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Catholics in High School

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Group created by JA25

Here's a place where us teens can share our experiences in high school.

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  1. GigabyteSolomon
    Jun 17, '13 10:36 pm
    I used to have good grades all the time and my parents were proud of me.
    But now, my distractions coming from video games ( League of Legends specifically), Facebook, and food made my grades drops low and caused my other aspects of life to fall. These distractions are easy to pick up again and difficult to get away from.

    If anyone have any suggestions to stay focus in school or tips and tricks to be successful in school, please do
    Thread: Grades
  2. ccmnxc
    Jul 8, '12 8:55 pm
    I'll try to be Devil's Advocate for a change. Let's see how it goes. Please note, this is not my stance, I am just trying to keep this from being too much of a one-sided debate.

    Okay, so for those that say that fetuses are humans, what scientific evidence do you have to support this. After all, the secular community isn't going to accept a 1700 year old book.
    People shouldn't have to follow religious laws if they don't want to. If the government allows it, then people have a right to it.
    The earth's population is growing rapidly. Abortions help keep the numbers down.

    Alright, have a crack at it! Good luck.
  3. Julia1996
    Sep 17, '10 1:46 am
    Originally Posted by LittleWay92 View Post
    Don't worry about feeling nosy. I am female.
    Okay. I thought so. Just checking.
    I know that there are some faiths very similar to us, such as Greek Orthodox and Anglicans, and I hope you don't think I'm saying that interfaith marriages are wrong, because I'm not. My own father was Lutheran until he married my mother, and he converted from his own heart and not my mother's wish. I know that they can work out. However, the mixed signals are stronger than the signals sent by a kid attending a school of a different faith. The differences between your parents are more influential on a child than differences with peers. There is going to be the question of "Who is right, mommy or daddy?". And it could be difficult for a mother to persuade her kids to go to Catholic mass if dad doesn't. There are many difficulties.
    My two closest friends are Catholic and both their dads are Buddhist. I found that they are actually more strongly Catholic than some of my peers with two Catholic parents.
    And I should have mentioned that friends play a big role in spiritual development. My family is Protestant, but my friends are mostly Catholic. When I realized that some of the things my church was saying didn't really make sense, the first religion I looked at was Catholicism, just because my friends had been telling me about how great it was.

    As for dating, I don't mean that you shouldn't go to a dance with a guy, or even to a movie or something. I went to prom with a guy, and I don't see anything wrong with that. It's when teens start to be "boyfriend and girlfriend" and spend all their time together, including time alone, that we start to blur the lines on some things. It's just as hard for teenagers as it is for adults to say no, even harder because we are so hormone riddled. These kinds of relationships should wait until you are an adult looking for a spouse, and even then you will have to battle temptation. I suggest making friends, maybe going to dances or even to the movies. Group stuff is always good, and even if you go out alone sometime, be very careful and think about what your intentions are.
    Okay. I totally agree with you on this one.
    I hope you don't think I'm trying to lecture anyone. I just care a lot about helping kids my age realize how serious this "fun" stuff can turn, even unintentionally. Until you've been in some of these situations, you really can't understand exactly how difficult it is to stay pure. I want us to all live a holy and happy life.
    Don't worry, you aren't really lecturing, just sharing your point of view. Nobody is going to fault you for that. I tell my friends the exact same things when they are getting into serious relationships with guys. Its normal to want to help people and stop them from making big mistakes.
  4. Julia1996
    Aug 28, '10 10:08 am
    Originally Posted by Silent Notes View Post
    Oh, at least you tried various areas... then you can to lift up to those you enjoy and you're good in.
    Congrats! What's the title of the play? And who were you?
    This year, my school is presenting Annie... classic.
    The play was one we wrote ourselves for a drama competition. It was called HOG (Heroic Outstanding Genius, genius because, how many pigs can talk? HOG can.). I was the pig (called HOG). I looked funny in the pig costume but being one of the main characters was fun. It was also nice because my best friend was cast as the trainer of the pig. We had lots of fun practicing.
    Thread: High School
  5. Julia1996
    Aug 26, '10 8:02 am
    Originally Posted by Pieman333272 View Post
    I have a rather disturbed taste in fiction books for a high schooler.
    1984, Lord of the Flies and The Mysterious Stranger are my favorite fiction books. The Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown is good too.

    My favorite non-fiction are the Bible (I've read it! ) and a variety of theology and archeology works.
    I haven't read those fiction books. YET.

    I like reading the Bible but I have to read it slowly or else I don't get what's going on. Especially in the old testament. I still haven't finished reading the Bible, Deuteronomy seems daunting.
    Thread: Books

Group Wall Messages 1 to 10 of 58
  1. GigabyteSolomon
    Jun 17, '13 10:31 pm
    Hi everyone!
  2. catm595
    Oct 28, '12 3:24 pm
    Hi I am not sure if anyone checks or sees this group anymore, but I joined this forum today. I am a Catholic high school girl. I am very much looking for other Catholics in high school to socialize with. Where I live, it's hard to find true, good Catholics in my school. If you are interested in talking, please send me a private message! Id love to get to know you
  3. ccmnxc
    Jul 8, '12 8:44 pm
    Shalom! Message board seems pretty quiet. Maybe you've all graduated
    Anyways, just wanted to say hi.
  4. CatholicTeen209
    Apr 11, '11 11:31 pm
    Hello everyone!
  5. JA25
    Oct 11, '10 12:25 pm
    How are y'all doing? I haven't been here for awhile. Things seem pretty quiet... Peace of Christ be with you!
  6. Julia1996
    Sep 23, '10 11:35 pm
    Great to see so many people here.

  7. Silent Notes
    Sep 11, '10 5:59 am
    Silent Notes
    Welcome back JA25! Glad to have you here again!
  8. JA25
    Sep 11, '10 5:31 am
    Hey everyone, I'm back. I've got my private messaging and public wall messages enabled again, so you can message me, if you want!
    Julie A.
  9. JA25
    Aug 30, '10 4:12 am
    Welcome, HickmanJosh! Glad to have you here!
  10. Silent Notes
    Aug 30, '10 1:18 am
    Silent Notes
    Hallo HickmanJosh!


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