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RCIA 2009-2010

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Group created by glenconnor

For Candidates and Catechumens entering the Catholic Church Easter Vigil 2010

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  1. glenconnor
    Mar 28, '10 10:40 pm
    For me everything just fell into place after I started attending Daily Mass and then became a believer. The parish closest to my house (the one I was baptized in way back when) only did their RCIA on Sundays, which I cannot do because of work. I had almost given up on doing RCIA when I found out that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton did it on wednesdays which is perfect for me! I have met so many wonderful people and made so many friends that I know that I was meant to be at Seton. The Lord blesses me abundantly and I am so very grateful.

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  1. Sunflake9
    Mar 28, '10 9:57 pm
    good way to put it
  2. glenconnor
    Mar 28, '10 9:55 pm
    A Catholic version of "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" St. Boniface had a lot of courage. "Mr. Thor, stop me from cutting down your tree if you can!" lol
  3. Sunflake9
    Mar 28, '10 9:53 pm
  4. glenconnor
    Mar 28, '10 9:50 pm
    There are so many interesting stories. One of my favourites is this one about St. Boniface

    In 723, Boniface felled the holy oak tree dedicated to Thor near the present-day town of Fritzlar in northern Hesse. He did this with the Prophet Elijah in mind. Boniface called upon Thor to strike him down if he cut the "holy" tree. According to St Boniface's first biographer, Willibald (an Anglo-Saxon priest come to Mainz after Boniface's death, not to be confused with the saint),[2] Boniface started to chop the oak down, when suddenly a great wind, as if by miracle, blew the ancient oak over. When Thor did not strike him down, the people were amazed and converted to Christianity. All belief in Thor ended. He built a chapel from its wood at the site where today stands the cathedral of Fritzlar. Later he established the first bishopric in Germany north of the old Roman Limes at the Frankish fortified settlement of Büraburg, on a prominent hill facing the town across the Eder River.

    The felling of Thor's Oak is commonly regarded as the beginning of German Christianization north and east of the old borders of the Roman Empire.
  5. Sunflake9
    Mar 28, '10 9:47 pm
    I probably haven't read as much about the saints as I should have.
  6. glenconnor
    Mar 28, '10 9:45 pm
    For me, St. Augustine of Hippo. I've read through some of what he has written. That and his later in life conversion (like me) really strikes home.
  7. Sunflake9
    Mar 28, '10 9:43 pm
    Well if they drop this on my at the last minute I guess St. Patrick because I'm part Irish or St Thomas Aquinas because he thinks in very scientific terms i.e god is the first mover in the universe, made me really think and started to draw me in. How bout you guys?
  8. glenconnor
    Mar 28, '10 9:33 pm
    CVBS21---Saint for confirmation name, it's pretty standard...except in this group it seems. I wonder why?

    Yup, a slap (a very very light one, mind you) during Confirmation

    And I was thinking the same thing today about it being my last blessing ( as long as I mind my P's and Q's)
  9. cvbs21
    Mar 28, '10 9:25 pm
    There has been no mention of choosing a saint in my program. So, I am curious about that.

    glenconnor ~ a slap!?!?!?

    You know what else I was the LAST SUNDAY I will receive only a blessing!!!!!!
  10. glenconnor
    Mar 28, '10 8:56 pm
    We had to have ours picked out by a few weeks ago. Do you have a saint in mind yet?


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