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BE NOT AFRAID -- Catholics Living With Anxiety Disorders

Group created by 3DOCTORS

To give mutual support and fellowship for those of us who live with anxiety disorders such as Panic Attacks, GAD, PTSD, Agoraphobia, and similar fearful difficulties.

Our hero is Pope John Paul the Great, whose example of courage in so many difficulties, and his proclaiming of the phrase "Be Not Afraid! Open Wide the Doors to Christ!" can remind us of what we need to do to help ourselves to carry these crosses.

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Our Lady of Mental Peace
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Anyone know what prayer these are for?
From Lucky10279

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    Aug 18, '11 4:45 pm
    I would second the advice about Courage - because carrying around the issue of same sex attraction could be a root of some of the anxiety. I say this out of love and not to be condemning of you - you are welcome here in this anxiety group as much as anyone else - but just think about the Courage option, okay?

    Bible Student, you are also welcome here, anyone on CAF is welcome here.

    Hoping people will pray for me as I go through a life transition that involves a lot of agoraphobia triggers. God bless.
  2. jmjlori
    Aug 4, '11 5:44 am
    Anxman--you're not alone in your sufferings. Do you have a priest that you can go to? He may be able to help you spiritually and possibly guide you to a good medical professional. There's no reason to continue to live in such a debilitating way. I do have a question: you posted that you are a "gay" male. Are you living a chaste life? The Church has a group (NOT Dignity--that's been condemned by the Church, though it can still be found in some parishes). The group that helps homosexuals live chaste lives and grow spiritually is called Courage. I would pray that you may be led to a good priest and to a good group. The Lord always answer prayers (though we sometimes have to wait I'll pray for you, as well.
  3. Anxman
    Jul 28, '11 12:52 pm
    I am a 51 year old Gay male new to this site. I am also a recovering alcoholic with almost 30 years clean and sober. As of late I've been experiencing a great amount of fear, agoraphobia. I am afraid to leave my home even to go to work. I go to work because I have to. For some inexplicable reason a ball of fear in the center of my chest has taken over my life. I am afraid to go out in the world for fear something bad will happen. I know life happens, good and bad, but I do not trust I will be taken care or safe in I venture out into the world. My logic is if I stay home then nothing bad could happen to me. I can't get a ticket, or an accident, or be rejected, or envy others happiness, success, relationships. But, despite all the above, I am not happy! I want to be not afraid and to be happy! Prayer helps a little, but the fear ball always returns. Alas . .
  4. Bible Student
    Jul 23, '11 10:50 pm
    Bible Student
    Even though I am not a Roman Catholic, I pray that you will accept my experience as a PTSD sufferer since 1971 (Vietnam combat experience). I have been under treatment for decades and on many types of medication. In my limited experience only two things have realy helped; (1) intense devotional prayer, and (2) advanced theological studies. Through these two, I have been able to reduce my dependancy on calmers and sleeping tablets. I cannot yet watch war movies or news reels about Afganistan etc. but when I keep mentally busy the symptoms are greatly reduced. After retirement I went back to University to achieve precisely the distraction that kept my mind of Vietnam. I am a Chaplain Emeritus to an organisation of serving and exserving military and a Chaplain at Calvary Hospital. Jesus said; "My peace I give to you."

    Peace to all who suffer from fearful difficulties.
    Jul 19, '11 9:58 am
    How's everyone coping with the summer heat? I find it makes me anxious and depressed - started a thread about it even -

    alwaysscared, have you talked with a priest to see if you have scrupulosity? That can sure feed into panic attacks sometimes. I'll pray for you that you can find better sources of relief than alcohol - not judging, just concerned for your health. Take care and God bless you.

    Also, the Divine Mercy devotion can help us with realizing how forgiving Our Lord is.
  6. prosebyme
    Jun 7, '11 8:42 pm
    I am awestruck by reading through this thread; there are many brave people on here that soldier through. Personally I suffer from severe social anxiety/agoraphobia as a result of a endocrine problem. My strength is my prayer, my adoration hours and my crossword puzzles. I find that if I concentrate on something else the anxiety is less severe. My prayers go to MaryHope; wow what a courageous woman you are. Francis 1989 I'm glad that you posted about the Zoloft. I'm supposed to be on it but have anxiety over the side effects (no pun intended). Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. In the meantime, it looks like I am in the company of some great people in this group.
  7. Francis1989
    Jun 7, '11 7:01 pm
    I am doing well with Zoloft. It has changed my life. Been on it for over 2 years. My panic attacks have stopped.
  8. alwaysscared
    Jun 3, '11 7:34 am
    i have been suffering from panic attacks my whole life and I find myself , deeper into them when I have sinned. I confess my sins but i carry them on my shoulders and in my mind even though i know God forgives everything. . I have been medicated, self medicated , lately a lot of alcohol to suppress my burden and my anxiety which makes it worse as I have terrible panic attacks the day after drinking .
    May 4, '11 10:44 am
    Hello again all, hope you're having a good day.

    tabitha19, glad you liked my post.

    ritamagadieup, they are the same - Blessed Pope John Paul II is the official Church title now that he has been beatified. Pope John Paul II 'The Great' was a popular way of acclaiming him for all the many accomplishments of his long and extraordinary pontificate. That help? Oh, and I hope that you will get much out of this group. Feel free to share your story, ask for prayers, anything that helps. You are among friends here.
  10. ritamagadieup
    May 4, '11 8:20 am
    Hi I just found your group. You say your hero is John Paul the Great. I really don't know who he is, I guess it's not Blessed John Paul II. When was John Paul the Great Pope? I and 73 so he must have been in my life time. I have had depression and anixiety since I was 11 yrs old. I go to Mass when I can! I love Jesus and Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I always fear the Priest will say to me "you say the same confession all the time." Sometimes I just cannot get out of the house and go to Church. No one in my family except my granddaughter goes to Church anymore she lives in CT and me in NH. I take medication and it keeps my head above water. I love the "Be Not Afraid." but it doesn't alway's work for me.: I am glad I found this group. God Bless you all, Rita


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