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Modesty in Dress and Deportment

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Group created by Miss Linda

This is a place where we can share ideas and resources for modest clothing, as well as articles, books and other resources for modest, dignified conduct in our daily lives.

Excerpts from the Catechism:
2521: Modesty protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity.

2523: Modesty inspires a way of life which makes it possible to resist the allurements of fashion and the pressures of prevailing ideologies.

Please bear in mind that this group should be a safe haven for like-minded people to share ideas and encouraging words. This is not an appropriate forum for engaging in harsh or challenging dialogue.

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  1. icons69
    Dec 25, '12 3:33 am
    @jeanannemarie. thanks for your reply.
  2. Verden Leafglow
    Nov 20, '12 6:48 am
    Verden Leafglow
    Originally Posted by jeanannemarie View Post
    Oh, sorry, all, I just reread my posts and was apalled to have written "priest sin" when I meant "priests in" and just wanted to put that right. J.

    Haha don't worry, Jean. I knew what you meant!
  3. Palomas
    Jul 12, '12 7:41 am
    Hi Suzie,

    Welcome to the forum and to modest dressing! The road to modesty can be different for everyone, I was in the same boat as you in wanting to ditch pants and wear skirts full time (and I did, for at least a year). But during that time my husband expressed that while he likes skirts, he doesn't like them ALL the time. He'd rather I wear a little of both. So that's what I do now, to please him. If I weren't married, I would still be wearing skirts probably. But how we came to a compromise is that when I wear pants, I wear tops that are tunic tops, that come down a little longer than shirts so as to cover my backside, or wear those cardigans that also come down that long. Admittedly it's been a little challenging in the summer trying to wear things that aren't too hot but are modest at the same time. I do wear capris that come just below my knees (there are cuffed styles this length that are in right now) but only have a few tops that are short-sleeved, tunic types for the summer. It's challenging in the summer coming up with modest outfits that don't require three layers of clothing on top (!!) but I'm working on sewing some more things.

    Speaking of sewing, do you have a family member or friend that knows how to sew? Maybe you could enlist her help in trying to alter some things that you buy to make them more suitable. An example would be to buy a short dress and take off a few inches from the hem to make it a tunic. Or since you said you're very tall in the torso, you may be able to get away with just wearing it as is.

    How do you know that no women are wearing dresses and skirts? (Please don't take offense, just asking!) This may well be the case in your area, but the parts I know of are very trendy, and many many women are wearing skirts and dresses (thank you, St. Ann!) and flowy tops, too, so doing something like I mentioned might work. You'd just have to find the right style of dress so that it doesn't look too dress-like.

    Anyways, hope these suggestions come in handy. If you want, feel free to bounce some ideas back and forth, I always love helping women on a tight budget come up with outfit ideas that are modest!
  4. alice24
    Jun 17, '12 3:32 am
    yes, I would be interested, BUT:
    there are many nternet stores selling modest clothing, but with this "old western/prairie style". It would be very nice If there were a shop selling modern, elegant but modest dresses, not too many layering (Im searching for dresses with long sleeves all the time) for reasonable prices.
    I wish you good luck for your business,
    God bless!
  5. fabricdragon
    Apr 23, '12 8:28 am
    Maxi dresses and long skirts have been "in" again this summer in the usa.
    now they are designed for summer, but if you get a few neutrals and use them to layer you can wear them year round.. and its "trendy" and "fashionable" stuff.

    i plan on grabbing a few as son as i have some spare cash so i can have some new long skirts/dresses.

    one i saw at Old Navy (or was it GAP) was black and white chevrons.. ok it had a tiny spaghetti strap top, but i can wear it OVER a shirt, or wear it with a blouse over it.. and black and white goes with everything!

  6. fabricdragon
    Apr 19, '12 2:38 pm
    i belong to several social networks and forums, not all of which (ok, not many of which) are specific to Catholics.
    Places like Facebook..livejournal...etc.

    anyway its very reassuring to me that even in those places i have ALWAYS found a modest clothing group, and often a head covering group!

    would you find it helpful to have the groups/forums/pages of modest clothing and etc groups on other networking sights here? is that ok on the forum?
  7. trinx
    Mar 11, '12 8:22 pm
    I am very interested in starting some sort of girls' group that focuses on modesty, purity, dignity, etc.

    I think soon girls aren't even going to realize there is an alternative to today's brazen lifestyles! Teaching 'girls that it's lovely to dress modestly and live with dignity' is something that could be a spark to turn back (or slow down) the downward spiral of our society.

    I looked for an established, well respected group that I could affiliate with and haven't found one.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Please give me names of any groups or ideas for starting my own. Charter? Sponsors? I don't know anything about it!!!

  8. fabricdragon
    Jul 24, '11 2:02 pm
    Originally Posted by Miss Linda View Post
    Tell us about some of the articles or books you have read that have helped you on your road to modesty!

