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BE NOT AFRAID -- Catholics Living With Anxiety Disorders

Group created by 3DOCTORS

To give mutual support and fellowship for those of us who live with anxiety disorders such as Panic Attacks, GAD, PTSD, Agoraphobia, and similar fearful difficulties.

Our hero is Pope John Paul the Great, whose example of courage in so many difficulties, and his proclaiming of the phrase "Be Not Afraid! Open Wide the Doors to Christ!" can remind us of what we need to do to help ourselves to carry these crosses.

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  1. johnthebaptist1
    Mar 16, '12 11:33 pm
    Roux > May the LORD give you strenght always to make it threw diffucult time of you life. For I had Prostate Caner five yrs back, it was so bad that the only think they could do is Radiation Treatments,so I pray to Mary Jesus Mother,and now I,ve been in remission for three yrs so far, their still watching me to see if it might return again, in a differtant area,so far its staying in low count
  2. Roux
    Mar 16, '12 6:43 am
    Also just on a side note I to have been touched by cancer, not me personally, but I lost my mother to brain cancer during medical school. She was diagnosed in '92 and they gave her 6 months to live. Well she beat it for 12-13 years and but it came back and when it did it came back to strong. I miss her desperately but I know she is looking down on me and helping me be strong. She was the strongest person I have ever known and my constant inspiration. She is the reason why I went into medicine, I want to have some part in curing this horrible disease for her. That is my fight and that is the drive that keeps me fighting even if anxiety gets in my way.
  3. Roux
    Mar 16, '12 6:39 am
    Justicia et Pax: I am currently on a SSRI and I take klonapin as needed for the anxiety (which I hate doing because of the side effects). I am also seeing a therapist and have tried CBT but I honestly think (and so does my therapist) that I have advoidant personality disorder. Which is difficult to diagnose because not many people know about it and difficult to treat because the whole deal is I avoid what makes me uncomfortable, I have very little confidence, and I am so so hard on myself. The treatment is essentially CBT by confronting your fears, but if you avoid them subconsciously and or consciously it makes it a challenge. I also truly feel my current training program has made things exponentially worse due to their method of "teaching" they employ. The one thing that I have found that seems to help derail the panic attacks once they begin is some parts of The Linden Method, which I just recently purchased. I have heard mixed reviews but I think that is because there is not a single fix for everyone. Has anyone else tried this and what have been your experiences? I hope with some of these techniques and prayer I can beat this and be the physician I am meant to be.
  4. DeniseNY
    Mar 16, '12 5:15 am
    Hi, eveyrone. I'm new to the group. The anxiety and fear I'm having right now is brought on by my mother's illness. She had cancer. it's been surgically removed, but statistics show a high probability that it will return. It's all I think about and it terrifies me. i wake up shaking. I don't know how to be thankful that as of right now, she's ok. How do I stop worrying about the future, trust it to God, and just live in the present?
  5. babygirl6152
    Mar 16, '12 4:28 am
    Well this certainly is comforting to know you all are here. I've been through a lot in 15 years, and on anti anxiety meds.
    I have trouble sleeping tonite. Got one hour sleep. Dental surgery in less than 2 hours.
    I can't sleep if anything different is to happen the following day, not like taking my dog to the vet or groceries, but dr appointments, friends coming over just for an hour.
    So proud to hear you all love J P 2 also. My (ex) husband left me with two boys this was several years ago, I am since remarried in the church to a nice man. But my boys and I had a picture of J P 2 in our dining area, and we would say he was our father figure since dad left.
  6. Maria1993
    Mar 15, '12 11:24 pm
    Hi everyone.
    I suffer scrupulosity and the anxiety it brings
  7. arougye raju
    Mar 15, '12 10:32 pm
    arougye raju
    I have a big financial problem, I request all to pray , that Jesus come to my aid and help me and only God can solve this problem. Please Pray .
  8. TwinboysRachel2
    Mar 15, '12 9:15 pm
    I have panic attacks also......worry all the time. I think some of it comes indirectly from being verbally and physically abused as a child. Anyways, Im a cancer i worry about that...I dont like driving also like a poster below said...I suffer from weird phobias and my latest worry is watching that new show on tv...Doomsday Preppers. God, I feel like hoarding tons of food, water, medical supplies when I watch it and wonder if anything like a government collapse would really happen given our world today. I could go on and on but what worries me most is my children watching me having panic attacks. Im on meds but have been for 20 years. I know God won't give us more of a burden then we can handle but this anxiety thing is hard to overcome. Thank you to who ever started this group.
  9. johnthebaptist1
    Mar 15, '12 8:58 pm
    Roux > When I have an anxiety attack,or I,am on edge, I fine that going to my room or take a walk helps me,and talking to God helps me to. I know what it,s like ,for I had a nerves bearkdown two yrs ago,from stressof my family.What ever you do, don,t give up on your goal,and the baby you wife is going to have,will releive the tension, and help you look at life at a differtant way. God bless you,s both.
  10. Justicia et Pax
    Mar 15, '12 3:07 pm
    Justicia et Pax
    Roux - have you been offered medication or cognitive behavioural therapy, to help you manage your anxiety?

    I will pray for you


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