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Fans of Padre Pio

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Group created by catholictiger

If padre pio is one of your favorite saints please join this group and show your love for him.

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  1. awsiukiewicz
    May 24, '14 2:41 am
    Wow,,what a treat...a site devoted to St. favorite Saint...I was Blessed to make a pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo 2001..what a fabulous experience..the Priest accompanying us (my wife of 14 yrs was dieing at the time 34 y/o) offered Mass in the Crypt below the Church...that fantastic Hospital that Padre Pio built in the village in the rocks is awsome..that's right I actually used the word awsome for's huge...visited the hospital on arrival to get meds for my wife...they refused money and handed me bags of medical supplies...I'm sure that most of everyone has viewed Padre Pio's last Mass on you tube...and if you haven't read anything about his life. please do so...I carry my Rosary always and literally try to pray the Rosary, driving, walking the dog., viewing's really not the difficult to concentrate on the mysteries...ofcourse it's always better when sitting quietly...Padre Pio used to say, when refering to the Rosary...."Bring me my Weapon"....tks for site....PAX
  2. lucia kay
    May 13, '14 8:13 am
    lucia kay
    I have loved Padre Pio ever since I started looking into Catholicism a little over two years ago. When I was going through RCIA, I was having a lot of trouble because I was not good at or into theology. I missed the class a lot to do less important things. One night, I had a dream about Padre Pio where he told me to stop skipping RCIA. I stopped and finished the program. A view months ago, I left the church for eastern Orthodoxy. I tried to forget about padre Pio, but I couldn't stop thinking about him and my Catholic faith, which he so faithfully represented. After four months of being away, I am coming back now and am going to go to confession on Sunday.
  3. eschator83
    May 4, '14 2:27 pm
    God bless you, Lucia Kay, for this great link (above). We pray everyone will visit it, and consider a pilgrimage if possible.
  4. eschator83
    Apr 25, '14 10:04 am
    We also hold you in our prayers, especially that you consider seeking the wonderful harmony of a close spiritual director. I admit the search can seem almost as hard work as job hunting--but consider that it can lead you to interesting new people with fascinating ideas and experience.
    We were blessed to visit the cell of Padre Pio and the miraculous hospital campus and monastery he helped to creat at San Giovanni Rotundo.
    Thread: Pray For Me

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  1. valentino
    Mar 18, '11 10:34 am
    In a vision Padre saw Jesus who replied to a group of priessts "butchers". what was He saying?
  2. Isaiah 41
    Mar 18, '11 10:11 am
    Isaiah 41
    There was a wonderful documentary on EWTN about Padre Pio. I learned so much about him. A Saint in the midst of the turbulant 60's as God always promises. Once confronted by an atheist who told Padre Pio "I don't beleive in Hell"...Padre Pio looked at him and said "you'll beleive it when you get there". Sweet Jesus Mercy! Save us from the fires of Hell...Amen.
  3. deedle0916
    Mar 13, '11 6:06 pm
    St. Padre Pio has been one of my favorite saints since before he was canonized. I What an awesome, powerful saint he is! One of the best biographies of his life that I ever read was Padre Pio: the True Story by C. Bernard Ruffin. Wonderful book!
  4. TonaJan
    Mar 13, '11 4:42 pm
    Anyone read a book with Padre Pio's letters to his spiritual children in it? Most books are all about the miracles and life events... Is there a translation of his letters that is worth getting?
  5. Isaiah 41
    Mar 9, '11 4:32 pm
    Isaiah 41
    "Pray, Hope and don't worry". My favorite quote of one of my favorite Saints.(St. Pio). Father John Corapi reminds me of Saint Padre Pio. Tough Warriors for God because they love us.
  6. Battle_Warrior
  7. catholictiger
    Feb 27, '11 8:22 pm
    one of my favorite quotes from padre pio bring me my weapon (his rosary)

    Padre Pio so saw the importance of spiritual warfare and the significance of it this quote just brings it out.
  8. william3
    Feb 24, '11 2:57 pm
    Greetings, grace and peace to you:

    Thank you Battle_Warrior for the Capuchin Friars rules to follow, would that everyone lived by them.

    Thank you again,

  9. Battle_Warrior
    Jan 28, '11 9:26 am
    I finally heard back from the Capuchin Friars. They sent me the form with some rules/guild lines to follow. To be a spiritual child of St. Padre Pio one must observe the following:

    1. To live intensely a life of Divine Grace.

    2. To prove your faith, words and actions, living a true Christian life.

    3. To desire to remain under the protection of the Servant of God, Padre Pio, and to want enjoy the fruits of his prayers and sufferings.

    4. To imitate the Padre's virtues, Particularly his love for Jesus crucified, for the most Blessed Sacrament, for Madonna, for the Pope, and for the entire Church.

    5. To be animated by a sincere spirit of charity towards all.

    God bless and take care...

    Ps: Sorry for the long wait....

  10. Battle_Warrior
    Jan 27, '11 1:28 pm
    I think that a Saint can be your Spiritual director. He can intercede and help you through trials and tribulations and obtain for you the graces that you need.


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