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Fans of Padre Pio

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Group created by catholictiger

If padre pio is one of your favorite saints please join this group and show your love for him.

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  1. lucia kay
    Aug 10, '13 7:53 am
    lucia kay
    The link
    Explains everything.
  2. lucia kay
    Jul 22, '13 2:54 am
    lucia kay
    Are there Franciscans near where you live? Maybe one of the priests can help you. if not, you could email one. I have an anglican use priest who helps me with evangelization. He doesn't live close to me.
    You are in my prayers and I'm always here to listen.
    Thread: Pray For Me
  3. Mystic3
    Aug 8, '12 6:44 am
    Padre Pio appeared to me on 12.6.2003. He appeared in a dream and blessed me. I then found spontaneously a way on which I could well get through a difficult time. Padre Pio told me: "Heal yourself. You will get all the help you need."

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  1. Battle_Warrior
    Jan 28, '11 9:26 am
    I finally heard back from the Capuchin Friars. They sent me the form with some rules/guild lines to follow. To be a spiritual child of St. Padre Pio one must observe the following:

    1. To live intensely a life of Divine Grace.

    2. To prove your faith, words and actions, living a true Christian life.

    3. To desire to remain under the protection of the Servant of God, Padre Pio, and to want enjoy the fruits of his prayers and sufferings.

    4. To imitate the Padre's virtues, Particularly his love for Jesus crucified, for the most Blessed Sacrament, for Madonna, for the Pope, and for the entire Church.

    5. To be animated by a sincere spirit of charity towards all.

    God bless and take care...

    Ps: Sorry for the long wait....

  2. Battle_Warrior
    Jan 27, '11 1:28 pm
    I think that a Saint can be your Spiritual director. He can intercede and help you through trials and tribulations and obtain for you the graces that you need.
  3. mbenavides1373
    Jan 26, '11 6:12 pm
    Is it possible for a saint to be your spiritual director? Some thing happened to me that leads me to believe that Padre Pio is spiritually guiding me and is my spiritual director. I had prayed on it and I received confirmation while reading a book about saints and miracles. Has anyone here had a similar experience with Padre Pio?
  4. Battle_Warrior
    Jan 22, '11 2:45 pm
    I just got back from mailing the second letter.....
  5. Battle_Warrior
    Jan 22, '11 1:08 pm
    I sent the letter more then a month ago. I think they might have forgotten. I am going to send another letter today.....this time with both my address and email. It might be awhile before I heard back from them....but I will definitely take everyone posted and will let you guys know when I hear back from them.

    I hope I get accepted as a Spiritual Child because I need all the help I can get.....
  6. william3
    Jan 22, '11 11:15 am
    Greetings, May the grace of our Father, and the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, be with you:

    Boy, Battle_Warrior,... I sure hope that form gets here soon... Every day I check to see if it came, but...

    I guess that's what I get for praying for patients...

  7. Battle_Warrior
    Jan 4, '11 5:52 pm
    no, not yet.....I have been waiting for it...I will definitely let you know when I do.
  8. CatholicFireman
    Jan 3, '11 5:19 pm
    Hey Rebecca, did you ever get that form from the Capuchin Friars with the simple rules to follow as a Spiritual Child yet?
  9. Battle_Warrior
    Dec 31, '10 2:17 pm
    Thanks for the website!!
  10. CatholicFireman
    Dec 31, '10 9:49 am


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