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Questions For Discussion

Group created by butch532

This group is a place where anyone can ask questions and everyone can discuss the answers. Let's face it, we all have questions about our religion but we are often afraid to ask them because it will appear that we lack faith. The truth is, God knows our questions; so what is there to hide? Maybe we can all learn something if we ask the questions and discuss them.

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  1. MrTimC
    Jun 6, '11 12:39 pm
    KitcatV- My guess is that you are right they ether treaded water for the time the world was flooded or they drowned. They would have died in a state of Sin the Jews believe in a judgment so those found by God the Father as un-repentant no doubt were sent to Gehenna those who were found worthy of salvation would have to have their sins purged by Christs mercy. Were they all in a After-Life waiting room (so to speak) until Christ's Death? I will ask when I get to Heaven or you can if you make it there before me..
  2. KitcatV
    Mar 30, '11 1:10 pm
    I have another question that has been in my mind see if anyone would take the time to answer or give there opinion.
    So I have been reading 30 days with the bible book and there is a part of the old testament that has me thinking and wondering.
    If Noah was the one righteous man god preserved from the universal flood -what happened to the other people? They died and then what? were they banished to hell or are they waiting for jesus to come again and judge them?
  3. Crablover
    Mar 25, '11 12:37 am
    Hi Hecares,
    I go to confession but now and then I do slip up. I feel bad about done that so I go to confession. I have a friend who doesn't go to confession and she's Catholic, however, she says she doesn't go because she just prays and tells God directly. I understand the part about praying and talking directly to God but I also feel the need to go to confession to fully feel "forgiven".

    I volunteer as an usher at my church for Saturday mass but feel like joining something else on top of that. Unfortunately, my church doesn't have a women's group but have other clubs that cater to both men and women. My fiancee's trying to get me to join the SFO group but at the same time I'm still on the fence about joining his group.
  4. Hecares
    Mar 24, '11 7:02 am
    I think some parishes have a women's group attached to the Knights of Columbus, probably for the wives of the Knights mostly; but don't trust me on this. I don't know a lot about the Knights. I have no close relatives that belong. In our parish they have a Catholic Women's club, but nothing else just for women. Check the Church bulletin and see what it says about groups for women. They seem to vary by parish.
  5. Hecares
    Mar 24, '11 6:56 am
    I think most of us would never go to confession if we didn't go until we conquered sin. We try, but don't always succeed. When we say the act of contrition, we say we intend with the help of God's grace to sin no more. We should truly intend to avoid sin in the future, but we just keep promising and trying until it happens. Keep going to confession. You receive grace to help you fight your sins in addition to having them forgiven now.
  6. Crablover
    Mar 23, '11 1:34 am
    Hi Again,

    Sorry for asking another question, but this just came to mind. If Knights of Columbus are for men, what do women have?

  7. Crablover
    Mar 23, '11 1:14 am
    I was just curious, if one goes on to confession on a Saturday then commits the same sin again some time during the following week then goes back to confession again for that same sin (and of course other sins as well that needs to be confessed), would it be best to just not go to confession to confess that particular sin until you can learn to deal with that particular sin and work on it?
  8. Hecares
    Mar 11, '11 7:57 am
    KitkatV, My thought is that the flowers are usually removed from the altar as part of a look of austerity to reenforce the idea of Lent as a serious season of penitence. Flowers make me think of sunshine and bright skies and celebrating.
  9. Hecares
    Mar 11, '11 7:51 am
    Mary, I think we have become so used to the presence of the Eucharist that we take it for granted like a long-married couple often take each other for granted.

    Our parish just had a mission that talked about the Eucharist and the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It has awakened in me a new appreciation of Mass and receiving Holy Communion. We can only pray that God will bless others with the grace to see this more clarly'
  10. Hecares
    Mar 10, '11 10:23 am
    I think it kind of crept up on me; but a few years ago I began to be sad about the big difference between what our society preaches and what our Church preaches. Maybe I was too busy working and raising kids to notice it.

    I pray about it, and I am teaching in our parish school of religion. I have a great bunch of teenagers. I hope i can help a little to head them in the right direction. I feel better that I am trying to help the situation


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