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Catholic Vegetarians & Vegans

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Group created by 4elise

A place to share both why we've made this choice, and perhaps the challenges & blessings we've found along the way.

We can also share resource, recipes, and resolve!

Non vegetarians / non vegans welcome to post respectful questions about the why and how of this choice.

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Almond Snowball Cookies
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  1. simpleas
    Sep 12, '14 11:57 am

    Not sure if you all have seen this, prayers asked for the little ones that didn't survive.

    I've been overwhelmed at the amount of goodness shown from thousands of people over the one act of evil.

    Hope the boy involved gets the help he needs.

    God bless the animals x
  2. Rifester
    Sep 6, '14 12:00 pm

    If any of you are on G+ I also moderate a community for the Christian Vegetarian Association:
    Thread: Resources
  3. Rifester
  4. Rifester
    Sep 4, '14 5:50 pm
    Thank you 4Elise! I also agree that my faith played a big part in my having to make changes. When the Spirit opens your eyes, your mind, and your heart it is hard not to listen. As in matters of faith, it is our example, love, and compassion ithat will draw people to question and listen. It is for those people that I wish to spend my energy and help them on the way! Blessings to you!
  5. palomaChiara
    Aug 7, '14 12:09 pm
    Your mention of white beans sparked my memory of a fun dessert recipe that helped me transition into less processed, vegan foods.

    This can be made with almond or coconut milk and coconut sugar or agave to keep it vegan and low-glycemic.

    Thread: Raw
  6. palomaChiara
    Jul 22, '14 4:30 pm
    Have you heard of Vapour Beauty?

    I don't have sensitive skin, but their products are lovely, and they offer sample sizes at a discount so you can try before you commit to a full-sized product.
  7. 4elise
    Jul 21, '14 12:35 am
    Originally Posted by Wbuttrey View Post
    Hi All

    My pet idea is much addiction is food based like an allergy.

    The proof I can think of is that vegetable eaters have way fewer addictions and maybe more important their children don't get addicted.

    Care to comment
    I don't know of any studies that have or are looking at this connection -
    Making conscious choice about food 'should' translate to other ways that people care for themselves - but in my experience addiction is a much more complicated thing - sometimes seeming to have a genetic predisposition
    Thread: Addictions
  8. 4elise
    Jul 9, '14 5:29 pm
    Originally Posted by tanyat View Post
    Hi, Everyone. My name is Tanya. It's so great to be here. I was not brought up in the Catholic Church, although I was christened Catholic. My Dad is Catholic (although not a regular church-goer)and my Mom - a Methodist. My siblings and I attended Mom's church growing up, but eventually went our own ways denominationally as adults. I went under the non-denominational umbrella for the last twenty years. However, God has been showing me some things that are now leading me to believe that the Catholic Church pretty much has it right (although I'm not sure if any one church has it 100% right) and now I'm seriously considering converting to Catholicism. I have had some experiences and seen certain things that I'm not so sure Protestant Churches will understand. My experiences have led me to do a lot of research afterwards - particularly in the area of purgatory and I've read a lot of what Padre Pio wrote about and what others wrote about him. I was lead to write a book about my experiences and it will be available Free of charge of Sunday, June 8, 2014 and Monday, June 9th. I'd like to know your thoughts, so if you can, feel free to write a review. The link is: Thank you and may God bless all of you and may He continue to guide us in this journey of life.
    Contact your parish to inquire about their RCIA program ... Welcome fellow journeyer...
  9. 4elise
    Jul 9, '14 5:26 pm
    Originally Posted by Francesxavier View Post
    At the top of the page is a link that says "to join this group click here."
    Glad you figured how to join us! Welcome!
  10. 4elise
    Jul 9, '14 5:24 pm
    Originally Posted by Francesxavier View Post
    I have been a vegetarian for 31 years and would like to offer thoughts that address several of the posts here. Firstly, protein: I don't worry about it. Anytime you combine legumes (peas or beans) with whole grains (rice, wheat, quinoa, etc.), you have a complete protein. I also eat a lot of nuts. It may be necessary to take iron and/or B12 supplements, as veggies don't contain these nutrients. However, if you can find farm fresh eggs with bright orange yolks, that may be enough. Don't think in terms of daily intake, but rather of weekly intake, ie., am I getting enough nutrients every week? Your annual check up will show if you have any deficiencies. Secondly, the one time I went to a naturopath, she told me to eat meat, took me off my thyroid prescription, and my hair started falling out. A friend of mine who was nearly vegetarian, had a naturopath tell her to eat fish. I now take my levothyroxin and have given up on naturopaths. (The hair I lost never did grow back. I also suffered extreme exhaustion while I was off the meds.) Lastly, my husband was a carnivore. I didn't cook two separate meals. I made a veggie dish, grain or pasta, and a meat dish. He ate everything; I just left out the meat. Hope this helps.
    Excellent points... We are protein obsessed! I love nutritional yeast... Add it to lots, sprinkle on cooked veggies, sliced tomatoes, popcorn... Great nutritional supplement for vegans!

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  1. 4elise
    Jun 21, '12 9:01 am
    I believe most people to having to put a pet down very painful,, we second guess ourselves, was it the right time, could something more be done?? I believe when we accept the responsibility of caring for an animal we accept responsibility to also ensure they do not suffer we they lack the understanding to value pain as part of our spiritual path..... Therefore we must suffer on there behalf to ensure they do not. Your pain and sadness is on behalf of your much loved 17 year old cat... And this suffering loss can bring you closer to Christ.
  2. Christine85
    Jun 21, '12 2:10 am
    I told mum I didn't agree with putting him down . She insisted that it was better so he didn't have to suffer. But I think suffering is part of death. I'm not sure animals appreciate their lives being taken when they're not ready. It's just eerie to me and sickening
  3. Christine85
    Jun 21, '12 2:04 am
    Hes still on my mind but he was very old (17)
    It just left me with an awful feeling that he was put down.
    That scares me that we can just play God like that
  4. creationlover
    Jun 20, '12 8:38 pm
    Prayers for you, Christine85
  5. Christine85
    Jun 19, '12 9:22 pm
    Thank you 4elise and ADH for your comments
    I think that Sox is with God now .
  6. ADH
    Jun 19, '12 9:20 pm
    I had a pug that lived to be 17. She was my sons dog and had been in the family sharing good times and bad. since he was ten. When his girlfriend died in November 2010 he came home and even though she was very sick at the time, she came and sat in his lap. We commented on how she had always been there to buffer the pain. A month later she was dead. I heard a lady on one of EWTNS shows, but I do not remember her name, and she has written a book about what happens to animals after they die. She was saying animals return to their source, or to their creator. and she seemed to have the arguments to back up her case
  7. 4elise
    Jun 17, '12 10:17 pm
    Oh, sorry Christine85.... I am sure you gave your cat a wonderful life
  8. Christine85
    Jun 16, '12 9:55 pm
    my cat died, he got very sick
  9. 4elise
    Jun 11, '12 9:18 pm
    Christine85 - so sorry - we had a cat for 19 years and went through the same thing. I understand that the Church teaches that animals do not have the same ' kind ' of soul as we - created in God's image. However animals are part of Gods great creation - he loves them, and of course loves us. All that being said, Heaven IMHO will be so outside our experience that we actually can not comprehend - but like you Christine85, I can not picture Heaven without animals! One of my favorite images is peaceable kingdom!
  10. Christine85
    Jun 11, '12 9:05 pm
    Took him to vet vet said he's doing ok after seizure please pray he doesn't have another seizure and can die peacefully in his sleep


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