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sci fi lovers unite with catholicism!!!!!

Group created by benderkid10

this group is for any young catholics who love to read, watch, or write about fantasy or science fiction related stuff. but you also have to love one more thing: .... JESUS!!!!!!! <3

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  1. DavidtheGnome
    May 21, '12 9:36 pm
    I am reading "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M Miller and can't recommend it takes place after a nuclear war were the Catholic church has become one of the few guardians of knowledge. Can't wait for the end!
  2. tabycat
    May 21, '12 8:25 pm
    What if one of the Wise Men was an alien ane he/she went and told their home planet about the Birth? And/or he/she was a witness to Jesus's life and went to their group and carried the message of Christ to intersteller space? What would their Catholicism look like? As for being older I'm coming up to being 65 and Andre Norton was writting up until the last year of her life (she died at age 93).
    Apr 28, '12 4:18 pm
    Has anyone read The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester? I just discovered this sci-fi classic recently and am enjoying it a lot! I think it should be made into a movie. It has retro appeal that could be really cool in the right filmmaker's hands.
    Apr 24, '12 7:23 am
    halx, in answer to your question, if you know your Catholic Faith well, you can read with discernment most literature - in fact, the comparison and contrast is sometimes a good refresher course. What I mean is, see where the author's concepts agree or don't agree with Catholic teaching, and many of them can be accepted as fantasy storytelling devices, make believe, to advance the plot. Sort of like fairytales but on a more grownup level.
  5. halx
    Nov 8, '11 8:38 am
    I'm new to sci-fi and was wondering about Robert Jordan. There's all this "Light be with you", etc. Is it okay to read books with fantasy Gods? Like I said, "it's all new to me"! Thank you!
    Aug 30, '11 1:56 pm
    Discovered a Catholic-themed sci-fi novel - and sequel - just by serendipity at my library. The first novel is entitled The Sparrow, and the sequel Children of God. The author is Mary Doria Russell.

    The books are about a group of Jesuits and laypeople who travel to a planet in Alpha Centauri solar system where there are two sentient races. Only one Jesuit, Sandoz, survives and he comes back traumatized and broken by the experience in The Sparrow.

    In Children of God, the Jesuits are getting ready to go back and they want Sandoz to go, but he wants no part of it. I'm still reading this book.

    Disclaimer - there is some editorializing about priestly celibacy, masturbation, birth control and the usual subjects on which the Church is supposedly "backward" - but there is enough redeeming quality to the storyline that I just took that stuff with a grain of salt. And the books are well written and thought provoking in many good ways.
  7. BGlinda
    Jun 3, '11 9:12 pm
    Yippie! A SciFi site! I'm new to the CAF and have found so many wonderful things to see and do here. I'm a Trekkie! I always thought the Bajorans were the Catholics of the Trek universe. Just call me B'ile - Irish for temple of God.
    May 10, '11 8:37 pm
    I think God could work in many mysterious ways with a lot of this - maybe it's like native peoples that were not yet discovered in the earlier centuries of the Church. Or maybe God's plan of salvation is tailored to the needs of an alien race. Or there may not be any alien races (but for the sake of sci-fi fans, that is a moot point, LOL).

    Perhaps the alien race is in a state of grace (hey, that rhymes!) or a better state than we are, at least. As they are at this point to our knowledge, fictional, we can bounce humanity's situation off the hypothetical status of many different imaginary beings.
  9. Adriana01
    Apr 19, '11 7:04 pm
    I haven't thought much about whether mankind will colonize other planets before Jesus comes or not--I just don't think that much about the timing of His Second Coming--after all, the one thing we do know about it is that no-one knows when it will happen

    I have pondered the dilemma that would be encountered should intelligent alien life actually exist: has God revealed His plan of salvation to them already in a form that corresponds to our Church's teachings, or would we have to go out and convert them, using their existing beliefs as pointers to the Faith, as was done here on earth? I've already discounted the possibility of them having their own separate religion, as all intelligent beings have souls given to them by God.

    I've read some good science fiction that take both approaches (and some bad sci fi, too) though I can't remember titles or authors at the moment. Of course, most sci fi that even mentions religion assumes that each group has it's own and individuals never convert.
  10. 3DOCTORS
    Feb 24, '11 9:41 am
    Has anyone else ever wondered if mankind will live a long time on the Earth and eventually colonize not only the planets in the Solar System but perhaps go to the stars before Jesus comes?

    Why I ask this, and I'm not trying to be weird or heretical, but the Sun has a limited lifespan. So do you think Jesus will return well in advance of that, maybe even within our lifetime, or could it really be thousands of years off. And by then when the Sun starts to die we'd have to be out of here or we'd be dead from the radiation and whatnot.

    And since God has permitted man to go to the Moon, it sort of proves we don't literally have to all be on Planet Earth at any given moment. I'm sure Our Lord would be able to retrieve any "strays" from space as well when He returns! So why not Mars or the stars, and His return would encompass the Universe itself?

    Are you dizzy enough yet, or shall I continue?


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