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The Holy Land

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Group created by chewchoo

Let's discuss the Holy Land. Where Jesus walked. Where the Apostles walked. The history, the geography, the spirituality.

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  1. chewchoo
    Jun 24, '09 6:18 am
    Dead Sea peril: sinkholes swallow up the unwary

    EIN GEDI, Israel – Eli Raz was peering into a narrow hole in the Dead Sea shore when the earth opened up and swallowed him. Fearing he would never be found alive in the 30-foot- deep pit, he scribbled his will on an old postcard.
    After 14 hours a search party pulled him from the hole unhurt, and five years later the 69-year-old geologist is working to save others from a similar fate, leading an effort to map the sinkholes that are spreading on the banks of the fabled saltwater lake.
    These underground craters can open up in an instant, sucking in whatever lies above and leaving the surrounding area looking like an earthquake zone.
    The phenomenon, Raz said, stems from a dire water shortage, compounded in recent years by tourism and chemical industries as well as a growing population. "This is the most remarkable evidence of the brutal interference of humans in the Dead Sea," he said.
    interesting... i have some pictures of these sinkholes, i'll try to post some later.
    Thread: The Dead Sea
  2. chewchoo
    May 10, '09 2:28 pm
    the pope visits the jordan river location where Jesus was baptized.
  3. chewchoo
    Apr 30, '09 6:44 pm
    By Elizabeth Lev

    ROME, APRIL 30, 2009 ( Rome may have celebrated its 2,782 year anniversary on April 21, but another important birthday is in the offing. On May 13, the Pantheon will celebrate its 1,400th year as a Christian church.

    The jewel of Rome's historical center, the Pantheon was the most ambitious building project undertaken in Roman history. The giant hemispherical dome resting on the cylindrical drum drew on every lesson the Romans had learned in 800 years of conquest and construction.

    The engineering mastery displayed in the Pantheon surpassed any country in the Empire. The concrete dome spanned 143 feet in diameter, twice as large as the next runner up -- a bath complex in Baiae. The sophisticated employment of pozzolana cement, instead of lime mortar, the structural arches countering the lateral stress, and the gradation of the density of the cement from foundation to dome testified to a people who had outstripped even the Egyptians and their pyramids.

    This monument to man's ingenuity was intended to symbolize the Roman fixation with deification. The first temple on the site, built in 25 B.C. by Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus, featured Mars and Venus, the divine ancestors of Julius Caesar and by extension, Augustus himself. The new building constructed by Hadrian in 125 at the zenith of the Roman empire went even further.

    see link for remainder

    and * *

    Building a state

    It's funny to think that an institution as old as the papacy resides in a state that is only 80 years old. The 500-year-old basilica, and the tomb of St. Peter, now advancing towards its 2,000th anniversary, indicate a long history, but Vatican City State, the proper name of the sovereign state of the Holy Father, celebrated its 80th anniversary last Feb. 11.

    An interesting exhibit on the Charlemagne wing of St. Peter’s square sheds light on the circumstances and events surrounding the birth of this new nation.

    The five-part show brings together documents, photographs, maps, models and medals to illustrate the salient moments of the unification of Italy, the negotiations of the concordat and the resulting entity that we know today.

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  1. chewchoo
    Apr 28, '09 7:55 am
    the holy sepulchre - just wow!! it's huge, it's old.

    it's where Jesus was crucified and buried.

    it has 4 or 5 levels. it is/was the hill of golgotha. it is inside the current walls of the city of jerusalem, but in Jesus' time it was outside the walls. no executions and burials were allowed inside the city. at one point the hill of calvary was buried and made level to deter the christian faithful.

    as you walk into the church, the main level,

    turn right and go up some steep, old steps. you are now on calvary, the site of the crucifixion.

    back down the steps, to the main entrance again, is the place where they laid Jesus after taking him down from the cross.

    continue forward a bit, then to the right is the tomb.

    the church is a maze. it is very easy to get lost there. there are many other chapels too. one of which is the cistern behind the calvary chapel where St. Helena found the true cross. it is two flights of stairs below the main level. (i couldn't find any online pictures of it.)

    here's a little more info.
  2. chewchoo
    Apr 25, '09 7:48 am
    one of the things we did in the holy land was sail (motor) on an authentic wooden boat on the sea of galilee. in 1986 an ancient boat was found in the mud of the sea of galilee. it was a 1st century boat, they call it the Jesus boat. it is housed in a museum in ginosar. in 1991 some people started the holyland sailing company so that pilgrims could sail the sea as Jesus did. so we sailed from ginosar to capernaum, viewing the northwestern shore of the sea of galilee where you can see tabgha where the church of peter's primacy is and the mount of beatitudes. it was very peaceful and Jesus walked on water there!!
  3. chewchoo
    Apr 25, '09 7:30 am
    hi vivienne - i hope you do get there too. the pictures and the discussions are great. but to actually set foot there is ... undescribable.
  4. VivienneJ
    Apr 24, '09 9:43 pm
    Thanks for the invitation. I feel so close to the Holy Land living here on the edge of the desert in Arabia and will enjoy travelling there through others until I can make the trip myself.
  5. chewchoo
    Apr 24, '09 7:45 pm
    hi michael - glad you joined us! hopefully this group will give you and others a virtual tour of the holy land. it is a wonderful place!!
  6. mikeledes
    Apr 24, '09 12:42 pm
    Hi chewchoo! Thank you so much for the invitation! I've never been to the Holy Land, but I would love to hear from people who have been there. I would like to go one day. What a great idea for a group!

    God Bless,
  7. chewchoo
    Apr 23, '09 6:25 pm
    here are the pictures from the church of peter's primacy, on the sea of galilee. it's really difficult to pick a favorite spot in the holy land, but i think this was one of at the top.
  8. chewchoo
    Apr 23, '09 5:59 am
    did you know???

    at the primacy of peter church, right on the edge of the sea of galilee, there are 3 large heart shaped rocks in the sand. they have been there at least since the 3rd century according to the journal of a pilgrim of that time period.

    they are standard heart shapes, with a hole in the middle. i'll post a picture as soon as i can.

    this church is on the location where jesus asked peter, do you love me? three times.
  9. chewchoo
    Apr 22, '09 8:15 am
    i know what you mean about life changing! and reading the bible takes on a whole new context.

    maybe those of you that have been there can help answer this question. the pater noster church is in jerusalem, on the mount of olives. supposedly that is where jesus taught us how to pray the our father, but..... in matthew, the our father is part of the sermon on the mount, which is by the sea of galilee, right. i am confused about the locations???
  10. jmlehr
    Apr 21, '09 8:57 pm
    Oh how wonderful to talk about the Holy Land. I was just there last November. It is life changing and every reading in the Bible has more meaning for me now. I can't wait to go again.
    I'm so glad for you who are going.
    God Bless


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