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Friends of Father Solanus Casey

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Group created by william3

On July 11, 1995 the title of Venerable was bestowed on Fr. Solanus Casey by Pope John Paul II. This is a group where we can learn more about Fr. Solanus Casey with stories, and perhaps 1st hand knowledge of Fr. Solanus; we can offer prayers for Fr. Solanus's intercessions, and, perhaps, further his cause for canonization.

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breakbread with Fr. Solanus
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  1. Bob OFS
    Aug 14, '13 8:57 am
    Bob OFS
    I can also share a story that was told to me....
    A radio sportscaster here in Detroit relayed the story of his Grandmother being in the Hospital for surgery. During her the surgery they by accident cut her windpipe. Because of this she laid dying in the Hospital with the doctors giving no chance for survival. His Father went to the Monastery and got Fr. Solanus and brought him to the hospital. He prayed over his Grandmother and touched her throat. after praying he turned to the family and said "she will be alright" and then left. To the amazement of everyone she was completely healed.

    This is just one of the stories I have heard. Also, a personal story.....My Brother had lost his job and could not find another one as hard as he tried We both went to St. Bonaventure Monastery and prayed at Fr. Solanus's tomb. 2 weeks later my Brother was hired for a job.

    There are so many stories.

    Pax Et Bonum,

    Bob OFS
  2. Bob OFS
    Jul 28, '13 11:55 am
    Bob OFS
    I wanted to post this here for everyone. Everyone that needs healing please visit this website.

    Also please pray for his Beatification and Canonization.

    Pax Et Bonum,

    Bob OFS

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  1. william3
    Nov 1, '10 9:44 am
    The Fr. Solanus Bit of Wisdom for the Day:
    The poor sinner Solanus, who more than anyone else gives me the most trouble. I consider it a mercy that we need examine one conscience only!
  2. bauerice
    Nov 1, '10 3:46 am
    I think that idea, that Fr. Solanus was left to answering the door, doing the simple tasks, led God to working great miracles through him. I wish more would desire the simple tasks. Would not desire the limelight.
    Nov 1, '10 2:26 am
    Because the theological of Father Solanus was considered sub-standard, he performed menial monastery tasks through all his 60 years as a Capuchin friar. His brother, Father Edward Casey, evidently sympathized with his position and admired his silent acceptance of it. This he indicated in a verse entitled "The Brother Sacristan, which he sent to Father Solanus. In the following, he pictures his Capuchin brother at work about the altar.___
    The God of Mercy, meek and humble, holds His reign of peace in tabernacled cell: While spotless order quietly enfolds the place where man's Redeemer comes to dwell.
    With reverend love a modest figure kneels to pay the voiceless homage of his heart. Then silently from place to place he steals the worship of his fingers to impart.
    Each object there receives his tender touch-the snowy linen, flowers, burnished bell-while conscience whispers sweetly: "It is much for His dear sake to do each duty well...."
    "Dear Lord!" he whispers. "Dearest! Crucified! Teach my poor heart in penance to repair in some degree, the luxury, the pride, the cold neglect that leaves You lonely there".
    He lingers still, and fain would there abide, when evening shadows fill the chapel dim; at last he goes, but leaves his heart beside the faithful little lamp he loves to trim.

    Father Solanus, pray for us.
    Oct 31, '10 7:23 am
    is to live and life is to give and talents are to use for good if you choose. Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be strong. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks ~ then the doing of your work shall be no miracle but you shall be a miracle. Every day you shall wonder at the richness of life which has come to you by the grace of God. But everyone needs someone-knowing that somewhere someone is think of you.
    Poem prayer used by Venerable Fr. Solanus
  5. william3
    Oct 31, '10 6:56 am
    The Fr. Solanus Bit of Wisdom for the Day:
    God's mercy is above all his works, and His patience is essentially one with His mercy.

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be yours,
  6. william3
    Oct 31, '10 6:51 am
    From one of Fr. Solanus Casey websites:
    "On Wednesdays, Father Solanus conducted special devotions for the sick. A woman, skeptical of his reported cures, wrote: 'I went thirteen weeks to these devotions, not believing that Father Solanus could heal others. One Wednesday, I saw a rabbi with his cap, long beard and heavy cane. He used to come every week, too. Now the rabbi had faith and I was full of doubts. But, when I saw the rabbi walk away without the use of his cane, then I believed."'
  7. william3
    Oct 30, '10 6:45 am
    Greetings, may the grace of the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, be yours:

    Fr. Solanus Casey was ordained a "simplex priest" in July of 1904; he was not allowed to hear confessions or preach doctrinal sermons. He accepted this with humble grace.

    "If you can honestly humble yourself, your victory wil be certain."
    Fr. Solanus
    Oct 30, '10 5:13 am
    I found it simply amazing that because of his inability to grasp the German language at its' best...he was indeed ordained a Priest...but could not do homily on doctrinal issues. Again, the Good Lord bestows his most profound blessings on the truly humble...And the meek shall inherit the earth...I believe it is also true they did not allow him to hear confessions? Is this true?
    Oct 29, '10 3:56 pm
    Thank you for the quote from Fr. Solanus. I wish so much that we could transend that veil and I could see her again, but I know I must wait until it is my turn. I have so many things going on with my family that I will surely print out the Novena and start it. Just one question about Novenas' - is it best to limit the pray for one thing at a time or can you bunch them all together and what ever gets anwsered is a blessing?
  10. Sister Angel
    Oct 29, '10 1:00 pm
    Sister Angel
    OH William, the site is simply marvelous, it has everything on him and then some I am buying the music he played the violin
    Echoes of Solanus Casey. I bet it is beautiful Thank you William for the link. Blessings i will enjoy this for sure.


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