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BE NOT AFRAID -- Catholics Living With Anxiety Disorders

Group created by 3DOCTORS

To give mutual support and fellowship for those of us who live with anxiety disorders such as Panic Attacks, GAD, PTSD, Agoraphobia, and similar fearful difficulties.

Our hero is Pope John Paul the Great, whose example of courage in so many difficulties, and his proclaiming of the phrase "Be Not Afraid! Open Wide the Doors to Christ!" can remind us of what we need to do to help ourselves to carry these crosses.

PLEASE NOTE that posts should be appropriate for all ages and that there are ladies present, your humble group leader among them. Issues of impurity would best belong in other CA Groups focused on that issue. Thank you.

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Our Lady of Mental Peace
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  1. cmlong
    Apr 11, '12 7:13 pm
    Just being baptized and confirmed this past weekend was one of the happiest moments in my life. I have always had problems with anxiety but for some reason since I found out my parents lied about why they didnt come to the baptism I have had extreme anxiety its like it made something "click" and now it wont stop. They have been unsupportive and negative about alot of things in my life but for some reason I cant cope with this, Its like god is trying to get me to deal with it this time instead of just letting it go. I dont want to cause conflict with them. I had a moment today where I was shaking and on edge I prayed for God to send me peace to calm down and he did!
  2. johnthebaptist1
    Apr 10, '12 6:23 pm
    To All, praying the Rosary, is the answer to receive help from OUR LADY,I always say the Rosary, for she has never failed to help others,that beleive in her.
  3. Woolybabe
    Apr 8, '12 3:34 pm
    Roux my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how it feels when everything you try to cope fails. I have been through it myself. Notice the past tense! There is a way through. When I feel so bad I can't see an end I realise that if I have hit rock bottom then the rock beneath me is Jesus. He will never leave me nor forsake me. He will carry me and will never drop me. I know at times these can seem empty, patronising words, but I do not mean them like that. I really do know what it is like. Remember you are never alone. Not only is God with you in this hard time, but also the people in this group. Close your eyes, and feel the hug that I am sending you along with my prayers.
  4. johnthebaptist1
    Apr 8, '12 2:21 pm
    To all, that have any Anxiety Disorders, Rejoce, for today Jesus has risen from the died,may OUR LORD, take away all your troubles,and bring JOY and Peace to your Hearts. Amen
  5. johnthebaptist1
    Apr 3, '12 9:15 pm
    Roux > All you have to say to Jesus is, Lord I,can,t coupe with the Daily stress I,am going, PLEASE place your hand upon my head,and give me comfort and peace of mine. Amen
  6. Justicia et Pax
    Apr 3, '12 1:08 pm
    Justicia et Pax
    Praying for you, Roux
  7. Roux
    Apr 3, '12 11:21 am
    God help me like many here I struggle DAILY with anxiety. It seems that all the methods that I try do not work or may work but not as fast as I wish/hoped for them to work. This anxiety is interfering in my life to the point where I am tempted to change careers. I know that would be running though. The difficulty that has hit me recently is temporary (I believe) but there is always that voice asking what if it is not temporary and I will be forced to endure this suffering for my whole life!!! That I will never be happy in my vocation and subsequently unhappy in my life!! I am so tired of being stressed and anxious. God I beg of you please give me relief from my suffering. If not please give me the unfailing strength to endure and to know that it will not be forever.
  8. johnthebaptist1
    Mar 30, '12 5:20 pm
    Those who have Anxiety Disorders, always turn GOD,Jesus and Mary,and pray they will help you threw the day.
  9. johnthebaptist1
    Mar 27, '12 5:53 pm
    When you have Panic Attacks, or other problems, and don,t know how to handle them, pray to Jesus and Mary, they well conformed you, threw the day.
  10. johnthebaptist1
    Mar 26, '12 4:52 pm
    All things are possible,when we keep our faith strong in Jesus, for Jesus is our teacher and our healer. Amen


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