    Here is an excellent resource for Scriptures that pertain to modesty:
    i have read many articles and books on clothing in different times and in different religions. i think the best guidelines for me were probably the Jewish rules on modesty because they were simple and easily spelled out, which is a relief after getting so much confusing advice.
    not to say i follow them all the time

    i read several Muslim books on clothing, but many of them were confusing to me, probably because as a non Muslim i dont get their references.

    i am studying fashion design, with an eye toward designing nice clothes that are modest and fit women who are not models...
  9. Palomas
    Feb 21, '11 7:05 pm
    Originally Posted by Dolores_IHS View Post
    Hi dear friends,

    I am at my neighbour with ADSL where I tried to upload my new sewing photos onto my profile album. I have been here two hours trying to get them on, struggling along with my neighbour to try and solve the various problems, but to no avail. Sorry, but I cannot show the photos to you yet, such a pity! I took off some on my old album as I looked so frumpy in some of them! I do so wish I could show you an updated picture of me in my black pinafor and burgundy top and veil, looking much more trendy but I can't now.

    I'll try sometime in the future again, I hope it will work then...

    Hi Dolores,

    Ah, that's too bad you can't upload your photos! If/when you do, let us know!

  10. Springkeeper
    Jul 17, '10 3:40 pm
    Originally Posted by Palomas View Post
    How I wish I could get my hands on a book that outlines this stuff, but alas, we'll just have to compile these nuggets of wisdom in piece-meal fashion!
    I downloaded "The Complete Home" by Wright

    I especially like chapters 13 (Good Manners in the Home) and 17 (Attention to Dress) .

Group Wall Messages 21 to 30 of 52
  1. starlight101
    Jun 15, '10 9:13 am
    Hello to all and welcome to all of the new members! Today a group of boys in my school was crowded round an Iphone looking at a music video and saying some very offensive and sexist things about the immodestly dressed women in the video. When will women realise that dressing in tiny shorts and crop tops does not make men think of them as equals, but as objects?!
  2. Miss Linda
    Jun 14, '10 7:47 pm
    Miss Linda
    A warm welcome to our newest member: KimKenson7! Thank you for joining.

    I pray this social group will be a blessing to you.
  3. Miss Linda
    Jun 14, '10 5:25 pm
    Miss Linda
    I have just added a picture to our group: Grace Kelly's beautiful (and beautifully modest) wedding dress. Does anyone have any special pictures of modest clothing they would like to share?
  4. Miss Linda
    Jun 14, '10 4:52 pm
    Miss Linda
    Beth, I will try to re-post the message I tried to post earlier today in response to your wall message this morning. I snuck onto my computer at work this morning and was almost done typing a response when my boss walked in and I had to log out before finishing the message. Don't you just hate it when bad ol' work gets in the way of fun?

    Well, anyway, what I was going to say is that you and I are not that far apart in age--I'm 43. I also see too many women our age walking around exposing too much of themselves, and it isn't a flattering look.

    I think StarLight (once again) has wise advice. Maybe find a flattering, modest outfit she could wear and give it as a gift. It would be so hard to try to speak to her about it, I would imagine. I'll be praying that she is convicted by your good example, and hopefully by the good example of others in your parish.
  5. Miss Linda
    Jun 14, '10 4:31 pm
    Miss Linda

    With Pippin joining our happy little group, we can now create forums!

    I have taken the liberty of creating three new forums: One as a repository for links to audio files or videos pertaining to modesty, a second for articles or books, and a third for sewing.

    I believe anyone can create a forum now, so if there is something you think might be interesting, I hope you will feel free to create one.

    Thank you Pippin, and thank you all for joining this group. I sincerely pray that this will be a place of blessing for all of us.
  6. JA25
    Jun 14, '10 4:08 pm
    I think you can start a forum once you get up to 12 members. Only two more to go!
  7. starlight101
    Jun 14, '10 8:50 am
    beth, you could try buying her something for her birthday or Christmas which is modest, or perhaps mentioning it to your son in as polite a way as possible? Today in my RS lesson we looked at a picture of a model in a bikini and a women in a headscarf and discussed who was more repressed. It was surprising (or perhaps not surprising) that they said the immodestly dressed girl was! I must pray for them...
  8. beth40n2
    Jun 13, '10 6:23 pm
    I am a lot older than the rest of you, I am 51, but I still think modesty is important. Even women my age walked around showing skin, even when they are married and have kids and grandkids. No wonder so many marriages are having problems.

    I have a daughter in law (age 29) I would like to strangle, actually I am praying for her. She came to church today in capri pants just below her knees, with clear plastic sandels. Her blouse had no sleeves and was way too revealing. How can I discuss the subject without making her mad? It is easier for me to talk to the youth in my church that I teach.
  9. Miss Linda
    Jun 13, '10 11:20 am
    Miss Linda
    Hi, everyone! Dolores, I'm afraid we don't have enough members to create forums yet. I can't figure out how many members we have to have, but when I try to create a forum a message appears telling me we don't have enough members for that yet. This group is only a few days old, and I'm hoping that more members will join and we can begin to have forums.

    JA25 and Starlight, you two really seem to understand why modesty is so important. I just wish more people understood. It really saddens me to hear about the young girls who are dressing so immodestly--and their parents who are allowing that to happen!
  10. JA25
    Jun 13, '10 7:07 am
    I agree completely, starlight101. People who dress modestly have respect for their bodies. It makes me sad to see so many teenagers dressing inappropriately just to get attention.


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