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Praying for our Future Spouse

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Group created by fin

This group is for those people who are praying or would like to start praying for their spouse. If you feel that God is calling you to the vocation of marriage, praying for your future spouse is one of the ways to prepare for it. This group is under the patronage of the saints, especially Our Lady, St. Joseph, and St. Raphael patron angel of happy meetings.

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From fin

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  1. angelic06
    Mar 8, '14 8:57 am
    To my future spouse:

    I write this letter today, on Saturday the 8th of March.

    I was supposed to be volunteering at the children's museum, but we got rain (which I enjoy immensely but makes it unsafe to travel). I am about to head to a local branch library instead. But before I go anywhere, I need to say one or two more decades for my rosary in partial completion of my 54 day Lenten Novena, which I began 2 Sundays in advance of Ash Wednesday, or Clean Monday, if you are of the Byzantine Catholic it seems as if I have been observing the Great Fast (Lent) forever! But I don't mind, as one of my intentions is to find you....wherever you are.

    Enough about me. Tell me about your day.

    Graciously yours,

  2. merytheriver
    Feb 13, '14 2:18 am
    Originally Posted by merytheriver View Post
    My future spouse has to be himself, he has to be mature, he should love more God than me. He has to know how to survive alone, knowing that we are in the 21st century... he has to be funny, he has to know me. he has to be my friend. And the most important thing: I have to be in love with him and he has to be in love with me....
    Well I have to say something... I post that in may 2013, I really didn't believe in it. Well I am not jet married, but I have met a guy, well he is my boyfriend, we have been together for 6months, we have already talk about to get married in the future, but that is God's will, not ours.
    The thing is that he is my best friend, he loves God more than me, he is mature(he is the older brother of 5 siblings) he is independent, he is really funny, always making me laugh... all the things that I posted last year. And I had more things in my personal list for example that he had yto be older than me... well God is funny, he is 7 days older than me!!! So I can tell you that God knows what is good for you, and He will guve it to yu when He thinks is the right moment.
    One advice: having boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse does noy mean anything if you don't let God to be in the middle of both of you...
    Having boyfriend does not mean you are going to be happier. No, but you have one person in whom you can share your problems and open all your life to him(or her)
    Have a good day!!
  3. trinichiqn
    Feb 1, '14 1:51 am
    We have come to he end of our 31 days, thank you for joining me in praying for our future spouse. Just because we have finished this challenge does not mean we stop. Fin has posted the prayer for the St Valentine novena which begins on February 5th and she has reached out inquiring about interest in a prayer bouquet/chain, please indicate any interest.

    Feel free to post prayer intentions for future spouses, gender specific or neutral, as you think of it so that others may pray similar prayers as well.

    Let us make 2014 a year that our future spouses are covered in prayer so that wherever they are their eyes will be turned to God.
  4. Latinitas
    Dec 30, '13 8:13 pm
    Hi everyone,

    I would appreciate prayers to find my future wife soon; it's hitting me really hard today.

    Benedicat Deus,
  5. alexandratm
    Dec 3, '13 7:16 am
    I will pray for you.
  6. andyklein
    Nov 26, '13 8:03 pm
    I just joined this group. I'm only a 21 year old college student and I'm going to law school afterwards, but I hope that doesn't interfere.

    How should I go about this?

    Thank you very much.
  7. GenosFutureWife
    Sep 22, '13 9:01 pm
    Originally Posted by sydney28 View Post
    I also like what Teresa said about not just praying, but working on her domestic skills! I think that as a single woman, living alone...I tend to get lazy with cleaning and cooking, with the thought, "well it's just ME, so who cares?" Perhaps I should start getting into the habit of cooking an actual meal several times a week and keeping my house in a state that would make my future husband happy to come home to!
    I totally relate to this. Not only do I have a bad attitude about keeping my place up now...don't care coupled with depressed because I'm not married & things around here are falling apart because I don't have a helper around...
    I love the idea of creating a home that he will be happy to come home to... this really does have to start immediately,

    he could decide to come over tomorrow! That's what I want... isn't it? so what am I waiting for! Oh boy... God knows I am not ready... maybe that's why he is still not ready!

