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Societas Melancholicus

Group created by GloriousOrder

This group is a place for those who are identified as melancholics, by Scholastic definition and by a personal examination of conscience. It is dedicated to balancing the extreme traits of Melancholia with Jesus Christ, the Blessed Lord, who helps all in need, in love for the Father.

Temperare Melancholicus is an order of the human person whereby a soul is intensely focused on personal humiliation. The melancholic seeks isolation, whether consciously or unconsciously, and prefers lonesome solitude on the whole. Small, dark rooms with a book or a music player (with earphones, of course, so no one can hear what we're listening to, in case it's too silly!) are our preferred places. This loneliness of the soul often gives in to artistic, literary, and theological groundbreaking on the part of the melancholic; on the other hand, sorrow at meeting other people can be very disordered in the Christian life.

We are here to balance the bad effects, in Christ, and to exaggerate the good, silent, contemplative, artistic, and theological possibilities of this 'alignment'. Thank St. Thomas Aquinas for revealing this to us, so we may better ourselves with the Holy Trinity!

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Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor
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  1. fons_vitae
    Feb 4, '11 10:26 am
    3Doctors: So are you feeling slightly better than before? The recent Texan snowstorms have thrown me for a loop :S... though they are pretty, I'll grant them that.
    Feb 2, '11 4:22 pm
    Hello again - and thanks for the New Years wishes and a blessed New Year to everyone else as well. And a blessed Feast of the Presentation, and Happy Groundhog Day!

    I'm wondering - do you all sometimes get this wish to "rewind" your life for about 20 years or more? Do you find yourself sometimes dwelling on past sins and also past stupidities? Wrong turns, missed opportunities, and the like?

    I know God has forgiven me for my past sins, and I do think I've forgiven myself, and I know I've learned from my mistakes, but sometimes I still wish I could have "do-overs."

    Lest this sound too gloomy, let me say that I think I'm in a conversion process so it's probably just something I have to go through for a short while to get to something good that God has in store for me.

    Let's just keep praying for one another, shall we?
  3. fons_vitae
    Feb 1, '11 6:53 pm
    ! Oh, actual group activity...

    Battle_Warrior: I almost always tend to live in the future rather than the past. I'll say, "If only such and such would happen..." and tend to neglect whatever responsibilities are before me at the moment.

    This habit is frequent enough that even my best friend has even called me on it. :P
  4. Battle_Warrior
    Feb 1, '11 6:43 pm
    Nothing much....I often find myself holding on to the past and not living in the present and enjoying the good things in life.
  5. fons_vitae
    Feb 1, '11 6:41 pm
    Greetings, iwillrisenow... So, what's.... uh, occurring, everybody? ^^;
  6. iwillrisenow
    Jan 30, '11 7:52 pm
    Hello my fellow melancholics...just saying a quick "hi" and "it's nice to be here" back to lurking 'round the forums...
  7. TempleofTheSoul
    Jan 6, '11 10:23 am
    I´m still here... A very happy New Year to all of my beloved Melancholic´s. I´ve been up and down the melancholic slide since I last posted but am now on the upside of it thank God.

    I hope that each and every one of you learn to cope with the melancholic up and down slide.

    God bless
    Jan 5, '11 8:12 pm
    Quote from group description:
    "This loneliness of the soul often gives in to artistic, literary, and theological groundbreaking on the part of the melancholic; on the other hand, sorrow at meeting other people can be very disordered in the Christian life."

    You are describing me here lately on CAF. Behind the Internet mask of anonymity, I've gotten so many ideas, been bold and enthused. Started several groups. Made quite a few posts. Now I've hit the wall and need a rock to crawl under. Controversy has disillusioned and unsettled me. Depression, uncertainty, and chaos IRL also play a part.

    I feel like I used to feel on jobs when I'd slide into the role of the fallen star, the black sheep. And then have to leave or be told my services were no longer required. I know this is all emo and whiney and yuck. I should be a big girl and do better. I will, in time.

    Would you all mind praying for me as I discern how to re-balance my spiritual life and other aspects of life - online and off? Thanks.
  9. fons_vitae
    Jan 3, '11 10:48 am
    @3Doctors: I wish I had an apropos and witty response to your plight, but nothing comes readily to mind. I think you've hit on some common problems--the whole "neglecting-to-feed-creativity" thing I really identify with too.
  10. Battle_Warrior
    Dec 31, '10 7:58 pm
    Happy New Year everyone!!!!


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