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Divine Mercy: Jesus I trust in you.

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Group created by Divine Mercy83

The Divine Mercy of Jesus is a call to salvation. The mercy that gushes forth from the our Lord's Sacred Heart is infinite. There is no sin he will not nor cannot forgive. Let every soul rejoice for this great gift that Jesus offers us everyday,his mercy. Jesus I trust in you.

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  1. gregory1216
    Jan 26, '14 3:18 pm
    Blood & water gushed forth as a ocean of mercy, have mercy on us.
    Thread: Divine Mercy

Group Wall Messages 751 to 760 of 1007
  1. James_OPL
    Sep 25, '11 9:07 am
    O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I Trust in You !
  2. 77stanthony77
    Sep 25, '11 6:33 am
    Today, Sunday I offer chaplet for all who are suffering.

    Jesus, I Trust in You!
  3. jax123
    Sep 25, '11 6:02 am
    Todays chaplet is offered for all those who will die today as well as all those suffering from addictions of all kinds.

    Jesus, I Trust in You!
  4. Gods Holy Will
    Sep 25, '11 12:10 am
    Gods Holy Will
    Christine85 - I think that's neat how you prayed for 'God's Holy Will' before you realized that I use that as my user name! I hope God sent some of those prayers my way! i can use them!

    Today I offered the Divine Mercy chaplet for those who will die today, for all the addicted, for sinners and for special intentions!

    Jesus, I trust in You!
  5. Christine85
    Sep 24, '11 4:27 pm
    yeah, I have not really sat there praying to God about my intentions for the DM Chaplet... I will do that from now on.
  6. James_OPL
    Sep 24, '11 10:36 am
    O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I Trust in You !
  7. pomegranate
    Sep 24, '11 9:20 am
    God's Holy Will, thank you for guiding!
    jax123: I think 3pm UK time is 7am California/USA time--not too early but, it sounds fitting to pray it at 3pm. How neat to think, though, that it IS 3pm somewhere in the world right now. :-)
    Christine85: :-)... I usually pray for those tormented by addictions, for members of this group and their intentions, but also for God's Holy Will for my life.

    Jesus, I trust in You!
  8. jax123
    Sep 24, '11 8:45 am
    Pomegranate, ha ha - I'm def not online early in the mornings over here - def not a morning person! Try to say the Divine mercy chapet between 3-4pm UK time

    Todays chaplet is offered for all those who will die today as well as all those suffering from addictions of all kinds.

    Jesus, I Trust in You!
  9. 77stanthony77
    Sep 24, '11 6:57 am
    Today as start my chaplet to the Divine Mercy, I will truely try and pray chaplet at 3, thanks for the info Gods Holy Will! Divine Mercy chaplet for all who suffering and special intentions.

    Jesus I trust in you

  10. Christine85
    Sep 23, '11 10:55 pm
    ahha I just realized ... There is a posters name as Gods Holy Will it mustve been subconscious
    I prayed the DM Chaplet for our Lords Holy Will


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