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Proud to be a Catholic!

Group created by jesuslovemary88

This group is for all who are not ashamed to be catholic. Those who will die for their faith. Let's discuss anything about out faith. From games to questions, conversion stories... prayer request...anything we can come up with!

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  1. Totterman
    Oct 30, '10 6:15 am
    Please pray for me. The moderators is not telling what I have done wrong,maybe because I have not done anything against the rules,but I am for some reason not alloved to ask questions and not ansver all of them,so please help me with a prayer.
  2. beth40n2
    Oct 11, '10 4:20 am
    Anyone can check out the group "Converting to Catholic Resources". Lots of good links for any Catholic to learn their faith.
  3. catholicsaint19
    Oct 9, '10 9:33 am
    We are currently asking all Catholic men and women To Donate $10 Or What You Can Afford To The Catholic Youth Ministries Bring Em To God Campaign
  4. beth40n2
    Oct 5, '10 5:24 pm
    I am glad to hear that Totterman. In the US we are down on attendance at mass. We also are short on priests. We all need to pray for vocations to the priesthood. It would also help if we had more deacons to help out. Also the amount of relious sisters is down, so the kids are not getting the training they need. So, vocations needs to be on the top of our prayer list every day!
  5. Totterman
    Oct 4, '10 1:49 am
    Thank You. I must explain the situation we have here in Finland. We have 7 churches and they are spread around Finland. Only two of them are In Helsinki,St Henrics and St,Marys to wich I belong,and all of them are always full. (And we sure could need a few moore priests,but atleast now we have a finnish bishop,father Teemu,the first finnish bishop in 500 years,and he is just what we needed. So a full church,on sundays you need to be there an houer before mass if you want to have seat,otherwice you will be standing the whole time. But the Church looks after us,and no one is left alone,you can always reach some priest somewhere in Finland if you need to talk. Blessings Totterman.
  6. beth40n2
    Oct 3, '10 3:24 pm
    Thank you Totterman for explaining what you mean by living like a priest. It is a blessing to be involved in prayer with our Lord. I will be praying for you! It is great a priest can come to give you the sacraments. You may want to request a lay person "Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist" bring you communion once in a while so that you would get it more often. I also wonder if your church would have a program where people give rides to mass. You sound like the ride on the bus is a problem. Daily masses are usually small groups of people instead of a church full of people. If someone could just drive you to daily mass it could be a blessing. Just a thought. I work every day and can not make it to daily mass, but I am blessed that I pass my church on my way to work, so I stop each morning and spend time reading the daily scriptures and spend a few minutes before the tabernacle. It is a great start to my day.
  7. sambfive
    Oct 3, '10 11:13 am
    Hi Totterman,
    You are so welcome and I was so relieved to see your post and that you are able to receive Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I believe we are on a world wide shortage of priests. --- We must keep praying for more Priests!
  8. Totterman
    Oct 3, '10 10:27 am
    Thank You for thinking off me. And yes,the priest comes once in a while,we need moore priest because so many convert theese days in Finland,but when they have time they come to give me communion and I can confess. I do miss mass,but I cant go. But thanks one moore time for thinking about me. Blessings,Totterman.
  9. sambfive
    Oct 3, '10 5:14 am
    Hi Totterman, this is (Miss) Sambfive you mentioned due to your disability you are unable to attend Mass. Is there anyway you can receive Holy Communion by a Priest? Are you able to have Him help you so you do not miss out on the Holy Eucharist? I was concerned when I read you are unable to attend Mass. I am so sorry for your suffering in that regard of Panic attacks. I have suffered with them in the past, but pretty much okay now. I mostly know what triggers them and am able to avoid those situations. I am much stronger mentally than I was then. When I was suffering greatly I was under great stress. I pray you are able to receive the Sacraments. Do you have any contacts with a Priest?
  10. Totterman
    Oct 3, '10 12:25 am
    Morning Beth,it is morning in Finland now. You ask what I mean by "living like a priest". It wos maybe said a bit wrong,or then not. I live in selibacy,(did I miss-spelled that word,guess so)I say Angelus three time as day,I pray Rosary.prayers,I read the Bible every day,I pray often during the day,I do my best to be there for others,thats why I have a visible cross/krusifix on my jacket or shirt,it makes it easier for people to come and talk whit me,I end every day whit "Magnificante" which is as far as I know moore for priests then for "normal" people. I dedicate every day to Jesus,our Blessed Virgin and to The Holy Spirit. But,I do not think that I am priest or anything weird,I do have a strong call to priesthood,but I wos stupid enough to get married when I wos 25 and on my way to seminar,so to say. I am by the way retired so I have time to do all theese things. And that call is what makes me what I am,and I need to do something to use my call. Mass,that is another thing. I am retired due to panic-atacks and depression,and I cant atend mass,to many people,and the bus-trip to church is what I cant manage. But I do as much as I can. Bless You Beth,I don't have many real friends,I hope I will find one in You. Blessings,Totterman


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