    Please pray that my depression be lifted and energy & enthusiasm restored! thx
  8. trinichiqn
    Jul 29, '13 5:16 am
    Today is the Feast of St Martha. Martha was a special and close friend of Jesus, He rewarded her love and strengthened Faith by raising her brother Lazarus from the dead. I hope this novena has also helped to strengthen your our Faith in Jesus.

    A closing prayer to our novena

    Saint Martha, pray for us that we might serve Jesus better. Help us to overcome our distractions and worries to listen to His words and be present to Him this day. Amen.
  9. Warandpeace
    Jun 15, '13 6:55 pm
    Are you trying to find someone here? Sure looks that way.
  10. sadgirl1974
    May 10, '13 9:14 pm
    been alone all of my life, never been with a man ever and am so tired of being alone, took care of my mom for a good many years and loved her a lot, i dont regret a minute of being with her or giving her all of my time and energy and love and compassion. she past on june 07.

    any how i am in a good place in my life to meet some one now and want to meet a great guy with a lot to offer, i think i have waited long enough for at least that much ?

    i am now almost 40 and still have waited for the right man all of these years. i met a nice guy recently but i think he has to many severe problems and doesnt have much to offer me at all. i want some one who can offer me a good life and a happy one also.

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  1. Anna_Gregorach
    Nov 4, '11 9:56 pm
    Good day everybody, and am sorry if iv been a bit distant but iv not been able to come online for sum time now. I see the group has grown quite a bit

    Hope everyone is doing fine. Godbless
  2. 77stanthony77
    Nov 4, '11 5:41 am
    I just finish saying the novena. Thank you trinichiqn. Novena has moved me with the wording

  3. trinichiqn
    Nov 2, '11 10:49 am
    NOVENA PRAYER - November 2011

    O Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, to your Holy Hearts do I come to beg for the infinite merits and graces that only God can give.

    Jesus, Your Sacred Heart is burning with love for me. I know that you love all of us so much. How often have we hurt You by our sin. How often have I put thorns into Your Holy Heart, by my sin. I am sorry O Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    Mary, your Immaculate Heart, loves each one of us as a child. Your heart too is wounded by the sin of the people. What people do by sin to the Heart of Jesus they do to you too. Your holy heart is so sad because people are indifferent to the love and mercy offered by Jesus.

    With your Immaculate Heart, O Mary, and with Your Sacred Heart, Lord Jesus, I offer your love with this prayer to our Heavenly Father, and through your Holy Hearts humbly request...

    For us to find devout and virtuous spouses. To be prepared when we meet them and be the devout and virtuous husband/wife our future spouses deserve. For our faith to be strengthened.

    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, I shall never be able to thank you enough for loving me so much. I offer my love in return and hope that your Holy Hearts will find some joy in my poor unworthy heart. AMEN.

    1 Our Father
    1 Hail Mary
    1 Glory Be
  4. pomegranate
    Nov 1, '11 7:25 am
    Thanx trinichiqn...was thinking about that last week.

    U too 77stanthony77, enjoy ur day :-)
  5. 77stanthony77
    Nov 1, '11 7:01 am
    Everyone here have a good day, today, it being All Saints Day. trinichiqn thanks for the reminder!

  6. trinichiqn
    Nov 1, '11 5:59 am
    1st Friday of the month is coming up, I will post the Novena prayer tomorrow.
  7. 77stanthony77
    Oct 29, '11 6:36 am
    I went to mass on the feast of St. Jude. I am glad to have Prayed the group novena to St. Jude. My brother`s confirmation name is Jude.

    Praying for everyone here

  8. lin75
    Oct 25, '11 12:53 am
    Eternal God, Goodness itself, whose mercy is incomprehensible to every intellect, whether human or angelic, help me, your feeble child, to do Your holy will as You make it known to me. I desire nothing but to fulfill God's desires. Lord, here is my soul and my body, my mind and my will, my heart and all my love. Direct me according to Your eternal plan. Amen.
  9. AntalKalnoky
    Oct 20, '11 11:50 pm
    Clab, I heard preciselly the Opposite Prayer for Future Spouse: No criteria, no qualities You hope for. Just pray for the Health and Wellness of Mind/Body of your unidentified future spouse. I know of a few cases that really worked, even a Baptist Lady with handicapped child.
  10. fin
    Oct 20, '11 10:14 pm
    Hi pomegranate,

    Yup it's on October 20 - 28, Glad you could join in!


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