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BE NOT AFRAID -- Catholics Living With Anxiety Disorders

Group created by 3DOCTORS

To give mutual support and fellowship for those of us who live with anxiety disorders such as Panic Attacks, GAD, PTSD, Agoraphobia, and similar fearful difficulties.

Our hero is Pope John Paul the Great, whose example of courage in so many difficulties, and his proclaiming of the phrase "Be Not Afraid! Open Wide the Doors to Christ!" can remind us of what we need to do to help ourselves to carry these crosses.

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Our Lady of Mental Peace
jpii with dove   black and white picture
Anyone know what prayer these are for?
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  1. Roux
    Mar 15, '12 1:03 pm
    What do you do when anxiety is stopping you from reaching your goals career wise and your significant other is at a loss to help. I mean I understand because I dont think anyone can appreciate how and life stealing anxiety can be unless you have experienced it first hand. I am in my medical residency (pathology) and actually am essentially being kicked out because of my anxiety issues. They site "lack of communication skills" as the main reason. So now I am a doctor but I dont have enough training to do anything worth a damn. Of course I am looking for a new residency program to finish my training so I can move on with my career and my life, but what if I cant find one or can't get into one. Even more worry some is what if the next program I get into is as uncompassionate as the one I am leaving? I desperately want to believe that there is a reason for everything but this is a tough one. On top of all of this my wife and I are expecting our first child in less than 2 weeks! To say I have a lot on my plate is an understatement I guess.
  2. johnthebaptist1
    Feb 18, '12 8:28 pm
    May all that have, anxiety disorders Panic attacks Gad and similarrs fears, be Guide to over come their fears, threw the Blessings of GOD.
  3. johnthebaptist1
    Jan 12, '12 8:36 am
    I found out, that if you don,t let things get to you,your less to have a Anxiety attack.or a nerves problem. Just think of things that make you feel go inside.
  4. johnthebaptist1
    Jan 3, '12 9:06 pm
    No matter what kind of problem comes my way,and I get stress out. I always turn to my Lord, and I say the Rosary daily. For I know I have faults, and Jesus knows all about me,all he wants for me to do is say I LOVE him, and I will always thrist for he,s LOVE. Jesus have Mercy on my soul,for I,am weak,and need you ever day of my life.Amen
  5. johnthebaptist1
    Dec 23, '11 7:45 pm
    Kate555 > I don,t like when the holidays come,because the drivers are nuts,they beep their horn, cut you off, so I avoid rush hrs,and holidays when they don,t care how they drive,sometimes accidents happen. So your not alone.
  6. Kate555
    Dec 23, '11 8:10 am
    Hi just to say hello. I don't know if you would call it anxiety disorder but I guess it is as it is stopping me from living life to the full. I've an irrational fear of driving. Haven't driven in over 8 years. No real reason, never had an accident but gradually let my husband do all the driving. I would love to know if anyone had a similar issue & how they overcame it.
    Dec 22, '11 6:26 pm
    That's right, Jesus is, among His other titles He is known by . . .


    At the beginning of the Gospel of John, one of the Christmas Mass readings this weekend, we are reminded that "the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." This is true of the darkness that anxiety and fear can bring into our lives. The Light of Christ will overcome this!

    Have a blessed Christmas!
  8. johnthebaptist1
    Dec 22, '11 4:53 pm
    To those that have problems, open your HEARTs,for soon we will be celabarting the Birth INFANT JESUS once again,and Jesus will fill you with Joy.
  9. johnthebaptist1
    Dec 8, '11 10:06 pm
    O Lord, I pray that this Chirstmas Season, you will fill the Hearts of those that have anxiety and nerves. problems, with LOVE, JOY,and Peace . Amen
  10. Christine85
    Dec 7, '11 6:49 pm
    Hello please feel free to join my new group "Confraternity of Mary Queen of all Hearts" it was created in 1899 according to St. Louis de Montfort's wishes. The link is here:



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