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This is a moderated group. Social Group

Religious and Secular Clergy

Group created by Friar David, O.Carm

This group is a place for all consecrated religious (brothers, sisters, nun, monks) and secular clergy. This also includes religious clergy.

It is also a place for those who are interested in religious life and the secular clergy.

I hope it is a place where we can share and encourage each other.

Let's leave the diagreements and such things to the forums and use this as a positive place to enrich our lives and the lives of others.

I am going to leave this as a moderated forum for various reasons.

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  1. aeerestain
    Mar 17, '14 5:27 am
    At the present time I pray the seven canonical hours of the Liturgy of the Hours and the twenty decades of the Holy Rosary. I pray and hope with God's grace to do this for the rest of my life.
  2. Poor Friars
    Aug 16, '13 4:49 am
    Poor Friars
    Peace ad Good to all,
    We would like to share this Vocational Discernment video
    produced by our community with both the dual
    Franciscan Spirituality and
    Carmelite Spirituality.
    Just click here on the image to view it...

    Poor Nuns:
  3. Samwyz
    Oct 7, '12 7:14 pm
    Hello, I just joined this group. I am open to meeting interested women who are healthy and desire to serve God as a teaching Benedictine sister. My community was disbanded due to ill health and old age, who are being well taken care of by another community of sisters. This would be a new beginning, and a vocation to pioneer a new community. I am teaching in a good Catholic elementary school that wants me to begin a new foundation. I have a house with four bedrooms. If it is God's will, I am open to meeting anyone who may be interested.

    I am also open to advice from this group.
  4. Attempto
    Jun 25, '12 2:11 am
    Adiutorium nostrum in nomine Domini!

    I am 17 and I`m from EU, male. I attend gymnasium (some kind of college?) with a focus on Latin, Ancient Greek and philosophy.
    For a long time I have been feeling God's call to priesthood.
    BUT my parents do not agree with that. I do not want to be in conflict with my parents but Godīs call is too strong.
    I am interested in Dominican and Carthusian Order.
    Please, pray for me and for my parents!


    Post Scriptum: Please, forgive me if I wrote something wrong.
    Jul 13, '11 8:58 am

    Congratulations! I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers!

    What is the thing that you like best about your vocation, if I may ask?
  6. aeerestain
    Jul 1, '11 11:55 am
    I am preparing for the celebration of my 50th Anniversary of ordination to the Priesthood on April 12, 2014. God willing I pray that it will happen as expected.
    Mar 23, '11 5:19 am

    I am a permanent deacon in the diocese of Palm Beach Florida. I hope that this becomes an active group with great discussions about the faith! Thanks for letting me join.
  8. SpouseofYeshuah
    Dec 12, '10 3:13 am
    Greetings to all.

    Dominus Tecum.

    I am Mary. My written vows were signed by the Pastor of my parish Church and a witness in whose presences I professed my vows. The name which appears on the written vows is “Sr. Maria Veronica.” I do not belong to a religious community. During a reasonably long vocational formation at a Catholic University, I decided after much discussion an inner reflection, to live my vocation through private consecration. I actually live alone in the middle of the desert, a few miles from Saint George, Utah. I have been Espoused to the Lord for a bit over two years now.

    I attended university in Florida. I moved to the desert to be close to my family and earn my keep by working a very limited amount of time in the family business, which I can do from home. In this way I keep my vow of property and have the time to engage in my contemplative charisma.

    I live the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. My charisma is contemplative. I of course attend Church and take care of the things of domestic life and necessary errands. I try to limit the amount of time I leave the apartment to maintain a cloister that is based on reason and logic. This is because originally I was to enter a cloister religious environment. In the end, I did not need my college degree for what I do. However, I find it worthwhile for all I learned; particularly in Theology and Philosophy.

    After much discussion and pondering with my spiritual vocation guide at university, I vowed to the Lord in the presence of my vocation guide, a Roman Catholic Priest, that upon Espousal to the Lord, I would wear long head covering and dress in complete modest dressing. This is to mean the arms covered and long skirts; not tight fitting garments. We discussed the social cultural implications of dressing this way and how it would benefit persons, as well as, the personal spiritual meaning of dressing this way for the Lord.

    It is a very hard life. It is freedom and the Cross at the same time. I welcome all comments with utter gratitude. I have tried to post my photos and the system does not seem to “let” me.

    The Lord be with all of you, always. God Bless you.
  9. Poor Clare tobe
    Nov 28, '10 4:21 pm
    Poor Clare tobe
    Just checking in and giving a "good job.. well done" to all the religious who take the time to post on the vocation forum. I must admit it is rather daunting as most times I feel that my posts are out of sync with the usual posters.. (not with the religious as usually we know the trials and how we came to be with our respective communities) I would so hope though that we might continue to be of some help here as it seems to be the only website (thus far) that I have found where those searching have a shot at getting at least some questions answered.
    More to the point of the group I suppose??? How are you all doing? And how do you find it in regards to your time and ministry???

    Happy First Sunday of Advent all!

    P.S thank you for creating this forum!!! I believe it was and is needed!
  10. Totterman
    Oct 30, '10 9:39 am
    Thank You for accepting me as a member. I have a call to priesthood,but destroyed all my chanses by getting married,and after my divorce in 1994 I realased that I am to old,I actually converted first in 2002,and then there wos some talk about me going to a seminar,we have a small one here in Finland,but I also suffer from depression and panic-attacs,but our moderator in Finland let me do the choosing,and I did the rigth one,I want be a burden for the Church,so I live in strict celibacy,devoting my life to prayers and to my dog. But the call,the call is always with me. But it keeps me on the narrow road so even if it is hard,it is also a blessing. Once moore,my humbel thanks for accepting me,and sorry that my english is not the best possible. Bless You all.


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