOTR movies. I'm also a writer of sorts myself and am working on a Catholic Sci-Fi novel. I think well-written sci-fi can take us to a different perspective from which truth of our Faith can be all the more affirmed. Glad to have found this group.
  7. kingal86
    Jun 4, '10 1:20 pm
    Star Trek is good. Oh I like DS9, and Voyager. Yeah DS9 is a bit dark, I haven't seen all the series. I like most of them, but can't really get into Kirk's TOS.
  8. Lady Mariegrace
    Jun 4, '10 12:57 pm
    Lady Mariegrace
    I LOVE all of the Star Trek series EXcept Deep Space Nine - it felt too dark and dismal for me. I have tried multiple times to get through it because i know it has some stories of some of my favorite characters such as Worf but can't seem to get through it.
    Loved all of the Star Trek movies but #1 and #5 were not so great. Anyone else have some comments on this?
  9. JohnT58
    May 21, '10 10:26 am
    Huge sci-fi fan. Especially Star Trek, all series except Voyager. Also into Bablon 5, Star Wa,r LOTR, Classics like 2001, Bladerunner, Day The Earth Stood Still ect etc....Old B-movies...
    Just hit 30 I'm I still young enough?
  10. lynnvinc
    May 21, '10 9:42 am
    I'm 62, have always loved sci-fi. Wrote a sci-fi novel as a teen (not published), and recently a couple of screenplays (not optioned). Loved the Startrek series -- original, and also DEEP SPACE NINE.

    Loved Twilight Zone, especially THE HOWLING MAN, a tale about the devil (see ).

    Anyone read A CANTICLE FOR LEIBOWITZ? Wonderful!!


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